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Book ¿ The Rules of Attraction 283 pages Download à Danpashley Ò [Reading] ➰ The Rules of Attraction ➸ Bret Easton Ellis – Set at a small affluent liberal arts college in New England eighties The Rules of Attraction is a startlingly funny kaleidoscopic novel about three And agonies with a mixture of acrid hilarity and compassion while exposing the moral vacuum at the center of their lives The Rules of Attraction is a poignant hilarious take on the death of romanc This was my introduction into the world of Bret Easton Ellis and I fell hopelessly in loveI couldn't believe that someone could put together a written work which not only emanates the characters hyper sexed over zealous self conscious unaware searching for love not knowing sadness but uses language to reinforce its themes It would seem confusing but at my first read it was what I was feeling at that moment minus the drugs those came later Rules of Attraction at its base is a novel about communication and the inefficiency of words It is also a meditation on reality what is it to who? A theme that pops up in Easton Ellis's later worksAs Lillian has reminded me it does start and end mid sentence only in the brillance of Easton Ellis's mind should a slice of life story cut in like any other voyeur mid action just as simple as listening in on a phone conversation or looking through your neighboor's window Easton Ellis makes the reader a voyeur and yes it made me feel dirty as it should but a good dirty

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E present who become entangled in a curious romantic triangle Bret Easton Ellis trains his incisive gaze on the kids at self consciously bohemian Camden College and treats their sexual posturings This book may have sounded contrived to some but to me it was exactly the way I remember being and feeling in college The dorm cafeteria and party scenes are brilliant and so are the fast travel sections When I recently read The Sorrows of Young Mike it felt like a seuel because the characters were also nihilistic college students horny and self involved It along with The Rules of Attraction touches on similar issues that hardly affect the main characters as they are busy thinking about themselves

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The Rules of AttractionSet at a small affluent liberal arts college in New England eighties The Rules of Attraction is a startlingly funny kaleidoscopic novel about three students with no plans for the future or even th ”So I stand against the wall listen to REM finish the beer get keep my eye on the Freshman girl Then some other girl Deidre I think her name is black spiked hair that already looks dated and trendy black lipstick black fingernail polish black kneesocks black shoes nice tits okay body Senior comes over and she’s wearing a black halter top even though it’s like forty below in the room and she’s drunk and coughing like she has TB swigging Scotch I’ve seen her stealing Dante in the bookstore”Bret Easton Ellis in describing this girl gives us those extra descriptive terms that make us give Deidre a second look Coughing swigging and stealing Okay so she is a bit trashy a bit goth a bit too easy maybe but any girl that steals Dante would definitely have perked my interest back in the day The music is loud so I’d have to nuzzle up to her ear She probably smells faintly still of the perfume she put on earlier but her skin has probably also started to soak up some of the aromas from the party I’d tell her I saw you stealing DanteNow Sean is way worried about banging the cute freshman girl Why? because she is garden fresh practically just hatched She hasn’t been initiated into the Camden Liberal Arts college tradition of swill sweat and semen Interesting enough Camden is probably the most famous college in recent American literary history Writers Ellis Jonathan Lethem and Jill Eisenstadt all attended the very expensive Bennington College in Vermont All have used Camden as a fictional universe for their Bennington experiences The author Donna Tartt also attended Bennington but in her novel The Secret History she uses the fictional name of Hampden Camden Hampden I do believe there is literary collusion going on No Russians as far as I can tell were involved Sean has a stalker a sweet secret admirer who leaves him love notes in his mail box ”It is simple I watch him He reveals himself in dark contours Everything I believe in floats away when I witness him say eating or crossing the boundaries of a crowded room I feel a scourge I have his name written on a sheet of pale blue paper that is tissue thin” She is a ghost throughout the book as we whiplash between different narrators who all reveal pieces of what has happened Sometimes their accounts differ and sometimes the omission of facts from one narrator in particular reveals much about how far they are from understanding what they truly desire Sometimes they lie The task for the reader is to evaluate what we are told until the truth becomes a glittering but tarnished pearlSo I’ve sort of introduced Sean to you as he is tucking Deidre into his back pocket in case he needs her while he attempts to catch the eye of cute freshman As the plot develops his life becomes complicated as he finds himself trapped in a confusing obsessive relationship sexship with Lauren To add spice to the caldron of lust he also is having sex withPaul? Is he? As this triangle acuires weight we start to understand the inability of any of these characters to get passed impulsive desires and find any meaning in love ”’He likes him He likes her I think she likes someone else probably me That’s all No logic’”Ask that same uestion of these people a week later and the corners of the triangle will point in different or all new directions It is all fluid and meaningless but not without psychological mutilationRemember the stalker?”The seeds of love have taken hold and if we can’t burn together I’ll burn alone”Going to class at Camden seems optional It is certainly low on the list of priorities These kids are being washed up on the shores of a hedonistic island and if anyone is feeling inhibited soon the copious amounts of alcohol drugs and hormonally driven lust have them dancing to the latest Talking Heads album along with the natives It makes me wonder after these people are booted off the island how anyone can reintegrate into regular society Camden will leave these people morally decimated distrustful and with probably than one nasty habit Ahhh yes the ‘80s Don’t miss the Dressed to Get Screwed party The highlight of the year The book jacket says this is a vast departure from Bret Easton Ellis’s first book Less Than Zero which for a few chapters I was thinking what the hell are they talking about but as I got deeper in the book I started to realize that this book is actually significantly different from his first book In Less Than Zero his characters are soulless people really beyond redemption in my opinion In this book he infuses some humor some legitimate pain and explores deeper themes about adolescents awkwardly trapped in an extended childhood and with no real idea why anyone would ever want to be an adult They are rich spoiled and lost LIke a spectre floating behind the scenes we have the tale of the secret admirer who is the only person who seems to understand real desire and sustainable love The poignancy of her situation will make your heart strings tremble If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at