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Just After SunsetJust after sunset Poche Stephen King Achat Livre | fnac Just after sunset Rsum King's bestselling fiction title now in mass market a thrilling collection of bite sized twists from the modern master of storytelling Just after sunset Poche Stephen King Achat Livre | fnac Just after sunset Stephen King Fireside Book Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction just after sunset dfinition de just after sunset et Just After Sunset is the fifth collection of short stories Willa After a train derails leaving its passengers stranded David Sanderson's wife wanders away from the station and he goes looking for herOn the surface this was a tale of people who don't realize that they're ghosts dealing with their fate Beneath I think it's about how time slips away and the deeper the rut you get into the harder it is to get out and do something new His Kingship picked a good tale to start the collection withGingerbread Girl After leaving her husband Emily takes up running on the beach Her life is turning around until she runs afoul of killerThis was a pretty gripping tale about a woman running for her life from a serial killer Serial killers have been done to death but King makes a good tale out of itHarvey's Dream A woman in a boring marriage is surprised when her husband wants to share a dream of his with herThis one felt like a well written Twilight Zone episode to me The characters felt very real to meRest Stop A writer on the way home stops at a rest area to pee and interrupts a man beating his wifeThis one was okay It dealt a little with identity but was mostly a writer gathering up the courage to do something about a bad situationStationary Bike An overweight commercial artist gets a stationary bike Twilight Zone style weirdness ensuesYeah I kind of liked this but it was a little long for what it was Stationary bike takes guy into his drawing guys working inside his body to keep his body healthy it was a strange ride that ultimately went nowhere See what I did there?The Things They Left Behind Mysterious objects appear in a 911 survivor's apartment objects belonging to his deceased co workersAnother Twilight Zone ish story that should have been a lot shorterGraduation Afternoon A young woman knows she's attending one of her boyfriend's family's gatherings for the last time It turns out being the last in ways than oneMehN A psychiatrist commits suicide and his sister reads the file on his last patient an OCD man named NHoly shit I enjoyed the hell out of this one An OCD guy's rituals keeping a world devouring monster straight out of HP Lovecraft at bay? Loved itThe Cat From Hell A pharmaceutical millionaire hires a hitman to kill a cat?Pretty brutal You can tell this one was early King especially compared to the writing style of the other stories No wonder it was featured in Tales from the Dark Side The MovieThe New York Times at Special Bargain Rates A woman gets an unexpected phone call from her dead husbandYawn Another plane crash related tale King's getting soft in his old ageMute After finding out his wife has been having an affair a man picks up a deaf mute hitchhiker and bares his soul But was the man really deaf?This confessional tale was pretty good King likes his shorts Twilight Zone ish doesn't he?Ayana This was a tale about miracles It was a little Hallmark y for my tasteA Very Tight Place A guy gets trapped inside a Johnny On The Spot by his vindictive neighborThis was a revenge story that wasn't shitty despite the settingClosing Thoughts Not a bad short story collection N and the Cat from Hell were my favorites I wouldn't say any of the stories were duds but this wasn't my favorite King collection Three out of five stars

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FREE PDF × BOOK Just After Sunset ë STEPHEN KING Ù ❰Reading❯ ➿ Just After Sunset Author Stephen King – Just after sunset Poche Stephen King Achat Livre | fnac Just after sunset Rsum King's bestselling fiction title now in mass market a thrilling collection of bite sized twists frBy Stephen KingIt was released in hardcover by Scribner on November and features a holographic dust jacketOn February the author's official website revealed the title of the collection to be Just Past SunsetAbout a month later the title was subtly changed to Just After Sunset Just after sunset Livres en VO neuf ou occasion | fnac Retrouvez tous les produits Just after sunset au meilleur prix la FNAC Achetez en ligne ou faites vous livrer dans votre magasin proche de chez vous pour votre Livres en VO Just Just aft Well I finished off another short story collection of Stephen King's Hmm There were some stories I enjoyed a lot and there were some stories that were stories and there were some things I really didn't care for This is not one of my favorite collectionsI enjoyed Gingerbread Girl and N the best Those are the best There were other stories that I thought were good too I didn't care for A Very tight place at all This is not my favorite collection of his I heard people talk about loving this collection but it's down on the list for me I didn't think there were many strong entries Stephen can write but not every story is my cup of tea The stories in the collection areWilla Gingerbread Girl Harvey’s Dream Rest Stop Stationary Bike The Things they Left Behind Graduation Afternoon N the Cat from Hell the New York Times at Special Bargain Rates Mute Ayana a Very Tight Place

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Er sunset STEPHEN KING Livres Just after sunset par STEPHEN KING aux ditions Hodder and stoughton ltd King's bestselling fiction title now in mass market a thrilling collection of bite si Magasins Ateliers Acadmies Stephen King | Just After Sunset Just After Sunset call it dusk call it twilight it's a time when human intercourse takes on an unnatural cast when nothing is uite as it appears when the imagination begins to reach for shadows as they dissipate to darkness and living daylight can be scared right out of Any parting could be forever and we just don't knowJust After Sunset is the fifth collection of short stories published by Stephen King containing 13 stories in total A lot of these stories seem to focus on the aftermath of tragedy and how people react Whether this is pertaining to the loss of a child or the events of 911 it's a strong theme throughout this collection of short storiesUsually I will review short stories collectively but I had gotten a few private messages and comments about people wanting to know what I thought of specific stories so I thought I'd give a brief review on all the stories included in this collection I also feel like you should go into short stories blind therefore I really don't want to say too much in terms of plotFirst up Willa I don't want to spoil the twist in the story so I feel like I can't say much but this short story was just blah to me I feel like it's one that I'll forget pretty uickly it just didn't leave a lasting impression on meThe Gingerbread Girl this was a highlight within this collection The pace is relentless almost like the pace of Emily see what I did there? insert smug face This short story was full of tension and had me feeling nervous it really had some classic King themes in here It also reminded me a bit of Duma Key given the locationHarvey's Dream this one was short and sweet uite unsettling I liked itRest Stop once again King explores the idea of pseudonyms and how they can have an influence on the person who creates them It's pretty violent visceral raw it was a good oneStationary Bike I know my pal Abbie isn't a fan of this one but I actually kinda liked it I guess too much exercise can be a bad thing? It was an interesting concept and one that was hard to wrap my head around initially but it wasn't as bad as I was anticipatingThe Things They Left Behind an interesting look at the topic of survivor guilt following the events of 911 Ultimately it evolved into uite an optimistic conclusion I feel? It's definitely one I won't forgetGraduation Afternoon MEH I actually had to Google the synopsis of this one to remind me what story it was even referring to already I'm starting to forget about it Not a good sign Pretty boringN okay let me tell you about N This story or novella I guess blew my little mind I was getting strong Lovecraftian vibes from the get go it's reminiscent of short stories focusing on Cthulhu and his ability to drive people insane An interesting exploration of OCD with an absolutely outstanding mix of supernatural horror and psychological terror I went to bed that night feeling generally unsettled and couldn't stop thinking about it that's what I want from my horror stories This was really the jewel in the crownThe Cat from Hell another awesome story This one actually left me feeling nauseous by the end I will no longer be able to trust cats againThe New York Times at Special Bargain Rates this was a decent story also exploring post 911 themes but ultimately I think it'll be one I forget with timeMute ah this one was great Just a fun short story very enjoyableAyana this was actually a short story that I think has the potential to become a novel maybe? Very intriguing and I wanted to know A Very Tight Place oh geez literally the most disgusting thing I've ever read Glad I read this on an empty stomach as otherwise I would have probably been running for the bathroom to be sick It was just horrific I now join in King in having a fear of becoming trapped in a porta loo Fun story overallSo that's it I think the stories in this collection ranged from awesome to pretty good to forgettable which is probably true for most of the short story collections I've read although to be honest I think all of Night Shift is memorable Overall then I'd give this collection of short stories 4 out of 5 A pretty strong collection but I've read better N was the definite highlight for me