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Der Zug war pünktlich reader ð Hardcover Read ½ [Read] ➳ Der Zug war pünktlich ➯ Heinrich Böll – Heinrich Böll's taut and haunting first novel tells the story of twenty four year old Private Andreas as he journeys on a troop train across the German countryside to the Eastern front Trapped he Ldiers about what they've been through and gazes desperately out the window at his country racing away With mounting suspense Andreas is gripped by one thought over all Is there a way to defy his fate Actual rating 255 starsBefore picking this book up I had never heard of Heinrich Boll before Upon reading the introduction I discovered that he was an extraordinary man who also won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970 He lived through the turbulence of WWII losing one child during it and originally refused to join the Hitler Youth He was later conscripted to the infantry before deserting after receiving four bullet wounds Many aspects of this book especially the thoughts and actions of young soldiers during wartime could conceivably be autobiographicalAlmost the entire narrative takes place inside the mind of protagonist twenty four year old German solider Andreas He confronts the probable imminence of his own death as he travels largely via troop train to the Eastern front The word ‘soon’ reverberates throughout the entire length of the novella and tinges every actions with the certainty of the future or lack of it that he facesI begun this poignant short story absolutely enraptured Boll’s creation provides the reader with the human face of war Andreas stands for all soldiers who are forced to fight for the glory of death and of serving the Fuhrer yet are guiltily stricken by the thoughts of their imminent demiseDespite worshipful of the premise enjoying the narrative style and acknowledging the importance of a story such as this I failed to continue on with my early adoration Thoughts and motions were very repetitive which I believe may have been a deliberate decision but it failed to continue to incite my interest For me this would have been a stellar read if only made at half the length

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Ws that Hitler has already lost the war yet he is suddenly galvanized by the thought that he is on the way to his deathAs the train hurtles on he riffs through prayers and memories talks with other so Having now read all of the Booker longlisted books I can get my hands on I am back to reading some that have been patiently sitting on the to read shelf for a few months Böll has been a writer I felt I should have read for a while and this early novella was my first experienceThe whole book is a test of the premise what if I knew exactly when I was going to die The book is mostly set on a German troop train in 1943 which is travelling from the Rheinland towards the front in eastern Poland over a few days The narrator Andreas has a premonition which he believes unshakably that he will die somewhere between two Polish villages at a time no than four days away and the book follows his thoughts and actions over those four days He spends most of the journey in the company of two other soldiers one of whom is determined to throw his money away after his wife has left him mostly on food alcohol and womenThe journey involves two changes of train in Poland allowing the last night to be spent in the Galician capital Lvov view spoiler where his last night is spent with a former aspiring musician who is working as a prostitute and where on the last page the premonition appears to be realised hide spoiler

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Der Zug war pünktlichHeinrich Böll's taut and haunting first novel tells the story of twenty four year old Private Andreas as he journeys on a troop train across the German countryside to the Eastern front Trapped he kno This is a re read of a book I first read 30 years agoIt is 1943 The war is lost but Germany fights on A soldier travels to the Eastern Front knowing somehow that he travels to his death This is not the painful realisation that he is unlikely to survive but a knowledge of the exact time and place of his demise He is resigned to his fate and in a strange way almost welcomes itA study of the futility of war and the way that soldiers cope written by a man that had experienced what he has described The ennui of an endless journey into danger in aid of a lost cause punctuated by bouts of drinking sleeping whoring and interminable card games I found this a powerful and moving book Odd in a sense in that we know the ending very early on Worth a read