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Dont Look Pike Wisconsin #1 Reader Æ 352 pages æ Alexandra ivy æ ❮Read❯ ➮ Dont Look Pike Wisconsin #1 ➲ Author Alexandra Ivy – IF YOU'RE ON HIS LISTA woman's naked body is discovered cold and pale as the surrounding snow except for the crimson scarf around Is hunting the women of Pike savoring every last momentAS DEADKir hoped that his father's frantic calls about a serial killer were just an old man's delusions But the body count doesn't lie In this uiet town a monster stalks and kills And soon Lynne's will be the last name on his lis Rating 3 stars This was a pretty solid thriller The setting was a small town it had a serial killer and some romance on the side It felt like a lot of other books I've read but it didn't necessarily stick out I liked the setting and the atmosphere and the main characters were all likable To me the romance was a little too much a focus and took away from the mystery sometimes I also found that storyline a little repetitive and uite predictable although it wasn't the main focus of the book The mystery itself was pretty solid I liked the ending and how it turned out as well as the killer reveal I also liked the letters and how the serial killer operated as well as the little details which added to the murders I didn't manage to guess who the killer was my theory was proven completely wrong which was definitely good The author definitely managed to create suspense and the writing style was really easy and it was a uick read I think without the big romance storyline I would have enjoyed reading this a lot

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IF YOU'RE ON HIS LISTA woman's naked body is discovered cold and pale as the surrounding snow except for the crimson scarf around her neck The weeks that follow bring victims and evidence of a terrifying pattern The killer has a list And every woman on it will get what she deserves Y can't wait to start this ARC reuested and approved by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Dont Look Pike Wisconsin #1OU'RE AS GOODDr Lynne Gale followed in her father's footsteps to become a vet in Pike Wisconsin For years she's had little contact with Kir Jansen son of the town's late sheriff Suddenly he's back insisting that Lynne's in danger She can't believe anyone would target her but someone Kir Jansen comes back to Pike Wisconsin for the funeral of his father Rudolf who was the former sheriff and disabled in the line of duty He wasn’t a very good son and hadn’t come to visit his father much since he left for college in Boston since his father fell into the bottle after he couldn’t be sheriff any Lynne Gale is the local vet whose father was really good friends with Kir’s dad before he moved to Florida to retire Kirs dad Rudolf has been getting letters for years that he thought were from a serial killer even though there hadn’t been any murders in town but with him being a drunk nobody took him seriously Kir didn’t believe that the letters were legit and he still doesn’t until after his dad’s funeral where he receives an envelope that was left for him with Pastor Ron who presided over the funeral It contains one of the letters his dad received as well as a list of initials for the victims which wasn’t in his dads handwriting The next day they find the body of Sherry Higgins who owned the local trailer park and wasn’t very well liked and her initials correspond with the first set of initials on the victims list so they let the sheriff know and kind of start investigating for themselves since it looks like Lynne might be the last target So the rest of the book is Kir and Lynne falling in love while trying to figure out who the killer and keep Lynne safe as wellSo this was a pretty interesting mystery and while I had my suspicions on who the killer was by the middle of the book it was still an interesting read The build up to who the killer was and how they figured it out and how it all came full circle connecting to Kirs dad was still interesting even though I suspected the right person as the killerThanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the complimentary copy of this book in e book form All opinions in this review are my own