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mobi ë Annotated Edition ✓ Join or create book clubs Time and again people fall in love with good writers Words are powerfully seductive A uniue combination of them can be the key to someone’s heart Elements of Style by William Strunk is a stable cornerstone on which to build your writing skills Written in the storied hallways of Cornell University the guide h There are many good reasons why The Elements of Style is considered by many to be the definitive writer's guide and English grammar textbook to help Readers improve their writing ability Those reasons are that it is helpful simple to follow and break down interactive and is easily accessible and updated for modern readersThe book breaks down into several sections to give the writer good advice how to improve their grammar usage The first part includes elementary rules of usage for punctuationA participal phrase at the beginning of a sentence must refer to the grammatical subject is one such exampleInstead of writing On arriving in Chicago he met his friends at the station the proper usage should be When he arrived in Chicago his friends met him at the station No one knows whether the man or his friends arrived at the station in the original versionThe second part features elementary principles on composition Readers can improve paragraphs and other sections in writing assignments This Reader admits to making the mistake of using needless words in sentences The book advises readers to omit them so their writing will flow better and become understandableI know a lot about this subject is an easier and understandable phrase than That is a subject  in which I know a lot about The words that is and in which are not necessary to describe the subject They also put the phrase in passive voice rather than activeThe third part is the shortest It features suggestions on how to form numerals parentheses uotations references syllabication and titles A sentence with a parentheses should be treated as if the parentheses were absent It should not have any capitalization or punctuation unless it ends in a uestion mark or an exclamation pointHe declares and why should we doubt his good faith? that he is now certain of success is an exampleThe phrase in parentheses and why should we doubt his good faith? offers a different thought from the rest of the sentence The speaker seems to doubt the other person's good faith so the phrase in parentheses is uestioning almost sarcastic about the other person's certainty of successThe next part offers help for commonly misused words and expressions These are some of the most common mistakes writers make The effectaffect confusion is oneEffect is a noun meaning the result Affect is the verb meaning to influence The side effects for the medicine include as compared to The Impeachment trial affected the results of the electionThe noun effect has been misused as perfunctory writing about fashion music painting and arts Phrases like very nice effects are vague The book includes a list of commonly misspelled words The list includes words from accidentally to villain Even in this day and age spell checker does not always work Writers should double check words for confusion such as there describing a place their referring to plural possessive and they're which is an abbreviation of they areWriters are also advised to improve their texting and emailing style in two parts While texting style is informal writers are still suggested to to treat the recipients like they are worthy of their time This include using proper capitalization punctuation and capitalization Other suggestions include planning text messages in advance so the sender isn't in an awkward place to send them and to use abbreviations sparinglyEmails are usually formal They reuire structure especially in business settings Emails should include salutations and signatures and different subject heads Don't use three uestions in a row because that's too intrusive Also email writers should choose a personal situation to convert bad news The book's modern readers can improve their texting and emailing abilities by following the adviceThe Elements of Style offers the best advice to help create better writers personally and professionally

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kindle Ì The Elements of Style Annotated Edition read Û join or create book clubs º ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Elements of Style: Annotated Edition ➭ Author Join or create book clubs – Time and again people fall in love with good writers Words are Ons • and a “few matters of form” In addition this new updated edition includes chapters on • Texting Style • Emailing Style This elegantly typeset edition is the most relevant one for today’s good writersAt the end of the paperback find a link to a free audiobook of The Elements of Style 1st editi For those perhaps unawares of the importance of this new annotated edition of THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE the following may encourage adding this book to the library William Strunk Jr 1 July 1869 – 26 September 1946 was a professor of English at Cornell University and composed the original volume of THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE in 1918 for his students The book addressed American English writing style and became an influential guide to English usage hailed for its cleanliness accuracy and brevity in the use of the English language It was enhanced by his student EB White and the book has become the Gold Standard of English writingNow in this excellent edition editor James McGill ‘updates’ Strang’s book – 100 years later – bringing it into the realm of contemporary communication in these times of hi tech writing Yes the original advice and instruction are present in the form in which Strang composed but in addition McGill adds uality components for creating proper email and texting – including an invaluable list of texting abbreviations Everything that makes contemporary English usage is covered – use of Capitals do not overuse italics summaries etc – all information that makes writing in English no matter the format concise and correctThis is a very fine new edition of Strunk’s work brought into contemporary times with authority Very highly recommended for students – and for everyone who texts and emails Grady Harp July 20

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The Elements of Style Annotated EditionAs been read and examined by thousands of eager eyesElements of Style has grown to become the American English writing style guide often reuired in US high school and university composition classes It includes • 8 rules of usage • 10 principles of composition • List of commonly misused words and expressi I had my first encounter with William Strunk Jr’s “The Elements of Style” when I was a college student The second time was when I was doing a Master’s degree in Creative Writing I am one of the die hard fans of this book considering how it has tremendously helped me improve my writingIf you are looking for all the essential nuggets of knowledge that you can incorporate in your writing and make it better you can find them in this book You will also learn some writing mechanics which include but are not limited to punctuation lexis and structure grammatical alignment and how to use words appropriatelyIf you are an educator a writer an editor or a journalist you will find this book to be very useful in your trade