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He provides Die for ePUB #232 a refuge from the chaos of her past and the security of a commitment that he promises will last forever And because circumstances of her messy life forced Emma to put aside her dream of pursuing archaeology Dillon creates a blueprint for a future togetherHe saves her over and over by loving her than she. How can love be badThis is a very tough but very good story One that should be told even if it's hard to look at It's a great example of how love can turn and how what you thought was romantic can actually twist and turn and change on youIn the blink of an eyeThe only thing I didn't like is the blame that was passed down at the end But I loved the help information at the end

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Die for YouThought anyone ever wouldBut just when everything seems picture perfect Emma is offered an opportunity that will upend the future they’ve planned Uncertainty grows and fear spirals into something darkerNow Dillon is the one who needs savingBut how much do you sacrifice for the one you love What if saving Dillon means losing herself. This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionEvery teenage girl should read this book Or maybe just every teenager Sometimes love isn’t enough to overcome the negative aspects of a relationship Sometimes you have to put yourself first even when it’s hard even when it’s painful even when it hurts someone you love Even when it hurts you This is the story of a girl who slowly learns that she can’t sacrifice herself—her own identity—for the sake of someone else even someone she loves and that she shouldn’t have to The story is told in an honest brutal heartbreaking beautiful way and it left me breathless I loved the fact that the story ends with a message of hope but everything isn’t tied up with a neat little bow with no far reaching conseuencesIn short this book is incredibly powerful and you should read it I give it 55 Stars

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READ Die for You í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Die for You By Amy Fellner Dominy ➥ – Theirs was the perfect love story After Emma Lorde’s parents’ divorce forces her to move halfway across the state of Arizona to live with her father Emma must face her senior year in a new schTheirs was the perfect love story After Emma Lorde’s parents’ divorce forces her to move halfway across the state of Arizona to live with her father Emma must face her senior year in a new school knowing absolutely no one Then she meets Dillon Hobbs and something just clicksDillon introduces Emma to friends she can call her own. Add this to your TBR list Profound painful powerful DIE FOR YOU is hard to put down Readers will get sucked into the lives of Dylan and Emma and watch what appears to be a beautiful relationship spiral out of control Amy Fellner Dominy creates a story that could be going on at any high school Yes with different circumstances but we've seen the headlines—teens so wrapped up in each other that one or both would be willing to die to keep the other or to make sure they stay together Forever In death Not all relationships that are unhealthy take it that far but here are some chilling statistics One in three young people will be in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship WOW Though this is a gut wrenching important topic the story is gripping The way Amy integrated Emma's family history and Dylan's family history brought an eye opening understanding to the intensity of the relationship Another very cool aspect was Emma's love for archeology which plays a central theme in the novel I loved the story created around PompeiiFriendship is also explored How loyal should a friend be What constitutes disloyalty And then there is family betrayal as well as loyalty to one's family What lines should or shouldn't be crossed Without a doubt DIE FOR YOU is the type of novel that will take you on a journey of reflection and for some a mirror to look into and hopefully recognize before things get too out of hand This kind of ugly love is not love at all It needs to be revealed It needs to be understoodBrava Amy I highly recommend this novel