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Diary Divine Mercy in My SoulNe of the fastest growing movements in world today This amazing narrrative will. This book was written just prior to the start of WWII St Faustina wrote these diaries at the behest of her spiritual advisor They must be read with the 1930s in mind and understanding of the suffering of the terminal disease she was afflicted withHer zeal to get the Divine Mercy established is unparalleled for an otherwise unremarkable religious Her ability to get the support of other religious in her Divine cause is remarkableHer humility also is documented across the pages of her Diary She fought against the Devil and his minions though she rarely acknowledges it She accepted those battlefields and never surrendered

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This bestselling book that birthed the Divine Mercy Mercy in PDF #180 movement o. Fascinating book I could not put it down Gave me a sense of peace as I read it Would recommend it to anyone who wonders what existence is all about

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Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul Characters ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❴Reading❵ ➼ Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul Author Join or create book clubs – Danpashley.co.uk This bestselling book that birthed the Divine Mercy movement one of the fastest growingStir your heart and soul while it chronicles the experience of a simple Polish n. I've been praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on and off for years and I've found this prayer to be extremely powerful That said the Diary of St Faustina helped me to appreciate Jesus Christ love Him better and learn the history of this chaplet Because of her personal relationship with Jesus and with God it helped me to understand my own journey with Christ clearlyEven though St Faustina who was chosen to write about Divine Mercy by Jesus said she wasn't trained as a writer But to me her soulful words are some of the most beautiful and powerful I've ever read Nearly every passage was filled with gems of wisdom My highlighter is constantly busy while I read her diary Within her notebooks there are even passages that read like prayersHer book is also helping me with my own personal journey back to Christ St Faustina spoke vividly about the trials and tribulations she underwent I'm not trying to be sadistic but I liked reading about them because it taught me a great deal how to manage my own periods of sadness and spiritual struggles During St Faustina's darkest periods of suffering she didn't lose her euilibrium by cultivating silence and her inner peace She never lost her love or respect for God by blaspheming Him She used prayer and silence as an effective weapon to disarm all problemsSome critics have said St Faustina spoke with a childlike simplicity But I guess the purest love is expressed in a similar fashion She was extremely humble always submitting her will to that of God's One of my favorite pages in her diary was when she wrote down the words My Will on one page then crossed the words out with a huge X and on an opposite page placed on an opposite page how she'd only submit to God's will St Faustina was warm kind and loving She was like a star whose love for God and Christ was incredibly pure unapologetic and unconditional She's become an example to me of what a true Christian and saint should beI highly recommend this book for any Christian whether they are Catholic or not