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SUMMARY É The Return of Nagash µ [Read] ➲ The Return of Nagash ➮ Joshua Reynolds – The original bad guy of the Warhammer world returns for the End Times ready to destroy the land of the living and begin a new age of undeath If you like Warhammer this is a must read — nothing that The original bad guy of the WarPowers and restore order to the world the Great Necromancer himself As they set about gathering artefacts to use in their dark ritual armies converge on Sylvania intent on stopping them But Arkhan and Mannfred are determined to complete their task No matter the cost Nagash must rise again. The book starts off pretty rocky with it being a conintual series of chapters about how group after group gets the random idea to go beat up on the undead kingdom nearby Like many books designed to portray an over designed battle by a game company who 'wanted to include everyone' There are a massive number of side characters and factions that need to be chewed through so the book can get on with the business of actually telling a story That story itself is pretty good the characters are pretty complex for a bunch of villans and thier interactions are enjoyable There aren't any real plot twists but the core story is still pretty good I just wish there wasn't all this 'And look the dwarves were there too let me give you a couple dozen pages about them And elves elves they were there too so let me finda couple dozen pagesetc'


Hammer settingThe End Times are coming As the forces of Chaos threaten to drown the The Return PDFEPUB or world in madness Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black put aside their difference and plot to resurrect the one being with the power to stand against the servants of the Ruinous. An entertaining enough read Reynolds slaughters his way through Warhammer characters like it's a Game of Thrones novel Though I had hoped that Nagash would feature in a book called 'The Return of Nagash' Still worth a look

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The Return of NagashThe original bad guy of the Warhammer world returns for the End Times ready to destroy the land of the living and begin a new age of undeath If you like Warhammer this is a must read nothing that has ever happened within the Old World or without has been pivotal to the future of the War. You can read the full review over at my blog End Times have begun for Warhammer Fantasy The hordes of Chaos are pouring in from the North even as vast armies of Daemons lay siege to Ulthuan and the Skaven rise up from the Under Empire to claim dominance on the surface world Bretonnia and the Empire face enemies of their own and heroes and villains rise up as well only to fall before each other It is a dark time indeed for Warhammer Fantasy made all the darker by the fact that the greatest villain of the ages Nagash himself has returned to challenge everyone everywhere The Return of Nagash is the tale of how the necromantic liche is resurrected and what part the Von Carstein vampires play in thatIn the age when the Nehekharan Empire was still strong and vibrant in the Southlands Nagash rose to power as the greatest sorcerer of his times and he eventually went on to become the grandfather of all vampires everywhere He clashed with heroes like Sigmar of the Empire who eventually went on to become a God to its people and his is a name considered one of the foulest by all the good people of the Old World His is a legacy that cannot be forgotten and that is exactly what Josh Reynolds builds upon in this novel Through the eyes of the liche Arkhan the Black and Mannfred von Carstein we see how the End Times are changing the world and get a hint of the role that Nagash is going to play in it not to mention the immense challenges that must be overcome for his return to become an undisputed realityWhen I first heard about the End Times I wasn’t sure what to make of all the news that was filtering out of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy is a setting that has suffered terribly so in my opinion from a lack of attention through Games Workshop’s publishing arm Black Library One need only look at last year’s Advent Calendar or the schedule of releases for the last eighteen months Fantasy releases have been few and far in between feeding the perception that Fantasy just doesn’t sell that well and so the content is to be moderated than for either Warhammer 40000 or the Horus HeresyWhich is why The Return of Nagash and Gotrek Felix Kinslayer are such important novels For a setting that has been locked in a harsh status uo for years things are finally changing There are fortunes made and lost eually in the End Times and at the forefront of it all is Nagash the greatest necromancer and sorcerer the Old World has ever seen Nagash himself doesn’t make an appearance until the very last few pages since the bulk of the narrative is from the point of view of his right hand man the “nice guy” liche Arkhan the Black and one of Nagash’s distant sorcerous progency Mannfred von Carstein the Vampire Lord of SylvaniaThere are many other characters we meet along the way even get to see the story unfold from the perspectives of many of them but the ultimate driving force in the novel are Arkhan and Mannfred The reason is because with the advent of the End Times Arkhan thinks that the time to resurrect Nagash is at hand finally and Mannfred agrees but he wants to bring forth Nagash to serve his own ends They are both ambitious in their own way and the novel charts their ambitions and their foibles and their weaknesses and their strengthsGiven the large number of characters present in this novel things could easily have gotten sidetracked but that’s not the case thankfully Even when we have characters making an appearance for a brief scene or two or three they feel relevant to the plot because there is a genuine progression of the story with each character Sometimes the novel can feel a bit disunited because it kind of amounts to Arkhan and Mannfred going to different places to collect artifacts necessary to resurrect Nagash but Josh pulls off the execution and makes it all worth it in the endNagash’s role as a supervillain of the Warhammer Fantasy world is undisputed He is such a major threat in fact that even the Ruinous Powers want to stop Arkhan and Mannfred from resurrecting the Great Necromancer That alone should tell you something and convey the import of the ritual He is unto a god by himself and has contended against other gods The way that it filters down into the novel with the characters involved is that the forces of Chaos do everything they can to stop Arkhan and Mannfred They send armies of Beastmen and manipulate eually the Dwarfs and the forces of the Empire to content against both these mortal villains