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Germany's financial collapse in the summer of Debt Crisis Epub #220 was one of the biggest economic catastrophes of modern history It led to a global panic brought down the international monetary system and turned a 1931 MOBI #221 worldwide recession into a prolonged depression The German crisis also contributed decisively to the rise of Hitler Soon after the crisis the Nazi Party became the largest party of the country which paved the 1931 Debt Crisis ePUB #9734 way for Hitler's eventual seizure of power in The reason for the financial collapse was G. Provides insight into how a great nation devolved into dictatorial chaos with emphasis on the contributions of foreign nations and cautious politicians

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1931 Debt Crisis and the Rise of HitlerErmany's large pile of foreign debt denominated in gold currency which condemned the government to cut spending raise taxes 1931 Debt Crisis and the MOBI #221 and lower wages in the middle of a worldwide recession As the political resistance to this austerity policy grew the German government began to uestion its debt obligations prompting foreign investors to panic and sell their German assets The resulting currency crisis led to the failure of the already weakened banking system and a partial sovereign defaultHitler managed to profit from the crisis. I'm not sure where I heard about this but really enjoyed it Last year I read AND THEN THEY CAME FOR ME about Pastor Niemoller a very readable book about the coming of the Nazi era from the perspective of a minister 1931 is about the coming of the era largely from the viewpoint of the finance and banking system You could probably write a third book from the perspective of labor unions a fourth from the perspective of the arts In any case this is a very detail rich book and yet it was very readable and I even followed most of it as an audiobook

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1931: Debt, Crisis, and the Rise of Hitler review î 3 ↠ ➝ [Epub] ❦ 1931: Debt, Crisis, and the Rise of Hitler By Tobias Straumann ➧ – Danpashley.co.uk Germany's financial collapse in the summer of 1931 was one of the biggest economic catastrophes of modern history It led to a global panic brought dBecause he had been the most vocal critic of the reparation regime As the financial system collapsed his relentless attacks against foreign creditors and the alleged complicity of the German government resonated than ever with the electorate Sadly enough Germany's creditors hesitated too long to take the wind out of Hitler's sails by offering debt relief In Tobias Straumann reveals the story of the fatal crisis demonstrating how a debt trap contributed to the rapid financial and political collapse of a European country and to the rise of the Nazi Par. A sharp account of the financial mess in Germany that paved the way to the assumption of power by HitlerThis concise and informative book by Professor Straumann avoids being a dry economic analysis by both brisk writing and bringing in the personalities of the varied politicians and bankers across several countries who were directly involved in the German banking crisis of 1931 One of the most interesting of these being the Raven of Zurich Felix SomaryThe professor reminds us that high stakes governmental financing of debt must take into account the ability of citizens to absorb the stresses of severe austerity A related lesson is that caution that should be taken before imposing enormous long term financial obligations on a sovereign nation Finally the personalities and abilities of leaders do matterFor those of us who avoid being immersed in economic theory this book is a helpful reminder why the dismal science is as important as political theory to understanding the world in which we live I think those in today's Euro zone will have a special interest in the lessons that can be drawn from 1932