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Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Join or create book clubs Name Why PDFEPUB #228 Have you ever wondered what the Old Testamentespecially the Old Testament lawhas to do with your Christian life You are not alone Some Christian leaders believe we should cast off the Old Testament now that we have the New Carmen Joy God's Name Why Sinai Still EpubImes disagreesIn this. Most people know little about the Old Testament beyond what they have heard as children We probably have some favorite Psalms and in church we’ve probably heard sermons where the Ten Commandments are used We may even have a few favorite passages like the New Covenant described in Jeremiah 3131 34 Many Christians view that passage as a precursor to the main event described in the GospelsHence it is not surprising that most Christians when they read the Bible concentrate on the New Testament and essentially ignore three uarters of the Bible This reviewer has been there Perhaps that is as it should be when as new followers of Jesus we are finding our way in what St Augustine describes as “faith seeking understanding” After all the Old Testament is filled with teaching and events that are hard to make sense of Or so we thinkCarmen Joy Imes wants us to move beyond that and find in the Old Testament a rich resource for learning to follow Christ in the 21st century What she proposes in Bearing God’s Name is wrapped up in the title of her book God’s people bear God’s name as they live and work in the world This reviewer must admit his own personal perspective Carmen is a graduate of the school where I serve as librarian Gordon Conwell Seminary in Charlotte NC I remember good conversations with her in the library about all kinds of fascinating topics related to Bible theology history and ethics Even I remember the passion Carmen had and still has for teaching the Bible to laypeople and students The fruits of that appear on the pages of this bookThe author suggests that Christians must not “un hitch” their faith from the Old Testament but “re hitch to Israel’s Scriptures so that we can truly understand who Jesus is and what he came to do” 3 In other words we cannot understand Jesus's mission and purpose without understanding the Old Testament narratives and what they teach us about God’s purposes and plans for Israel Understanding those purposes and plans centers in God’s covenant with Israel at Sinai Part One of the book frames Sinai as central to the Old Testament because it is there that we see the revelation of God’s justice and mercy for Israel and by extension all of the peoples of the world in God’s desire for Israel to be a “light to the nations”One misnomer that many contemporary Christians often carry is that the Old Testament focuses on law in terms of rules and regulations while the New Testament speaks of grace That is a serious misreading of the Old Testament’s teaching and purpose “We miss the grace because we too often see the Ten Commands without the glorious context of deliverance We miss the grace because we read the judgment stories in isolation without the long litany of second chances” 30 According to Imes the OT legal teaching is not about a means of salvation through the keeping of the law Instead it provides instruction for the people of God “on how to learn to live as free men and women” 35Covenant faithfulnessThis reviewer especially likes how the author describes this reality “Israel’s laws are the fences within life can flourish They make possible a distinctive way of life so that other nations can see what Yahweh is like and what he expects The law was never the means by which Israel earned God’s favor The Israelites were saved the same way we are—by grace through faith But their obedience expressed their covenant commitment” 35 ExactlyIn her exposition of the Ten Commandments the author makes an important point that this reviewer especially appreciates The final two commandments in her view hint at the function that the entire law plays in the life of the Old Testament people of God “This is not legislation in a modern sense but character formation The instructions paint an ideal picture of a covenant keeping Israelite including both outward behavior and inward motivation” 56 As such they function as Godly wisdom for both individuals and the community Modern Christians often read them in a regulatory sense as we do with most legal prescriptions in Western society while God’s purpose for them focuses much on covenant faithfulness meaning that through their keeping we represent God well and we enhance the covenant community among God’s people “Every Israelite is a covenant member Everyone is responsible to ensure the covenant is kept” 64 The practices of community life and worship are designed with precision in order that God’s people may fulfill their purpose in “bearing God’s name” to the surrounding peoplesThe author uses the balance of her work to describe how the people of God bear God’s name in their community life and in the world Here she traces this through the Old Testament prophets and into the New Testament In response to the covenant breaking described in the prophets God engages not only in covenant renewal but in the making of a new covenant This new covenant “involves the same partners and the same law The difference is that will enable every Israelite to internalize it” 129 The sacrificial system of Old Testament worship will no longer be necessary because through this new covenant God will “put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts” Moreover God “will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no ” Jeremiah 3133 34This new covenant finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ “By bearing God’s name Jesus lives out Israel’s vocation show us how it ought to be done” 139 This assertion gets at something vitally important Imes wants us to grasp that the mission of “bearing God’s name” is key to understanding the purposes that God has for his people As Christians we are challenged to live in a way that honors God and reflects God’s glory to the worldTreasured possessionsIn addition through Jesus Christ this new covenant becomes open not just to those of Jewish descent but to Gentiles non Jews as well “If Gentiles have been incorporated into the people of God included in the righteous remnant without distinction then our inheritance is one and the same As we follow in the footsteps of Israel’s Messiah we too take on the responsibilities of God’s “treasured possessions” That is our identity as God’s people and together Jews and Gentiles who declare allegiance to Jesus Christ bear God’s image in the world “Gentiles who follow Jesus bear Yahweh’s name” 175The author’s work in biblical theology is beginning to draw notice among Old Testament scholars and with Bearing God’s Name she has written a wonderful survey of the Old Testament and how its teaching impacts the New Testament organized around one of the most vital themes found on the pages of Holy Scripture She has done it in a way that people looking for a first book on understanding the essential message of the Old Testament will find it especially helpful Bearing God’s Name is a book that I will recommend to lay Christians at my church and to students looking for a introduction to the Old TestamentEspecially helpful are the sidebars where she explains ideas that shed important light on how we read and understand the Old Testament These sidebars offer concise descriptions of matters like the debate on how Scripture represents the population of Hebrews in Egypt the nature of Yahweh’s purity and how that impacts Old Testament worship the origin of the term “Decalogue” among others These are helpful to those who are reading the Old Testament scriptures for the first time or who wish to dig deeper into the biblical text Also helpful are the bibliographies at the end of each chapter as well as the comprehensive bibliography at the end of the book Endnotes appear after the final chapter so that they do not take away from the narratives of each chapterThis reviewer hopes that this will be the first of several books from the pen of this new biblical scholar teacher and guide in the years to comeReviewed by Robert J Mayer Associate Professor of Theological Bibliography Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Summary Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters

Summary Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters 100 ¾ ❴Reading❵ ➶ Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters Author Join or create book clubs – Have you ever wondered what the Old Testamentespecially the Old Testament lawhas to do with your Christian life You are not alone Some Christian God's name a theme that continues throughout the rest of Scripture Readers will revisit the story of Israel as they trudge through the wilderness from a grueling past to a promising future The story of Israel turns out to be our story too and you'll discover why Sinai still matters as you follow Jesus toda. I read an interview in which the author described some of the topics covered in this book which at the time was still unpublished I uickly headed over here to and added the book to my wish list The day it was available on Kindle I purchased it I also got the audiobook from Audible I heartily recommend bothMy church school education came with some 'givens' the Old Testament has been rendered obsolete by the New and to observepractice any of the Laws of Moses meant one was back 'under' the Law This book is a clear succinct and uplifting course correction to that type of thinking and an insightful look into the divine and personal encounter at Sinai A revelatory read highly recommended

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Bearing God's Name Why Sinai Still MattersWarm accessible volume Imes takes readers back to Sinai the ancient mountain where Israel met their God and explains the meaning of events there She argues that we've misunderstood Bearing God's PDFEPUB or the command about taking the Lord's name in vain Instead Imes says that this command is about bearing. Bearing God’s Name Why Sinai Still Matters is Carmen Joy Imes’ panoramic photo of the Christian Bible She captured this image using the lens of the Name Command – “bearing God’s name in vain” – Exodus 207 and focusing with the 'segullah'After reading Bearing YHWH's Name at Sinai A Reexamination of the Name Command of the Decalogue Eisenbrauns 2018 I was eager to read Carmen Joy Imes' recent publication Upon reading this book in its entirety I commend this book to youMany of us have a difficult time understanding the Old Testament especially the Law that was given to Israel through Moses at Mount Sinai Moreover it can be even difficult to understand how the Old Testament relates to the life of a Christian in the modern world Imes provides an extremely helpful explanation of the Old Testament and its Laws and demonstrates how the Old Testament is relevant and necessary for today