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summary The Thrall Prince ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » ❴Reading❵ ➽ The Thrall Prince Author Caroline Gibson – A Thrall Collar Romance Romance Between Men for Women David Thomen is Earth’s premier scientist and he wants to be alone with his inventions his money and his PTSD InsteaVid begins a journey that will compromise his morals challenge his scientific beliefs and teach him about loyalty brotherhood passion and loveNote to readers This is an MM Romance book for mature readers it contains dubious consent memories of past rape and steamy consensual sex scenes This large print book is produced in pt Arial font line spaci. Well this was a steamy little story packed with action and emotions If you’re looking for something well written and well plotted with a lovely complicated relationship that deals up front with issues of consent checkThis one out

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A Thrall Collar Romance Romance Between Men for Women David Thomen is Earth’s premier scientist and he wants to be alone with his inventions his money and his PTSD Instead a The Thrall PDFEPUB or mute starving alien slave is dropped in his lap Not just any alien slave the leader of Earth’s first alien invasion defeated by David's technologyVe. 45 starsOverall this is a really good debut novel by this author This story is about David a scientist who helped stop Vell an alien prince from another world who came to try and conuer earth It opens two years after that with Vell's brother and Crown Prince Lonn bringing Vell for David to look after Turns out bringing him to David meant he was Vell's new Master as in those two years Vell has been enslaved primarily as a bed slave He has been tortured physically and sexually abused raped constantly for two years and he has been beaten down from who he used to be At first David doesn't do anything with Vell as he's still angry at Vell for trying to conuer Earth and for almost killing him and just wants him gone and that is actually detrimental to Vell's health because he has a collar around his neck that when it's not lit up he can't talk or think for himself really or eat When it's yellow he's being punished and is in incredible painIt takes David a few days to realize what has to be done to get the color to go blue and thus allowed Vell some modicum of freedom to eat and talk and almost be himself Of course he's never really free but when it's blue that's what is best for Vell This book deals heavily with consent Vell is a bed slave so for him to get that blue color David has to use him for sex and the punishing and satisfying it is for David the bluer Vell's color is which means it stays bluer for longer and Vell gets to be mostly himself for longer David refuses at first because he refuses to rape Vell and he doesn't want to become a monster But he does have to give in and have Vell do somethings First just a hand job but then mainly blowjobs Like I do have to say that I kind of felt like David in the scenes where sex stuff happenedlike it was hotbut also very uncomfortable because Vell wasn't fully consenting at all even if he was eager to please his master just so he could get to eat and talk and almost be himself for however long Like on the one hand you didn't want it to happen but on the otherwithout it he Vell would eventually starve and dieand the selfish part of David liked the pleasure he got from Vell But I think the very fact that he was so distressed about liking it and that he was kind of forced into doing it as well in a way made it better to handle I was much happier when it got to consensual sex between them and anything submissive Vell did he did it because he wanted toThe story was intriguing and I couldn't put it down only for sleeping and Christmas activitiesI do wish we had gotten some things than what we got like maybe some flashbacks to everything before those last two years when he tried to take over Earth to get a better understanding of David and Vell's history as well as view spoilerwhich king he killed to have become a slave in the first place We learn that him trying to take over Earth is not a punishable offense on his home planet But a character calls him a king killer sowhat happened We never really get to know hide spoiler

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The Thrall PrinceLl was a prince a conueror a warrior mage Now he is bound by a magical slave collar that forces him to debase himself for the gratification of his master On Earth he finally finds someone who can see the torment behind his submission Someone who may be willing to give him his freedom his dignity or even just a hot mealUnwilling to let Vell die Da. You know me if you have been following my reviews for long 😁 I love aliens and I love slave fic so I knew I was going to love this book and I wasn’t disappointed at all My first time reading Caroline Gibson but definitely won’t be my last 💜😉 David Thormen is a genius scientist who protected against earth’s very first alien invasion Not only did he protect the earth he even managed to subdue the alien prince who lead the invasion and managed to capture him Fast forward two years later he found himself unceremoniously dumped with the very alien prince he captured as his slave to take care of He knew nothing about taking care of someone He’s barely able to take care of himself But although he doesn’t have any warm feelings towards the alien slave prince he definitely doesn’t want him to starve and die The uestion is with a cursed thrall collar around the prince’s throat which only allows him to eat after being debased and used sexually by his master Davis must find a way to take care of the prince Or will he become the slave of prince’s heart while trying to free himDespite what the book’s blurb suggested this definitely has very little amount of smut in it 😅 Sure there are some scenes where David had to use Vell because that’s the only way he could eat but the actual love making scenes were only at the end I love that this isn’t a mere smutty slave fic 😌 The world building is expansive and intriguing and the MCs were super colorful and realistic I loved how kind and loving Davis was towards Vell after a few first awkward moments Vell is also an enigmatic and fascinating character There’s a reason why he did what he did And he was really lucky that David became his master and fell in love with him 🥰 I really enjoyed the storyline too uniue and suspenseful and with a really evil villain to keep me on my edge of my seat I read this book in one sitting I think the ending was a very lovely ending those two lovers definitely deserve 💜 Although the smut was fewer than I expected in this story what was in there was really erotic and smoking hot 🔥 Loved it a lot I’m glad that the second book is already out because I can’t wait to continue to read Vell and David’s love story 🥰45 I might be your master but I’m the slave of your heart stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫