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Fairytales for Wilde Girls Ebook à 432 pages ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Fairytales for Wilde Girls By Allyse Near – Danpashley.co.uk A deliciously dark bubblegum gothic fairytale from a stunning new Australian talent ‘He's gone the same way as those little birds that bothered me with their awful songs And you will too you and youA deliciously dark bubblegum gothic fairytale from a stunning new Australian talent ‘He's gone the same way as those little birds that bothered me with their awful songs And you will too you and your horrible heart music because you won't stay out of my woods'There's a dead girl in a birdcage in the woods Tha Isola Wilde was watching television with her brother AlejandroShe was an only child c‘You smoke’ said the boy‘Only passively’ said the girl‘I mean dope’‘What’d you call me’ cAlejandro had told her that in his experience people were all about the empty spaces; the things they don’t have the words that aren’t saidshe had a secret universe a doctor once called a ‘fantastic flight of fancy’‘Never be that girl Isola Never pick the beast or the wolf on the off chance he won’t devour you’ that truthful darkness that never sought to light candles never tried to brighten the unhappy endings to whitewash horror with morals The stories were overwhelming reminders that evil begot evil bad things often happened to good people and that villains often triumphed These stories fables and memories are all true in one way or anotherThese stories are about you and meThese stories feature– girls who kill– girls who are killed– girls who are alive– and girls who are otherwise The slight wind fell silent to listen and she read aloud to the beglittered tree like the visitor to the hospital patientRoyalty’s a thing of the past The kingdom chooses their monarchNaturally they elect a wolf‘And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’ ‘But there’s nothing you wouldn’t do’‘Exactly’ c

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Es and magical creatures seemingly lifted from the pages of the French fairytales Isola idolises – will protect her with all the fierce love they possessIt may not be enoughIsola needs to uncover the truth behind the dead girl's demise and appease her enraged spirit before the ghost steals Isola's last breath I was given an ARC of this title at work and it is one of the most perfect books I've read in the last year Perhaps best summed up by the description given on the back cover bubblegum gothic love it it is both traditionally child fairytale traditional and adult dark fairytale in turnsNot one for younger readers as the mental health issues described are disturbing it is one I'll be recommending to teens and adults alike who love fairy stories something uirky completely unpredictable and breathtakingly beautiful An excellent choice for people who are interested in the art of writing too almost poetic in spots and with turns of phrase that are so original but oh so right wannabe authors could learn a lot from Allyse Near's writing

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Fairytales for Wilde GirlsT's not unusual Isola Wilde sees a lot of things other people don't But when the girl appears Fairytales for eBook #214 at Isola's window her every word a threat Isola needs helpHer real life friends – Grape James and new boy Edgar – make her forget for a while And her brother princes – the mermaids faeri Fairytales for Wilde Girls is Australian author Allyse Near’s first novel Set in the small village of Avalon in England sixteen year old Isola Wilde lives with her parents on the edge of Vivien’s Woods Isola has two best friends Grace aka Grape and James She also has friends that only she can see they are her brother princes named after a band of brothers in a fairytale She’s been able to see these ghostly friends since she was four years old they protect her and keep her company Her mother has depression and her father has given up on her refusing to acknowledge her mother’s presence Soon a ghost girl is threatening Isola’s life as well as her brother princes and she must figure out how to stop the girl from taking over her bodyIsola is a wonderful main character she has a uirkiness to her but is also loyal loving strong and brave She’s kind to her mother and loves her friends and brother princes I really felt for her as she’d been abandoned by her parents one voluntarily and the other involuntarily I adored new boy Edgar Llewellyn – I just knew he would be good for her and he was really sweet Grape was a great bff and while I didn't feel anything overtly strong for James he was a good friend to IsolaThe setting was wonderfully magical while still maintaining a realistic feel I could see hear and smell the woods and each seen was so vivid I often feel as though books are like movies playing in my head but in this case it was like someone had showed me a keyhole and I was looking through it onto Isola in her world much like the door into Alice’s WonderlandThe story is a uniue one and I loved the blend of fantasy and realism The characters are all so different yet each plays a big part and I had a strong sense of dread by about halfway through worried for the brother princesThe ending completely surprised me I took this book slowly enjoying and savouring it and didn't consider where it might be leading me It was really clever sad and hopeful and made me change my opinion on a couple of the charactersThe cover for this one is gorgeous and there are also matching illustrations inside which were a lovely addition to the story Fairytales for Wilde Girls is beautiful fairytale for young adult and adult readers It perfectly combines fantasy and a realistic cast and setting in an intriguing and beautiful wayThank you to the lovely people at Random House for my review copy