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read Imaro author Charles R. Saunders kindle â Paperback ↠ charles r. saunders ã [KINDLE] ✽ Imaro By Charles R. Saunders – Imaro is a rousing adventure a tale of a young man’s continuing struggle to gain acceptance amongst his people and to break the cycle oImaro is a rousing adventure a tale of a young man’s continuing struggle to gain acceptance amongst his people and to break the cycle of alienation and violence that plagues his life Imaro is heroic fantasy like it’s never been done before Based on Africa and African traditions and legends Charles Saunders has created Nyumbani which means “home” in Swahili an amalgam of the real the semi real and the unreal Imaro is the name of the larger than life warrior an outcast who travels across Nyumbani searching for a Imaro’s mother surrendered her five year old son so that he could become a great warrior of the Ilyassai tribe His mother’s people treated him with disdain and ridicule Through it all Imaro grew to be the biggest and strongest of the Ilyassai children When he reached manhood and the time had come for him to truly become an Ilyassai warrior and be accepted by his mother’s people an evil magician strip him of that reward spiraling Imaro’s life into a world of slavery murderous thieves and black magicCharles R Saunders takes the reader through an Africa untainted by Europeans influences whose history is uite different than the one we have always known Imaro is to become a great warrior in a world he doesn’t feel he is apart of Through his adventures Imaro becomes a threat to enemies who work within the shadows and manipulates the weak willed and innocent to do their bidding Imaro soon realizes if he is to survive he must take the battle directly to the evil that plagues himImaro is a must read novel and is the first book in a series I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the seuels and continuing with the further adventures of Imaro

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Alienation of growing up an African American fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy which to this day remains a very ethnically homogonous genre It addresses this both structurally via its uniue setting and thematically via its alienated tribeless hero protagonist The tribal tensions and histories presented in this fantasy novel reflect actual African tribal histories and tensions and provide a uniue perspective to current and recent conflicts in Africa particularly the Rwandan genocide and the ongoing conflict in The Sud Very enjoyable sword and sorcery novel Howardian in its excitement and a bit above and beyond in terms of characterization Though Imaro is the kind of superman that slashes his way through this genre he's also capable of three dimensional thought and feeling which is how I like to think Howard might have progressed had he livedSaunders does not limit Imaro or himself to a historical or prehistoric world but instead fashions a fantastic Africa that never was crawling with demons and magic infested sorcerers animate tribal totems ravenous river demons proud hunters and lusty banditsI didn't read the original 70's incarnation As other reviewers state the origin story of Imaro's love Tanisha has actually been revised as I guess the initial story referenced the real life conflict of the Tutsi and Hutu genocide a little too closely for the author's tasteIt's extremely refreshing to read a non raciststereotypical portrayal of an African hero in a sword and sorcery setting particularly one where he's center stage driving the plot There's not a white face in Imaro and I'm fine if there never is in the character's continuing adventures though I confess I would be curious to see how Saunders would handle white characters in his Afro centric universeIn the meantime I'll be picking up Saunders' 30's pulp hero outing Damballah next

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Imaro author Charles R. SaundeHome Like his contemporaries Karl Edward Wagner Kane and Michael Moorcock Elric Charles Saunders brings something new to the traditional heroic fantasy tale A broad knowledge of and passion for the history and myths of Africa led to the creation of a heroic fantasy character the likes of which the world has never seen Imaro is no Tarzan no Conan Imaro is a warrior out of African legendSaunders' novel fuses the narrative style of fantasy fiction with a pre colonial alternate Africa Inspired by and directly addresses the Never before has a man of the Ilyassai slain Ngatun as you did Masadu said And never before has an Ilyassai done what you have this night Warrior my weapons are yoursImaro remained impassiveTake them Imaro Mubaku urgedImaro still neither moved nor spoke Mubaku's next words came haltingly as if at great costThe wrongs we Ilyassai have done to you are greater than any you have done to us the ol arem said If killing Muburi and Kanoko and stampeding the ngombe were part of what you had to do to destroy the evil that was Chitendu an evil we did not even know was still among us we can live with thatYou are a man and a warrior Imaro You have done deeds greater than any Ilyassai of any clan since the time of the First Ancestors of Ajunge himself Return to the manyattas with us We will do you honor and we will honor the memory of Katisa who brought you among us No longer will you be called 'son of no father' I will make you my own son for your mother's blood is mine as is yoursImaro looked at him then Mubaku father of Katisa Mubaku his grandfather He recalled a day long past when he had unwittingly called Mubaku mkale ya mzazi father of my mother On that day Mubaku had beaten him senselessHe bent and took up Masadu's arem and simi As he held the warrior trainer's weapons in his hands new strength flowed into his weary limbs It was the strength of vindication His lifelong goal acceptance as a warrior among his mother's people was his at last For one painfully short moment his heart sang in triumph Then the memories returned crowding his mind like ants teeming from an overturned hill Bitter memories hateful memories each one a brick in a soaring wall of acrimony that would forever stand between him and the people who had now belatedly acknowledged him The Ilyassai were a proud people a harsh people a fierce people a just people but they were not his people And he could not forgetHis hands opened Masadu's weapons fell with a clatter and a clang to the rock strewn ground His heart hardened And the hurt child spokeYou did not accept me before he said tonelessly I will not accept you now4 14 stars