REVIEW ï Mary's Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven's Help

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REVIEW ï Mary's Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven's Help Ù ➜ [Epub] ❧ Mary's Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven's Help By Join or create book clubs ➦ – This is a Marian consecration that people don’t want to see end Healing mirThis Consecration A Spiritual Retreat PDFEPUB or is Consecration A MOBI #245 a Marian consecration that people don’t want to see end Healing miracles reunited families and Catholic conversions are resulting from this self guided retreat Mary’s Mantle Consecration endorsed by Archbishop Cordileone and Bishop Cotta offers an outpouring of grace upon your life and loved ones St Pope John Paul II said that his consecration to Mary was “a decisive turning point in my life” It can Mantle Consecration A Spiritual Retreat Kindle be the same for youMary’s Mantle Consecration comes Mary's Mantle Epubto us in tumultuous times Today it is important that we consecrate ourselves to the Mother of God entrusting our lives to her protection guidance and care and inviting her to conform us to the likeness of her Son There is so much need and brokenness in the world in the Church in our families and in our hearts By preparing for consecration through the power of the Rosary a little fasting and a two minute reading of Mantle Consecration A Epub #217 a beautiful daily meditation on a virtue or gift of the Holy Spirit people’s favorite part we can expect heaven’s helpThis retreat is perfect for individuals couples families groups and parishes To dive eve. I bought a bunch of copies of this book for my family and friends after convincing them to do this 46 day consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary with me I was so excited when they all agreed However after starting the book I realized to my dismay that it has very little to do with Our Lady AT ALL It's not until Day 12 page 41 that the Blessed Virgin is even MENTIONED for the first time in the book Unbelievable I know Then we go for many days without any reference to her at all Every day focuses on a different virtue to be practiced and that's a beautiful thing to do but it's not what the title and description promised us this book would be about I thought it was about Our Lady The author could have at least used Mary as a model for each virtue but she doesn't even do that much No it's nothing but a bunch of admittedly very nice meditations on virtue leaving however the Blessed Virgin totally out of it If I had known this I may still have purchased the book as a 46 day virtue retreat but the fact that it's advertised to be about Our Lady is very misleading and terribly disappointing especially because this was my one chance to actually get my family to agree to read something about Her and She isn't in the book I even spent an extra 20 on the author's website buying a huge poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe for my youngest daughter to use to add the stickers during the consecration She is bored with the whole thing already because Mary hasn't come into it yetI don't want to completely trash this book since it has some lovely meditations And the cover is pretty But seriously if you are thinking of buying this as a book on the Blessed Virgin that is NOT what you'll get You'll get a good book about virtue with a picture of Our Lady on the front

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N deeper into God’s graces a companion workbook Mary’s Mantle Consecration Prayer Journal also offers uotes from saints passages of Scripture and insightful uestions for reflection Are you willing to do your part and give God a chanceSample meditation from the th Chapter The Virtue Mantle Consecration A Spiritual Retreat Kindle of MeeknessTake my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart and you will find rest for yourselves” Matthew Meekness is a virtue that Jesus alone inculcated and which no ancient philosopher seems to have understood or recommended Even our modern usage of “meek” can be dominated by a sense of weakness cowardice or people pleasing In Jesus’ mouth it is not that To be meek is to be a spiritual rock In the evangelical sense meekness is humility resignation submission to the Divine Will without murmuring or peevishness It is mildness of temper softness in dealing with others and forbearance under difficulties setbacks and injuries One who is meek is not easily provoked or irritatedBy reason of being born into the world we naturally create an illusion in our minds of who we are a treasured lie for which we long fight and suffer Depending upon our wounds and whether or not our self image is prai. My women's group chose this book for our next study and due to the social distancing measures we are meeting weekly via videochat This book has lent itself perfectly for the distance format My husband and I pray the daily rosary together each evening using an app we read the uick but powerful daily devotion and weekly we will be watching an accompanying video I have done another Marian consecration program in the past which I loved but the repetition and simplicity of the format of this consecration has made it easy for us to follow along and plan it into our days We did not purchase the associated workbook but if I was doing this consecration alone without a group or spouse to discuss with the workbook would have been a must for me

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Mary's Mantle Consecration A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven's HelpSed or rejected our moods travel from elation to depression and back again this can be the source of great emotional instability and pain The meek person has fought to tame the roaring lion of the human ego the source of his childish reactions and unreasonable attitudes the beast that seeks to glorify and defend itself at all costsOur greatest human example of meekness is Our Lady For her the artifice of ego was never erected It never claimed anything for itself for it was dead If Mary was praised she gave all glory to God if she was calumniated it meant nothing if she received food she thanked God if she went hungry she blamed no one least of all her Lord What could offend a woman who felt like she had no rights For her all was gift and grace Her ego was like fallen timber If a log receives a devastating blow from an axe it does not feel anything It does not react It is dead Detached from the world Attached to GodThe meek person knows how much he is cherished by God he knows how safe he is in the Lord’s love no matter what happens to the body The meek one knows that his worth comes solely from God not from any human opinion not even his own “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” Matthew See ueenofpeacemedia dot commarys mantl. If you are looking for a book to bring you closer to Mary this is the book for youl started this 46 day novena based on a recommendation from a friend I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful daily meditations It has strengthened my faith and helped me live my life with an awareness that I am not alone I bought 10 additional copies and have been giving them as gifts to my friends Through the grace of the Holy Spirit Christine Watkins has gifted the world with this beautiful novena