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FREE READER ´ DOC The Dark Road ↠ Ð MAYUR DIDOLKAR ¹ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Dark Road By Mayur Didolkar ➦ – A beautiful young athlete goes camping in Pune and ends up dead Her rich industrialist mentor hires a super smart private detective Prasanna Killedar to investiUng girl to death? In this fast paced whodunit evidence can lie and everyone has something to hi 'The Dark Road' is an absolute gem of a read The plot is engaging and continues to keep the reader hooked to it Mayur Didolkar does brilliantly well in defining the characters and maintains the pace of the story well throughout the book The film adaptation if it were to be made would be an outstanding thriller

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A beautiful young athlete goes camping in Pune and ends up dead Her rich industrialist mentor hi Don't start this book before bedtime Unless you want to lose sleep The book is well written the story unfolds nicely with flashbacks from the past alternating with the current plot Characters slowly show their personalities and hidden demons as well The protagonist Prasanna is a very likable detective though the victim has various shades to her personality and one alternatively feels sorry for her or gets irritated at her actions as we learn about themDefeinitely worth reading and waiting for the next book from Mayur Didolkar

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The Dark RoadRes a super smart private detective Prasanna Killedar to investigate Who would want to beat a yo Full Detailed review a murder mystery The Dark Road by Mayur Didolkar was a good trip but there were some glaring potholes that should have been filledI liked the easy descriptions of Pune locations the familiarity it inspired The information about hiking gear and habits was fascinating There were details about police procedures and the tedium of the investigation but it was handled wellIn Prasanna Killedar the author has created a fantastic character The name Killedar too was an interesting choice for her It literally means the one with the key the unlocker of mysteriesThe humour was unmistakably good I laughed out when Pandit opened his Notebook and Prasanna tells us that she opened hers a real paper oneI also liked the pop culture references strewn through to the musical series Glee; Joker in The Dark Knight and Prof Higgins and Eliza Doolittle besides Bollywood films Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa; the TV singing reality show Zee Sa Re Ga Ma etcThe cover with its dark leafless trees and a lonely tent was sufficiently forebodingBut there were also things that were unnecessaryDaughter Ira served no other purpose than to bring out Prasanna’s soft side The drama brought about by Prasanna’s three friends especially Sharmil and her affairs was eually pointless and could have been avoidedThere were some issues that were referred to but not pursued These included domestic violence the rifts in a marriage the fascination with married women and violent ideologiesThere were some grammatical errors that needed to goThe biggest issue that prevented The Dark Road from being a smooth ride was the resolution of the mystery It was awkward and too filmy and undid the effect of all that had gone beforeDespite it all I rooted for Prasanna I sure hope that the author intends to create another book for her It can’t be the end of The Dark Road for her