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Mahlke, H: Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot Read î E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë [BOOKS] ✮ Mahlke, H: Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot ✰ Helmut Mahlke – After recounting his early days as a naval cadet including a voyage to the Far East aboard the cruiser Köln and as the navigatorobserver of the fO takes the reader behind the scenes into the day to day life of his unit and brings the members of his Gruppe H Memoirs of a Stuka Kindle to vivid life describing their off duty antics and mourning their loss in action The story ends when he himself is shot down in flames by a Soviet fighter and severely burned He was to spend the remainder of the war in various staff appointments. Really enjoyed reading this book as it showed me the enemies view of World War 2 air operations Generally I read about our pilots exploits so this book gave me a different viewpointDefinitely recommend to anyone interested in World War 2 history

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After recounting his early days as a naval Memoirs of Kindle #213 cadet including a voyage to the Far East aboard the cruiser Köln and as the navigatorobserver of the floatplane carried by the pocket battleship Admiral Scheer during the Spanish Civil War the author describes his flying training as Mahlke H MOBI #221 a Stuka pilotThe author’s naval dive bomber Gruppe was incorporate. This story of a young man who joined the navy in the hopes of being a pilot it starts with Helmut Malke as a cadet touring the Far East in the aftermath of the Great War and he recalls the news of Hitler’s ascent to powerMahlke is assigned to be a navigatorobserver serving about the Admiral Scheer but he wants to be a pilot and manages to get accepted for Stuka training initially to be deployed on the anticipated soon to be completed German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin However with the outbreak of the war his dive bomber Gruppe become part of the Luftwaffe and Mahlke and his team are thrust into the warAs a senior and seemingly very proficient flyer Mahlke rapidly climbs the chain of command within his group and this book offers an amazing view from the Stuka’s cockpit of historic battles in the first few years of the war the invasion of Poland the race through France and Dunkirk are all successes and Mahlke describes them in detail along with life in the suadron and how they managed to muddle through when things go wrong Arguably the best bits of the book are when Mahlke talks about day to day life and also when he talks at length about the shock of losses – the pointless training accidents hit especially hard and it is not until later that the losses in Russia feel justifiedMahlke then moves to the Mediterranean Theatre seeing combat in Malta North Africa and Create Again the detail is the most interesting thing and he seems reasonably honest in most things although his Gruppe do seem to be astonishingly accurateFinally the book moves to the invasion of Russia and his Gruppe’s part in that In this section the sheer ferocity and intensity of the fighting is visceral and losses rack up It is here that Mahlke talks about how much it matters to be helping the men on the ground Shot down twice he makes a miraculous escape on both occasions crash landing and managing to make it back to friendly lines They move around a lot and Mahlke’s combat career comes to an abrupt end when he is shot down again by Russian Mig’s – mistaken for friendly aircraft as he is looking below to find his target that was attacking ground troops He is badly burnt and despite thing he will be back on the front lines in a few days this turns out to be his final combat mission and the book ends with a summary of the last few years without mentioning his staff serviceOverall I thought this one of the best war memoirs I have read Obviously coming from the German side there is an automatic tendency to assume the worst but an honest reading of this makes it difficult to judge Mahlke’s true political feelings He talks of the harshness of the Versailles Treaty on Germany on several occasions offering up something of a reason for Germany’s hardships but I can’t recall it as a justification for war and as political news reaches him in various locations he seems content that life will continue as is – the war seems to come as a bit of a surprise Anyone interested in WW2 aviation should read this fascinating account

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Mahlke H Memoirs of a Stuka PilotD into the Luftwaffe upon the outbreak of war What follows is a fascinating Stuka pilot’s eye view of some of the most famous and historic battles and campaigns of the early war years the Blitzkrieg in France H Memoirs of PDFEPUB #232 the Dunkirk Evacuation the Battle of Britain the bombing of Malta North Africa Tobruk Crete and finally the invasion of the Soviet UnionThe author als. A very detailed and descriptive journal of the activities of a typical Stuka group in WW2 Paints an opposite view to the normal war books the author succeeds admirably