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Read in some time’ YORKSHIRE POST ‘Moving funny and devastating’ THE HERALD ‘uirky witty and absorbing’ HEAT ‘Warm and funny moving and deeply original Eleanor Oliphant is completely marvellous’ Gavin Extence ‘A beautiful and delicate balance between funny and heartbreaking restores your faith in humanity’ RED ‘You’ll laugh and cry reading this fine debut’ PRIMA ‘Impeccable’ Dawn O’Porter ‘Delightful dark and moving’ Sarah Pinborough ‘Warm uirky and fun with a real poignancy underneath’ Julie Cohen ‘A stunning debut I laughed wept and reflected’ Lucy Clarke ‘Satisfyingly uirky’ NEW YORK TIMES Book Description Debut Sunday Times Bestseller and Costa First Novel Book Award winner Re. There are so many sad and isolated folk in our societies and this author has painted a picture of such a person But then we all love a 'sad person makes good' story so this is where this story lies firmly in the area of fiction because we rarely if ever reach out to such people and say 'Welcome to my home Come and have a cuppa and a chat' Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could make room for each other


ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE 181 POCHEReview ‘A truly original literary creation funny IS COMPLETELY PDF #10003 touching and unpredictable Her journey out of the shadows is expertly woven and absolutely gripping’ Jojo Moyes ‘Original and unexpectedly funny’ SUNDAY TIMES ‘As perceptive and wise as it is funny and endearing Warm funny and thought provoking’ OBSERVER ‘A narrative full of uiet warmth and deep and unspoken sadness Wonderful and joyful’ Jenny Colgan GUARDIAN ‘Unforgettable brilliant funny and life affirming’ Wendy Holden DAILY MAIL ‘I adored it Skilled perceptive Eleanor's world will feel familiar to you ELEANOR OLIPHANT ePUB #10003 from the very first page An outstanding debut’ Joanna Cannon ‘Hugely original a funny and sad ta. What an absolute breath of fresh air I loved the characters in this book particularly Eleanor and Raymond It was beautifully written and had you teary one minute then the next chuckling or straight out laughing out loud I loved Eleanor’s very correct way of speaking how proper her language wasyou could almost imagine her speaking to you and being very entertained I would love a seuel I know a bit boring but I would enjoy seeing her make a life with Raymond I was hoping till the end that would happen Funny isn’t it how absorbed you get in characters from a book and want a happy life ending for fictitious people That’s the joy of getting lost in rich characters

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ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE (181 POCHE) Free download Ø 105 ¿ ➸ [Reading] ➺ ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE (181 POCHE) By Gail Honeyman ➭ – Danpashley.co.uk Review ‘A truly original literary creation funny touching and unpredictable Her journey out of the shadows is expertLe of a survivor who tackles the challenges of emotional reconnection with grave courage Unmissable’ SUNDAY EXPRESS ‘A truly original voice and so good on loneliness I sobbed and sobbed’ Cathy Rentzenbrink ‘An outstanding debut about loneliness and the power of a little kindness’ MAIL ON SUNDAY ‘So powerful – I completely loved Eleanor Oliphant’ Fiona Barton ‘An absolute joy laugh out loud funny but deeply moving’ DAILY EXPRESS ‘Heartbreaking’ OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY Kindle #207 Bryony Gordon ‘Deft compassionate and moving’ Paula McLain ‘Heartwrenching and wonderful’ Nina Stibbe ‘Heartbreaking and heartwarming’ STYLIST ‘Brave smart and funny the most refreshing and heartwarming debut I’ve. A charming sad gentle tale This is easy reading and enjoyable but it is also deeply moving At first the likeable Eleanor seems a uirky odd little character but gradually the truth is revealed This is a great debut novel from Gail Honeyman and it will be interesting to see what she writes next I'm also keen to see how Reese Witherspoon interprets the character of Eleanor in the movie which is developing according to IMDB