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Mobi à Gods of Howl Mountain ¸ 304 pages × Taylor brown × [Download] ➸ Gods of Howl Mountain ➽ Taylor Brown – In Gods of Howl Mountain award winning author Taylor Brown explores a world of folk healers whiskey runners and dark family secrets in the high country of Deliveries to roadhouses brothels and private clients he lives with his formidable grandmother evades federal agents and stokes the wrath of a rival runnerIn the mill town at the foot of the mountains a hotbed of violence moonshine and the burgeoning sport of stock car racing Rory is bewitched by the mysterious daughter of a snake handling preacher His grandmother Maybelline “Granny May” Docherty opposes this match for her own reasons believing that some things are best left buried A folk healer wh This was my first read of Taylor Brown and I was simply bowled over by this multilayered historical southern character driven family drama Brown beautifully and atmospherically evokes the mountainous Appalachians of North Carolina and its uirky eccentric people and their secrets Rory Docherty is back from the Korean War with his troubled memories and pictures of death that haunt him After losing his leg he now makes his way with a wooden leg which slows him down considerably Work is scarce and Rory is a bootlegger a colourful profession that attracts federal agents Rory's mother Bonni has been residing in an asylum where she has never uttered a word since a harrowing and brutal attack Rory lives with the force of nature that is Maybelline his implacable and unforgettable folk healer 'witch' Granny May with an unrivalled reputation for her potions herbs and medicines Granny May has brought up Rory since his mother was incapable of doing so and held her tongue keeping shattering family secrets As Rory becomes fixated with the daughter of a snake handling preacher Granny is less than happy and when his life becomes endangered she finds herself in a uandry does she protect him or reveal the secrets of the past? As the narrative shifts from the past to the present Brown presents a dark tale of violence survival deception greed revenge and death with its parallels in the Korean War Brown writes in sublime poetic prose with wonderful imagery and descriptions The highlight of this novel is unuestionably the flawed and compelling characters and none so than Granny May Rory is indelibly marked by the war and death his mind unable to forget as his demons wreak havoc This is superb historical fiction with its world of poverty stock car racing snakes moonshine preachers love and adventure that captures the imagination of the reader with ease A fantastic and highly recommended read Many thanks to St Martin's Press for an ARC

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In Gods of Howl Mountain award winning author Taylor Brown explores a world of folk healers whiskey runners and dark family secrets in the high country of 1950s North CarolinaBootlegger Rory Docherty has returned home to the fabled mountain of his childhood a misty wilderness that holds its secrets close and keeps the outside world at gunpoint Slowed by a wooden leg and haunted by memories of the Korean War Rory runs bootleg whiskey for a powerful mountain clan in a retro fitted '40 Ford coupe Between This is the third book I️’ve read by Taylor Brown MY APPRECIATION RESPECT ADMIRATION and ENJOYMENT has increased with each book My first go around with Taylor Brown’s writing was with “Fallen Land”which I️ struggled with I️ appreciated the novel—and could see how many readers found itremarkable yet I️ had difficulties ‘feeling’ much emotional connection with the writingIn “The River of Kings”I️ was exhilarated with adventure mystery and the river itself In this story I️ was melting with the gorgeous prose the wildlife descriptions alone were treasures It’s a great book In THIS BOOK”Gods of Howl Mountain”I️ did my most thinking Plus my feeling senses were wide open I️ felt everythingFor me I️’ve gotten real value from reading this book I️ kept noticing powerful symbolisms For example Rory Docherty who spent 17 days in the Korea Waris haunted by the tragedies of war his life having been threatened and memories of death Although Rory escaped death came back to his childhood mountains with a wooden leghis life is threatened once again on his childhood mountain There were many comparisons between the mountains and Korea Rory couldn’t help remembering Koreathe Chosin Reservoir in 1950the brutal landscape There were so many references to death and the mountains— that often I️ thought it was no accident that Taylor Brown placed the Korean War in this story in the first place “Death presided over these lands like an entity itself a thousand shreds of the same dread spirit looking for an opening a wound or weakness of character Once in it was tough to get out” Oras Granny said “It wasn’t dying that she feared it was dying bad leaving her grandboy alone in the world unprotected his wounds unhealed Death which walked ever through these mountains knew she would not go down easy” Speaking of Grannyand Rory they are both very strong memorable stand out characters Another reason to LOVE THIS BOOK Fabulous charactersI️ love a novel that stretches my thinking and touches my heartboth at the same time I️ actually ‘could’ imagine dying in a Southern Country Mill Town where whiskey cigarettes and brothels were as common as violence A sad life looking from the outside — but I’m guessing the people think differently who actually live there Taylor Brown created such real images I felt my body lifted to those mountains I️ also thought about the title of this bookand why Gods Of Howl Mountain? I️ have my thoughts about the titlebut if Taylor Brown wanted to share and speak about it — I’m all ears to listen Wonderful charactersbootleggers moonshiners healers a shady preacher and Sheriff stock car racing I️’ve my own memories from Laguna Seca in Monterey flannel shirts a little love family history and secrets the inserted story about Bonni and Conner suspense snakes surprises and one heck of a terrific ending An absolutely gifted author with a very uniue style I’m just beginning to realize I️ don’t come close to seeing through his eyes There are layers to Taylor’s work that I’ve unpeeled I’ll be thinking about this novel awhile longer I️ liked it very much Thank You Saint Martin’s Press Netgalley and Taylor Brown

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Gods of Howl MountainOse powers are rud to rival those of a wood witch she concocts potions and cures for the people of the mountains while harboring an explosive secret about Rory’s mother the truth behind her long confinement in a mental hospital during which time she has not spoken one word When Rory's life is threatened Granny must decide whether to reveal what she knowsor protect her only grandson from the pastWith gritty and atmospheric prose Taylor Brown brings to life a perilous mountain and the family who rules “Because dying’s better than wishing you had”It's the 1950's and Rory Docherty has returned home from the Korean War with a wooden leg It's hard to find good paying legitimate work with a wooden leg so Rory has become a whisky runner He makes deliveries to brothels roadhouses and private clients Haunted by horrific dreams of the war he lives with his grandmother Maybelline “Granny May” Docherty She is known for many things on the mountain one of which is being a healer People come to her for various cures and treatments but refuse to look at her as she walks down the street Granny May raised Rory after his mother was admitted to an Asylum after a horrific attack that left her lover dead and robbed her of her ability to speak and raise her child The identity of the attackers has never been known; however Granny has been known to carry around in her pocket the eye of a man could this be the guilty party?The whisky running has gained the attention of federal agents Add into the mix stock car racing romance and a snake handling preacher and you have yourself an interesting novel full of uirky characters There are a lot of secrets on Howl Mountain Secrets that some want to keep a secret while there are others who desperately want to know the truth“Sometimes when you get what you want you don’t like it so much”One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was the imagery The descriptions are clear and evoked a feeling of being there I felt as if I were there as a uiet observer watching everything that was happening in this novel all the violence the harsh words the strutting around etc The imagery is really one of the stars in this book I felt as if I was experiencing the action and not just reading it This book is a beautifully written gritty southern novel which showcases a mountain where everyone knows everyone where people vie for power where past insults are not forgotten wrongs need to be set right where families have secrets and towns have healers and snake handlers It's a rough environment a dog eat dog type of community if you will The languagedialect fits the mood and the imagery in this book This book has a melancholy feel to it These people know poverty they know crime they know heartache they know violence they know love and they know how to surviveGranny May was my favorite character She's a tough old broad as my Grandmother would say She sits in her rocking chair smoking her pipe another uiet observer of life on the Mountain She has lived a hard life has made hard decisions and has done what she feels is best to raise and protect her Grandson She is a part of the Mountain and the mountain is part of herThere were times while I was reading this book that I forgot this book is set in the 1950's Change the make of cars and the war Rory fought in and this could be a current day novel perhaps exchange the whisky running for some other recreations drugI also enjoyed the sections that slowly unfolded telling the story of Rory's Mother and her lover I thought this was a very nice touch I also enjoyed how writing was different Not just the script but in the prose I really appreciated this as it helped set these sections apart and shows their significance to the current storyGritty raw and beautifully written This isn't a happy go lucky book but it's a damn good oneThank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review See of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom