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Pictures of InnocenceMy name is Lydia I’m 12 years old I’m not an evil person but I did something bad My name is Maddie I’d never hurt my son But can I be sure if I don’t remember? With three children under ten Maddie is struggling On the outside she’s a happy young mother running a charity as well as a house This is a hard book for me to review for two reasons The first being that I read the publisher’s synopsis and I feel that it says too much I had this one figured out from the get go The second being that it is a GUT WRENCHING domestic thriller which is not where MY personal tastes lie so I cannot say that I enjoyed this story Revised rating after some reflectionWith that being said however I DO think the book is well written and that readers who do prefer their mysterythrillers on the darker disturbing side might be satisfied than I was One positive a plausible satisfying conclusion which seems elusive in many of the thrillers that I have read to date So go in as blind as possible Do not read if your triggers are psychological and sexual abuse of a child This is a big part of a second narrative of a child named Lydia which will intersect with Maddie’s later on in the book All you do need to know is that Maddie a mother of three young children wakes up to find her youngest son Noah dead in his cot Some of his bruises have the police uestioning if it was a simple case of cot death or not Maddie becomes the prime suspect due to the fact that the drugs she has been taking for her postpartum depression seem to be causing her to have memory lapses and blackouts This is a realistic portrayal of a family suffering through the heart breaking loss of a baby One where each family member wonders who they can trust Maddie even begins to uestion if it could be possible that she is the one who hurt her infant son But there are several other viable suspects And they are all hiding something I would like to thank Netgalley Avon books and T J Stimson for allowing me to read this digital copy shortly after it was published in exchange for a candid review This title is available NOW

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Book Ô Pictures of Innocence 416 pages Download Ü ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ Pictures of Innocence ❦ Author T.J. Stimson – My name is Lydia I’m 12 years old I’m not an evil person but I did something bad My name is Maddie I’d never hurt my son But can I be sure if I don’t remember? With thHold But inside she’s exhausted She knows she’s lucky to have to have a support network around her Not just her loving husband but her family and friends tooBut is Maddie putting her trust in the right people? Because when tragedy strikes she is certain someone has hurt her child – and everyo 4☆ Twisty Domestic Thriller that will get under your skinPicture of Innocence is a dark twisty Domestic thriller that gets under your skinJust reading the blurb filled me with intrigueI'm not going to go into the plot as I don't want to risk giving anything awayWhat I will say is Maddie has been suffering from depression and is struggling with life and motherhood Appearances can be very deceptiveBut what follows next for Maddie is every mother's worst nightmare and I really mean that What Maddie goes through is gut wrenchingThere are some pretty sensitive subjects such as child abuse and violence depression which some readers may find difficult to read however Stimson has handled them with the right amount of sensitivityPicture of Innocence is a Taut dark and Compelling read it's full of complex twists I didn't see comingAt times it's a difficult read but It's Pacy and Enthralling you can't help being drawn into the turmoil and heartbreak as you start to uncover the truthIf you enjoy your Domestic Thrillers to have a chilling psychological twist that will get under your skin and is somewhat thought provoking then you should definitely read Picture of Innocence by TJ StimsonThank you to Avon books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarilyMy Review is also on my Blog Website

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Ne is a suspect including Maddie herself The women in this book are about to discover that looks can be deceiving because anyone is capable of terrible things Even the most innocent even you This is the story of every mother’s worst fear But it’s not a story you know and nothing is what it seem This book chilled me deep into my core I found myself trembling late at night when I finally finished the book The ending of the story would stay with me for a long time just imagining that scene and its repercussions A new mother with 3 children and no sleep with post natal depression and memory lapses  made a soul crushing discovery one morning when she found her 2 month old child dead Was it crib death or foul play? Author T J Stimson has done a brilliant job making me run around in circles suspecting everyone I loved the way each character appeared guilty; they definitely had their secrets The characters around the mother sometimes appeared so supportive and then there would be a truth released about them which would make me go back to suspecting them The plot had 2 stories running in 2 different timelines and oh I did think I knew it all and I felt uite righteous But I wasn't I guessed one part of the story the other was a shock I loved the way the author has fitted the pieces of subplots because it was that end picture which made me want to run away and escape the truth The reality of that truth exposed in the finale was chilling Evil is found everywhere sometimes closer to home isn't it? Overall I loved the book because it affected me badly and has still kept me in its grips hours after reading it The plot may seem familiar but it has its twists The ending though guess able still blew me away Ah definitely unputdownable