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N includes significant updates to the examples and explanations that reflect the substantial changes that have occurred over the past couple of years Sean Kane and Karl Matthias have added a complete chapter on Docker Compose deeper coverage of Docker Swarm mode introductions to both Kubernetes and AWS Up Running MOBI #245 Fargate examples on how to optimize your Docker images and much Learn how Docker simplifies dependency management and deployment workflow. Well O'Reilly is the best as always except this bookIf you need to Google commands like save a docker image or create a snapshot or roll back then why you bother paying 30 uid for thisI think this book is awful I tried to make around it several times but I just cannotAlso many pages about monitoring docker servicesGreat because first I would need to know the basics not the enterprise monitoring after 13 of the bookThis is the best example how not to write a bookIf I need something that I don't know then again I had to Google it and end up on github or stackexchange or Ubuntu site to get the answerSeveral free blog write ups are better than this book to be frankAwful

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Docker Up & Running Shipping Reliable Containers in ProductionFor your applicationsStart working with Docker images containers and command line toolsUse practical techniues to deploy and test Docker containers in productionDebug containers by understanding their composition and internal processesDeploy production containers at scale inside your data Up Running Shipping Reliable MOBI #221 center or cloud environmentExplore advanced Docker topics including deployment tools networking orchestration security and configurati. Nothing on building custom images Almost nothing on Dockerfiles Images come fromgit repos containers come from Docker registry I would have expected to learn how to create my own images and deploy my own containers

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Read & Download Docker: Up & Running: Shipping Reliable Containers in Production 104 ´ [EPUB] ✼ Docker: Up & Running: Shipping Reliable Containers in Production Author Sean P Kane – Docker is rapidly changing the way organizations deploy software at scale However understanding Docker is rapidly changing the way Running PDFEPUB #191 organizations deploy software at scale However understanding how Linux containers fit into your workflow and getting the integration details right is not a trivial task With the updated edition of this practical guide you'll learn how to use Docker to package your applications with all of their dependencies and then Docker Up eBook #201 test ship scale and support your containers in productionThis editio. Bought the book as I needed to Dockerize a JBoss WildFly and MongoDB application and deploy on AWS In the end I achieved this with the Docker Documentation and the help of Stack Overflow Every time I hit a problem or wanted to understand something I tried to use the index and could never find what I was looking for I appreciate that O'Reilly most probably has their own index creating software but does a novice in the subject ever attempt to use the index prior to publicationAfter a suggestion on 'Stack Overflow' the chapter # 8 on 'Exploring Docker Compose' has proved useful that's about itI bought this book as a reference guide not a tutorial and I feel that the poor index makes it not very usable until I have the time to read it cover to cover Surprised it has got into a 2nd edition as is after reading the small number of very average reviews on USA site