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Viper Pilot Doc ð A Memoir of Air Combat ✓ ➠ [Epub] ➚ Viper Pilot (Enhanced Edition): A Memoir of Air Combat By Dan Hampton ➪ – Get inside the cockpit with Dan Hampton the militarys most decorated F 16 pilot in this enhanced e book edition of Viper Pilot Exclusive to this edition are 11 videThree Distinguished Flying Crosses with Valor; he notably saved a US Marine unit from certain death by taking out the surrounding enemy forces near Nasiriyah Two years earlier on 911 Hamptons father was inside the Pentagon when it was attacked; with his dads fate unknown Hampton was scrambled into American skies and given the unprecedented orders to shoot down any unidentified aircraft Hampton also flew critical missions in the first Gulf War served on the Air Combat Command staff during the Kosovo War and was injured in the 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist attackWith manned missions rapidly giving way to remote controlled UAV drones Viper Pilot may be the last memoir by a true hero of the skies Gripping and irreverently humorous it is an unforgettable look into the closed world of fighter pilots and modern air combatPlease note that due to the large file size of these special features this enhanced e book may take longer to download then a standard e book This is one of the finest military aviation books I have read Loved every second of it Now to find what other books he has written and hope they are as good as this one

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Get inside the cockpit with Dan Hampton the militarys most decorated F 16 pilot in this enhanced e book edition of Viper Pilot Exclusive to this edition are 11 video interviews where Hampton talks candidly about his time as a Wild Weasel and about the fighter jet that kept him alive through so many dangerous skirmishes In addition an interactive first person cockpit diagram lets you get deeper into the action providing a visual companion to the book that leaves you feeling like youre sitting in the iconic F 16 itself151 combat missions21 hard kills on surface to air missile sites4 Distinguished Flying Crosses with Valor1 Purple HeartSure to rank as one of the greatest aviation memoirs ever written Viper Pilot is an Air Force legends thrilling eyewitness account of modern air warfareFrom 1986 to 2006 Lt Col Dan Hampton was a leading member of the Wild Weasels the elite Air Force fighter suadrons whose mission is recognized as the most dangerous job in m Hampton writes 'You'll know if there is a fighter pilot in the room' and this succinctly describes his memoir They'll be some who see Hampton as confident others will see him as arrogant Personally I think you need to be arrogant to work in the atmosphere that Hampton forged a successful career I'm not sure I find him likeable but I suppose that isn't really the point of this book His tales of daring missions are at times too matter of factly brushed off I'd also like to hear about his progression through 'Top Gun' school Whilst promising so much than it delivers 'Viper Pilot' is nevertheless a very entertaining read even when Hampton strays into politics

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Viper Pilot Enhanced Edition A Memoir of Air CombatOdern air combat Weasels are the first planes sent into a war zone flying deep behind enemy lines purposely seeking to draw fire from surface to air missiles and artillery They must skillfully evade being shot downand then return to destroy the threats thereby making the skies safe for everyone else to follow Today these vital missions arehazardous than direct air to air engagement with enemy aircraft Hamptons record number of strikes on high value targets make him the most lethal F 16 Wild Weasel pilot in American history This is his remarkable storyTaught to fly at an early age by his father Hampton logged twenty years and 608 combat hours in the worlds most iconic fighter jet the F 16 Fighting Falcon or Viper as its pilots call it Hampton spearheaded the 2003 invasion of Ira leading the first flight of fighters over the border en route to strike Baghdad In the war that followed he engaged in a series of brilliantly executed missions that earned him My realisation of the role of the Wild Weasels and the extreme reactions necessary to 'fool' the missile radar A 'must read' for every flying 'anorak'