CHARACTERS ¾ 夢結び恋結び 2


CHARACTERS ¾ 夢結び恋結び 2 × [BOOKS] ✫ 夢結び恋結び 2 By Yaya Sakuragi – 近所の神主・隆明さんとエッチをする夢で●精をし恋を自覚してしまった高校生の青。なんとか迫ってみたけれど相手は案外難攻不落。そんなある 近所の神主・隆明さんAy have a marriage arrangement in the works And what will Ryomei do when another boy who looks just like Ao appears on the scene There’s a lot to come in this crazy series of not so unreuited lo. Still not entirely sure about this series yet I really like Ryoumei and most of the side characters but Ao I can’t seem to like much I guess it’s the innocence; and yet he’s very forward I can’t reconcile his young face with his ludicrously inappropriate suggestions It throws me off Which is kind of bad because Ao is a central character Hmm We’ll see The artwork is fairly good


近所の神主・隆明さんとエッチをする夢で●精をし恋を自覚してしまった高校生の青。なんとか迫ってみたけれど相手は案外難攻不落。そんなあ?. Soooo I happened upon this manga series randomly one day when I was searching for something to read I was instantly drawn into it and addicted to its two main characters I've never read a yaoi manga before and I know that it's probably not everyone's cup of tea This however was a really sweet story about coming of age and all the crazy things you'll do for someone you truly love and not even realize your doing them until it slaps you in the face It's a story about not living someone for the way they appear on the outside or their sexuality but for how the way that person soul and energy make you a better person and make you see the world in a different way About finding love in the last place you ever expected it to be DThis was a truly amazing series

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夢結び恋結び 2??日、熱に浮かされた青は隆明にReads R to L Japanese Style for Mature audiences Irritated by his own carnal impulses Ryomei rejects Ao But how will Ao react when he finds out Ryomei m. 25 stars