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Age of Iron doc Ò Paperback · j.m. coetzee · ✫ [PDF] ✑ Age of Iron By J.M. Coetzee ✸ – Epoca de fier considerată în 1990 Cartea anului în Marea Britanie de Sunday Express împleteşte cu subtilitate şi umor reţinut tragedia personală cu dramatismul unei epoci marcate – în AfTatea poliţiei şi armatei furia şi revolta compun o plasă tot mai strânsă în jurul eroinei aducând violenţele până în pragul casei sale Episoadele dramatice iau amploa re pe măsură ce degradarea fizică a doamnei Curren se accentuează făcând o tot mai dependentă de Vercueil un om al străzii beţiv care şi a făcut culcuş pe aleea ei Vercueil îi devine singura fiinţă umană apropiată iar relaţia dintre cei doi este surprinsă magistral de Coetze Television Why do I watch it? The parade of politicians every evening I have only to see the heavy blank faces so familiar since childhood to feel gloom and nausea The bullies in the last row of school desks raw boned lumpish boys grown up now and promoted to rule the land They with their fathers and mothers their aunts and uncles their brothers and sisters a locust horde a plague of black locusts infesting the country munching without cease devouring lives Why in a spirit of horror and loathing do I watch them? Why do I let them into the house? Because the reign of the locust family is the truth of South Africa and the truth is what makes me sick? Legitimacy they no longer trouble to claim Reason they have shrugged off What absorbs them is power and the stupor of power Eating and talking munching lives belching Slow heavy bellied talk Sitting in a circle debating ponderously issuing decrees like hammer blows death death death Untroubled by the stench Heavy eyelids piggish eyes shrewd with the shrewdness of generations of peasants Plotting against each other too slow peasant plots that take decades to mature

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Spre reconsiderarea propriei vieţi pe fundalul unei realităţi faţă de care fără a o fi ignorat a preferat să se păstreze într o pasivitate filozofică până în acel moment ororile apartheidului Străduindu se să şi accepte boala care o macină doamna Curren descoperă cu disperare şi mânie crescânde „cancerul“ social şi cultural al Africii de Sud Incendierea unei aşezări locuite de negri uciderea unor activişti adolescenţi abuzurile şi brutali An early novel in Coetzee’s list of achievements Age of Iron depicts the author’s distaste for apartheid the revolution against it and gives prescient hints of what was to come of South Africa after Mandela Coetzee has always seemed to this reader an idealist harping elouently against human imperfections and the flawed institutions created by such faulty people But he’s always seemed to know this about himself and he’s made obvious attempts in his fiction to resolve this inner conflict In Age of Iron such contradictions couldn’t be apparent His protagonist here is a Mrs Curren a former classics professor suffering a terminal case of cancer who has always looked down on both apartheid and the struggle against it from her academic ivory tower Now however the mud and blood of the struggle grasp her personally and they won’t let go Her housekeeper Florence has a young son Bheki who has involved himself in the revolution’s rising violence He disappears and Mrs Curren offers to help Florence find him This takes them into a poor black community that is being burned out by the police as if to exterminate rats Bheki has been shot dead they uickly discover and Mrs Curren now faces the life and death reality of the struggle Too she’s seen as unwelcome in that place both by the white policemen and the poor black residents She begins to realize a suppressed alienation rising to her surface an alienation that allows her no emotional refuge from either the social conflict or her disease Then there’s Vercueil – an alcoholic hobo and if he can be believed an ex trawler sailor who was hurt in a shipboard accident rendering him unable to work He becomes Mrs Curren’s alter ego a sometimes mute sounding board who is willing to help her end her life – willing that she is howeverTo Mrs Curren she and the likes of other whites in South Africa are floss mere visitors hovering over the African soil Florence Bheki and their kind are a kinf of iron – fragile of body but of durable stuff soul wise This then is Coetzee’s metaphor – that the most durable souls seem to be the most set upon in the flesh This book doesn’t take sides in the struggle to throw off apartheid; instead it summons us to the view that South Africa could have been saved at one time but now with the first shots having been fired it’s too late for all thatIf there’s one flaw to the book it’s the diminished role of Vercueil He could have played the truth dealing drunkard to Mrs Curren’s indignation her ivory towered view of life in that torn country He has moments of this to be sure but he could have been much

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Age of IronEpoca de fier considerată în 1990 Cartea anului în Marea Britanie de Sunday Express împleteşte cu subtilitate şi umor reţinut tragedia personală cu dramatismul unei epoci marcate – în Africa de Sud – de rasism şi de violenţe sociale şi politice Doamna Curren o fostă profesoară de limbi clasice suferă de cancer în fază terminală Într o scrisoare jurnal adresată fiicei ei plecate demult în America eroina îşi descrie noua condiţie ce o împinge If Coetzee's Disgrace is at least partly a meditation on the title word this earlier novel seems to be partly a musing on the word stupefy Television the parade of politicians every evening their message stupidly unchanging Their feat after years of etymological meditation on the word to have raised stupidity to a virtue To stupefy to deprive of feeling; to benumb deaden; to stun with amazement Stupid dulled in the faculties indifferent destitute of thought or feeling From stupere to be stunned astounded A gradient from stupid to stunned to astonished to be turned to stone A message that turns people to stone Boars that devour their offspring The Boar WarThe almost unnamed narrator seeming to be a forerunner of Coetzee's later alter ego Elizabeth Costello rails against stupefaction and fights it from within but realizes its inevitability as she increasingly needs and pills to numb the pain of her cancerHer inner journey is a Dantean one though we are also taken into an actual inferno The relevance of young teenage boys dying at the hands of Authority was not lost on me She is our Virgil but she has her own Virgil whose appearance on the day she receives the bad news from her doctor she takes as a signShe is wordy She knows her Latin and ancient Roman history; she wonders about possible anagrams of the names of battles and medications as she falls into temporary stupor Borodino Diconal I stare at the words Are they anagrams? They look like anagrams But for what and in what language? Borodino an anagram for Come back in some language or other Diconal I call The dialogue she reports seems unrealistic in its wordiness but the conceit of the whole novel a letter to her daughter living in North America covers that possible flaw Though I haven't read all of Coetzee I wonder if this is perhaps his most straightforward novel