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Not One of Us Book × Download ☆ Danpashley Ä ➽ [Download] ➺ Not One of Us By Ali Dizaei ➸ – NEW AND UNREAD HOW 1 POLICEMAN FACED TRIVIAL CHARGES AND WON IN COURT OFFERED 1 MILLION IN COMPENSATION OR REISTATEMENT INTO THE MET AND IS NOW CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT NEW AND UNREAD HOW POLND WON IN COURT OFFERED 1 MILLION IN COMPENSATION OR R Having bought this book like many of the other previous reviewers out of curiosity than anything else I must agree with them all that it was difficult to put down and resulted in me completing it in a dayThe book is mainly concerning the massive police operation against the author and subseuent trial but takes us through his life leading up to the trial While it is clear that he is obviously a dedicated man to his personal ambition to rise as high as possible in the force on reading the book you can see where he has clearly upset than a few people on the wayHe may be aware of his own faults but this does not seem to prevent him from at times ignoring the advice of colleagues and at others making assumptions of their intentions which may in fact have no ground Take for example when he is reuesting to go on courses and his superiors advise him to get experience he seems to take this personal when it was probably just nothing than advice to a junior officer or when colleagues complain of him taking up far too much of his time with the Black Police Association perhaps it was because they felt as a senior officer of his time should have been spent looking after his staff and area?He certainly worked his way up and his determination is something to be admired I would recommend this book especially in light of some of the high profile cases against the Met in recent times

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EISTATEMENT INTO THE MET AND IS NOW CHIEF SUPERINTENDE Not one of us is definitely an excellent book that teaches us the story of an innocent person who later became the commander of the Metropolitan police

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Not One of UsNEW AND UNREAD HOW 1 POLICEMAN FACED TRIVIAL CHARGES A The Police service has to look like community it serves and does understand the difference between its citizens Its the community that defeats terrorists and criminals The house of commons rather spend time discussing race relations than dealing with the aftermath of a terrorist attackWow the book was very captivating Ali is right it does resemble of a spy novel than a factual story I suspect most of the writing has been done by Tim Phiilips Anyway the book is extremely captivating and a must read for all immigrants to the Great Britain Reminds me of what Michael Moore said in stupid white men 'The white man has done a phenomenal job in creating a wonderful and celan image for himself If you are walking alone in a street and come across two gangs in your path one white and the other black you automatically gravitate towards the white gang for self protection'