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Free ePub Ú mobi Passionista õ The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man ï danpashley õ ➵ [Reading] ➷ Passionista: The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man (Kerner) By Join or create book clubs ➪ – Transform Yo's skin and knowing what truly makes him sexually tick Written in the same witty insightful and utterly readable voice that has made She Comes First and Be Honest#8212;You're Not That Into Him Either so popular Passionista is the empowered woman's guide to enjoying sex to the fullest#8212;and ensuring that he does the sa Great content Ian walks you through a process and explains exactly what to do and why He also allows for grow within each person but lays the foundation to progress to something new He always explains the importance of communication all the time between the two partners Always ask permission when it’s something newAnyone would benefit from reading this book if you are new to it all want to brush up on some skills or are just plain curious

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Transform Yourself from Passion Victim to Passionista In the smash hit She Comes First Ian Kerner singlehandedly waged battle against male sexual ill cliteracy and women everywhere benefited from his viva la vulva philosophy of female pleasure Now in Passionista it's time to learn all about what turns men on#8212; and ma She Comes First was a good book with helpful techniues so I thought that this book for pleasing men would be in the same sphere As others of stated already this book is big about telling you it will eventually reveal the keys to spicing up your sex life but fails to deliver anything of real value or note A 192 page book and you only get tips about how to touch a penis over 80% of the way through the book And only a few pages at thatb Ladies here is what you need to know Figure out what you personally like about what YOU do to yourself then COMMUNICATE that to your partner It really is that easy Take time and explore his body then COMMUNICATE with your partner about likes and dislikes bThe book is insulting Why as a female reader I need to get some cutesy She Ra like nickname such as passionista; can't I just learn about pleasuring a penis without some trite empowering moniker? I'm really not here to be all cheerleader rah rah and make sure that my man takes his vitamins and exercises Seriously that advice is in there like my man is some kind of incompetent pet that reuires me to help him be an adultThe book is written in an informational manner with a sexual flash and noveltyThere's tons of instances where over generalizations paraded as facts are completely the opposite truths for myself as a woman and any man I’ve been with and I highly doubt I or any of my former partners are a uniue flavor of humanity This absurdity throughout the book made it lose credibility in my mind A lot of the survey pieces or generalized comments were naive and offensive to both men and women Here are just a few that come to mind A survey about how women don't like or watch porn is incredibly ignorant then to pile on that women don't order pornographic movies when traveling hotels is just fraught with incorrect assumptions Women very much like porn there's a whole industry related to female friendly viewership and with the ubiuity of mobile devices there's no need to pay however much for a hotel movie when mobile devices hold the key to free porn I had to look up when this book was written which was 2008 and not some uaint throwback era where women might get the vapors hearing the word 'penis' Snuggling after sex? As a female I hate it yet my husband loves it though according to this book it's supposed to be the other way around A general comment about how men don't like to take their socks off has never been something that's happened with any of the men I've been with or spoken to because seriously I was on a mission to figure out the truth to these facts

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Passionista The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man KernerKes them stay on In this point by point blow by blow guide Kerner makes giving as much fun as receiving as he covers every angle of male sexuality unlocks the secrets of satisfaction and offers knowledgeable answers to the uestions every woman wonders about His advice is the closest you'll ever come to waking up in a guy I kind of already knew a lot of what the author discusses just based on experience communication and intuition but it was nice to have an expert validate what I've been winging all these years Women read this feel empowered and get a few tips Men read the author's other work She Comes First; I haven't read it but my BF has and daaaaaaamn Oh and women? Make your BFGF read She Comes First Your GF probably doesn't need it since you know she is a she but she might get some handy pointers