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read reader Ý Bigger Leaner Stronger ´ The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body ä join or create book clubs ¹ ☉ Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body (Muscle for Life Book 1) PDF International Bestseller Stronger The MOBI #9734 This book has helped tens of thousands of men build their best body everWill you be nextIf you want to get bigger leaner and stronger without steroids good genetics extreme dieting or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gymyou want to read this bookBecause heres the dealBuilding lean muscle and burning stubborn fat isn't nearly as Bigger Leaner Epubcomplicated youve been led to believeThis book is the shortcutAnd guess whatYou don't need to Spend hundreds of dollars per month on the worthless supplements that steroid fueled bodybuilders swear by Most pills powders and potions do absolutely nothingYou don't need to Constantly change up your workout routine to gain lean muscle in all the right places Muscle building is much Leaner Stronger The Epub #217 simpler than thatYou don't need to Waste a couple of hours in the gym every day grinding through grueling workouts you hate In fact this Leaner Stronger The Simple Science eBook #191 is a great way to get nowh

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EreYou don't need to Slog away at boring cardio to shed ugly belly fat and get a six pack In fact you probably don't have to do any cardio to Leaner Stronger The Simple Science eBook #191 get the body you really wantYou don't need to Obsess over clean eating and avoiding unhealthy foods to get ripped Instead you can get and stay fit eating the foods you loveThose are just a few of the harmful lies and myths that keep guys from ever achieving the lean muscular and strong body they truly desireAnd in this book youll learn something most guys will never knowThe exact methods of eating and exercising that make gaining to pounds of lean muscle a breezeand it only takes a few monthsHere are just a few of the things youll discover in this bookThe biggest fat loss and muscle building myths and mistakes that keep guys fat weak and confusedThe scientific laws of muscle growth and fat loss that literally force your body to get bigger leaner and stronger And no they have nothing to do with muscle confusion functional traini In September of 2016 I started weight training based on the suggestions in this book The photo below shows the simple setup I useThis program has you training with weights in time proven methods and it has you dieting to do one of 3 thingsBulk up get bigger to feed muscle growthMaintain stay at a current body fat percentageCut lean down to show off your waresSome cool features of this program1 You can do it at home with minimal investment in gear This is my method and recommendation2 Your workouts are only 40 minutes or so to start and can actually take you uite far as a novice Even now my workouts are not much longer3 75% of your training session will be restingI'm not kidding and yeah it seems weird at first4 You can do cardio you don't have to; I don't Read about that at the end of my review belowObservations and tips for this bookThis book was difficult for me as a beginner only because I feel the writer assumes the reader is already familiar with some fitness lore to some extent Example I didn't know what 1 Rep Max or a cable fly is yet it's used as though it's common knowledge You do eventually find you are directed to other books that address exercises lifting techniues etc That means this book is incomplete but the author makes it very clear of this and that such a conclusive book would be a tome I'm not meaning to make it sound negative and it's my only niggle with this book The book is dry and not so exciting One reviewer actually gave it a 3 star rating saying the book was boring and missed the point of fun This is ridiculous Folks weight lifting and reading about it isn't so much fun it's science facts and methods Leave fun for video games and Putt Putt Getting serious lifting and becoming healthy and reading about it isn't so much fun but feeling good is certainly enjoyable When you're walking down the beach and feeling confident that's definitely funIn the book the author often sells himself as a writer trainer producer of supplements podcasts the book can be construed as a sales pitch If you're offended by capitalism you may not like this so much I say 'so what' as the gold gleaned from this book is invaluable and in the end the products and pitch of Mike Matthews are genuine and excellentEdit Mikes podcasts are fantastic he speaks very clearly and is on point His reviews methods 'Motivation Monday' and guests are a great free way to get your learn on Plus his sites are full of useful information that supplements the book If you're a piker you could probably troll the site and get all the info you need buy the book it's portable and laid out in a logical wayThat's the minor negatives out of the way Buy this book and read ittwice then again and refer to it until you're an expert and all the concepts are clear and still read it along the way for reference as you progress The reasoning for this is simple you want to do things correctly not get hurt and achieve the results which you absolutely will The science and references are behind it and look at Mike Matthews it does workTipsAs I said read the book than onceFollow the program in the book don't stray even if you don't get results so uickly It was only when I kept focused on definite regimens I progressed You must find a regimen that fits your schedule Mike's book gives you options as do others I'm saying stick with one when you latch onto what worksIn my experiences with others on the FB blogs the biggest difficulty I see people have with this program is people getting hung up on the dietingdon't do that Here's the whole rub on this Make Yourself Strong 1st period The book and tenacity will get you there The muscles are there waiting under your fat I promise; Just get strong first and cut down when you're ready Getting strong 1st is really important for an old guy like me with aches pains and mobility issues Dieting down to lean yourself is how to show it off Allow yourself to look and feel as good as possible in life In my opinion this is the definition of aging gracefully I've read many examples of 60's 70's 80's folks literally lifting themselves out of wheelchairs and eliminating osteoporosis how amazing is that When you tell your bones to sit all the time actually a disease in itself they adapt and become porous Conversely when you start suatting pulling and lifting weights the bones become dense This is the body adapting to the environmentDon't get hurt Do NOT be in a hurry to raise your weights and progress past good form and good judgement This I think is especially true of older lifters like myself I tore a groin on a bad suat That injury has taken nearly a year to completely heal It was such an injury that I was still able to continue the programcarefully and it didn't affect my life so much after the injury but it really hurt a lotAs mentioned earlier I recommend a home gym set up I obtained all my gear off Craigslist at a total investment of about 500 This includes bars weights a power tower and the rack you see in the photo Honestly this will carry me very far The advantages of a home gym are paramount in that you don't have to mess with gyms full of humans which are a distraction is so many ways from their inconsiderate practices to their free advice and over perfumed or foul presence The only proviso is safety I have no safety bars and I'm vying for a bigger cage with all the safety bars Since I'm alone when I work I use 2 safety measures1 I don't use collars If I get into trouble I can lean the weights off one side and do a somewhat controlled crashnot great but indeed a safety valve I've used this once on a bench pressit was loud With the exception of the standing press I don't lift weights to failure bad idea with no one around2 Again wisdom in your weights stay on point with your routine and only raise weights when you're well and comfortable with your present weight3 Keep a log book You'll learn this is most important nuff said4 Warm up Not doing stretches or yoga but doing the exact bar exercise with less weight and progress up to your working weight Details of this can be found on Mike's site5 Do cardio apart from your training routine Example Your weight routine is in the morning and your cardio in the evening As I mentioned I don't do cardio at this point but this is what I've read from Mikes' informationThanks for reading best of luck buy the book and get strong

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Bigger Leaner Stronger The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body Muscle for Life Book 1Ng or any other pseudoscientific nonsenseHow to create flexible meal plans that empower you to transform your body eating the foods you loveand without ever feeling starved deprived or like you're on a dietA paint by numbers training system for building a full chestwide backpowerful legsand bulging armswith only to hours of exercise per weekA no BS guide to supplements thatll save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on useless and sometimes even dangerous pills powders and potionsAnd a lot Imaginejust weeks from nowbeing constantly complimented on the changes in your physiue and asked how the heck you're doing itImagine enjoying higher energy levels fewer aches and pains and better spiritsAnd imagine feeling like your fitness is finally under your controland permanentlyThe bottom line is you can get that Hollywood hunk body without following boring bland bodybuilder diets or living in the gymThis book shows you howSo scroll up click the buy button now and begin your journey to a bigger leaner and stronger y As reuested from Michael at the end of his book I am here to write a review about Bigger Leaner Stronger BLS I have been studying strength and conditioning for the past 6 months I also read another book called Overcoming Gravity OG I think OG is superior in terms of how to properly train the explanation of each component of a routine and methods of progression especially this However BLS is superior in highlighting the importance of Diet Generally speaking I would say that BLS is a book oriented towards esthetics while OG is oriented towards the adeuate development of strength Other than reading this book I have spent hundreds of hours looking at youtubers like Jeff Cavaliere Jeff Nippard and Alan Thrall Contrasting what I’ve learned with the content of the book here are some points I consider relevantThe positive BLS provides a method of becoming stronger and muscular that if properly applied should produce excellent results Most of the content of the book is linked to scientific literature This is not a “i tried these methods and they work just do as I say” type of book There are great explanations as to why things should be done in a certain way The accounting of many fat loss myths especially the difference between weight loss and fat loss Explanation of many mistakes people do at the gym and why they are plateauing for years and years A procedure that allows you to implement a diet plan that will help you reach the goals Seems a bit overreaching at first but once you start paying attention to macro nutrient content and calories then it starts to become and intuitive The simplicity and straightforwardness of the training approach In particular I like how you he stresses that you shouldn’t be changing your routine all the time and focus on working hard on a few exercises The fact that he encourages you to work on “the big three” Everywhere you go and starting learning about strength you realise how important these exercises are Michael also has a whole chapter explaining how to properly perform them In essence if you do what he proposes you will see resultsSome things that are incompletereuire further analysis The false dichotomy of “bulking” or “cutting” Why choose In fact Michael has an example in his own book of a study that puts two groups into a caloric deficit One is doing cardio one is doing weights The cardio one loses fat and muscle The weights group losses fat while gaining muscle He hasn’t done a proper job explaining whyhow this can happen simultaneously and simply attributes this to a novice lifter effect called “newby gains” Well this is not the whole picture because similar experiments have been done with high performing athletes football players showing that they can burn fat and gain muscle at the same time Not to say that choosing between “bulking” and “cutting” is wrong because it is a proven approach But it is not the only way and it is presented as if it was the only way Imbalanced routines This is one of the reasons I consider this to be of an esthetic book The template routines have a heavy focus on front body muscles beach muscles In OG the author explains how you should have a “pull” exercise for each “push” exercise in your routine Jeff Cavlalier says something similar that you should have one exercise for the rear part of your body for each exercise done on the front part When you look at the 5 day routine you can see that this is not the case of a balanced routine This can lead to imbalances and imbalances can lead to injuries Population considerations I don’t know if jumping straight into heavy sets of 4 6 reps is ideal for people over 50 who haven’t trained in years Or anyone who hasn’t trained in years for that matter I would assume some kind of gradual progression to strength training BLS proposes a 9 week mesocycle of training Instead of pure strength some people could do something like Weeks 1 3 Endurance Weeks 4 6 Hypertrophy weeks 7 8 Strength week 9 deload You can make people have the ultimate goal of lifting heavy and developing strength but at least propose some alternative paths depending on the type of person who is starting to train The macronutrient intake per day 40% protein 40% carbs 20% Fat This rigidness will have you eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight This is what everyone in the fitness industry does but it has become something of a controversial topic lately Some studies show that anything beyond 08 grams of protein per day has no additional benefits for muscle development Others say that even as low as 06 grams is enough to be in a state of positive nitrogen balance and build muscle Well perhaps you could have ranges instead of a fixed number and allow people to explore those ranges to see what works best for them Example protein 30 40% carbs 30 50% Fat 10 20% In essence don’t take everything in this book as gospel Many things can be tweaked and improved to fit your personal journey But I think it’s a good starting point