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Kindle ´ Devil's Cub µ Georgette Heyer Ertainly hadn't expected the nobleman to kidnap and take her to France She had little notion he would grimly hold her to her part of the bargain Now he had left her and she was alone a stranger in a strange land prey to the intrigues of glittering heartless 18th century Paris Only one person could rescue her the Maruis himself But how could she ever trust this man? How could she even hope to overcome the contempt in which he held her? And how could even the sudden flowering of her love ever bridge the terrible gap between them Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest🎃 Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge for the category of a romance written by an author who is dead 🎃There might not be any sex in Georgette Heyer regency romances but man that woman can pack drama into these puppies than Julia uinn at her most malicious DEVIL'S CUB is downright soap opera ish in terms of scope and characterizationThe plot is basically this hold onto your bonnets DominicDominiue for some reason his name is spelled two different ways here is a maruis and a rake and a wastrel who has resolved not to marry instead flitting about with mistresses until he tires of them His current prospect is a girl named Sophia Challoner Her mother foolishly encourages the affair thinking that she can use her daughter's pending disgrace as a means of trapping the maruis into marriage Sophia is than willing to let Dominiue use her Her sister Mary is the only one who thinks this is stupidWARNING SPOILERS One day Dominiue accidentally sends his plans for elopement to the wrong sister he's forced to flee the country after mortally wounding a man in a duel Wanting to save her sister Mary goes in Sophia's place At first he plans to use her as well even making a threat of rape but Mary shoots him with a gun For some reason this makes them get on fairly well and Mary even confesses privately in her head to loving him shortly after?At the same time there's a character named Frederick Comyn who is in love with a girl named Julianna They're supposed to be married as well but Julianna thinks he's too stuffy she's Dominiue's cousin and constantly provokes him to spark a light under his seat Instead she ends up offending him and rather than admitting wrong loftily declares that being with Comyn would be marrying beneath her anyway Comyn ends up making a marriage proposal of convenience to Mary instead seeing as how Dominiue and his proposal to Mary have upset her ?Obviously there's a happy ending but it's a rough road getting thereWhy? Because all of the characters in this book with very few exceptions are odious AFSophia Mary's sister is absolutely awful and takes an unpleasant amount of glee at the thought of bad things happening to Mary even though Mary was attempting to save her honor She throws tantrums cries and insults everyone around her when she's not acting like a vain little slip I really could not stand her and thought it was odd that the book ended with her just dropping out of the plotMrs Challoner Mary and Sophia's mother is also awful so keen to push Sophia into the arms of the maruis despite his reputation She's also not very nice to Mary calling her plan and declaring that she will be impossible to wed which is rather Mary Sue ish since Mary receives 2 marriage proposals and is constantly getting praise for being well spoken and prettyLeonie Dominue's mother is utterly dismissive of her son's behavior and when she finds out that he may have abducted a girl immediately blames the victim and makes light of the situation basically saying Well it's not like he tied her down and raped her When people call her on her son's behavior she insults them or their children She's a truly awful woman I hated herJulianna Dominiue's cousin is just as spoiled as Sophia I couldn't stand her for how she treated Comyn who is the only other character I truly liked apart from Mary She wants him to be forceful with him so she tries to provoke him into anger to make him man up I'm sorry but that's borderline emotionally abusive in my opinion; this is exactly how cycles of abuse are perpetuated And disturbingly several characters say how Julianna could use a beating to correct her behaviorDominiueDominic the hero was also not really a favorite character of mine He had the potential to be a good antihero but at the last minute Heyer pulls the punch and decides to make him fall head over heels for Mary ? offering her anything she wants and basically going around acting like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth Too many romance authors want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to alpha heroes and it usually doesn't work It doesn't work hereI'm giving this book 3 stars because the story was interesting and the dialogue was witty and Mary was a pretty good heroine she gave as good as she got and her properness was uite amusing If you're new to Georgette Heyer though don't start with this one She has much better books in her bibliography3 stars

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Devil's Cub Mobi ✓ 288 pages í [Read] ➳ Devil's Cub By Georgette Heyer – Dominic Alistair Maruis of Vidal and fiery son of the notorious Duke of Avon has established a rakish reputation that rivals his father's living a life of excess and indulgence He is a bad lot a rake Dominic Alistair Maruis of Vidal and fiery Dominic Alistair Maruis of Vidal and fiery son of the notorious Duke of Avon has established a rakish reputation that rivals his father's living a life of excess and indulgence He is a bad lot a rake and seducer reckless heedless and possessed of a murderous temper He is known by friend and foe alike as the Devil's Cub Yet as the handsome and wealthy heir to a Dukedom he is considered a good prospect on the marriage market Vidal currently has his eye on the young lovely and unintelligent Sophia Challoner and Sophia's greedy mo Update I found it a LOT funnier on second reading I laughed from the beginning with What have you done with the corpse my boy? Done with it? WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH A CORPSE???? to the end Give Sophia a glass We're drinking your health IT'S MARYContains spoilers and strong language 'They're all mad every one of 'em' That's what I thought at about 13 of the book and then I decided to view this story as just a fun silly screw ball comedyAndI loved it When I put Devil's Cub down I was sorry it was over and felt that I had truly read a masterpiece Though the characters are particularly silly and irrational and the plot exaggerated and totally improbable it was a really good read merely for the humour and satire that Heyer seemed to have bestowed on the period The whole book is so silly in a way that one wonders whether or not Heyer meant it as satire Devil's Cub is in no way a These Old Shades number two It is in fact so different that I needed to adjust to the style of it before coming to like itThe story can pretty much be summed up like thisDuke of Avon Vidal what the heck son??? You can’t just shoot a man inside the club when you’re drunk Even I had sense than that Off you go to France nowVidal France sounds cool Gonna take a chick with me Twill be even coolerSophia Challoner OMG PARIS I’M GOING TO PARIS WITH VIDAL OMG HE LOVES MEMary Challoner This is terrible Have to do something about it uick grabs mask I will be SophiaVidal Man What the hell?? You’re not Sophia What are you doing here???Mary Are seriously such an idiot?? I ain’t letting no sister of mine getting ruined by youVidal Okay fine YOU’RE getting laid tonightMary vomitsVidal holds a bucket for herMary ♥♥♥MrsChalloner SCANDAAAAALLLL Where is the Duke?? Where is the Duchess??? MY DAUGHTER HAS RUN OFF WITH THEIR SON I’ll make him marry her or I will ruin the Alastair family for goodLady Fanny I swear if you don’t shut up you will be the one that’s gonna be ruinedMrs Challoner How outrageousLady Fanny LÉÉÉOOONIIIIE We got the biggest problem EVER That Dominic has run off with Mary Challoner If Justin hears of that he will KILL EVERY ONE OF USThe Duchess Voyons This is ridicule Dominiue is an angel But don’t worry Monseigneur will never hear of it I will invent an awesome lie I’ll just say I’m going to visit my cousin Harriet or somethingThe Duchess Rupert Get your lazy butt over here we’re going to FranceRupert Waiiit Who's WE??The Duchess But uuuus You and me Remember in These Old Shades?? We had so much FUNRupert FUN? Last time I went to France with you I got a bullet in my shoulder Now what has that damnable son of yours done AGAIN If anything he will be the one shooting bullets at meThe Duchess Calm down imbécile he’s just gone off to France with a Miss Challoner whom I HATE and now we’re gonna go track ‘em down and force them to marry and Monseigneur will never know because if he knows he’s gonna be so pissed but he won’t find out because even though he knows everything he won’t know that because he’s not here so now off we go to cousin Harriet’sRupert Vidal Well damn I thought you where some kinda whore like your sister but you’re actually a devilish fine girl and now i can’t really do what i generally do to sluts so hummmmarry me???Mary NEVERVidal Say that again and I’ll STRANGLE THE LIVING BREATH OUT OF YOUJuliana Omg my boyfriend is like sooo annoying like seriously I can’t take it gotta go out and party hard and flirt with every jerk I meet Mary you stay here nice and uiet and see ya laterMr Comyn Mary where’s Ju??? Don’t tell me she went to that party?? I swear can’t take her any she’s such a flirt I’m going over there and tell her we’re so totally overMary SHIT I LOVE VIDAL BUT I CAN’T MARRY HIM OKAYAvon Hello Fanny How are you?? I hear there’s going to be some wedding bellsLady Fanny GaspAvon I must congratulate you Your daughter will be so happy with that Comyn guy whom by the way I consider a very appropriate match for her ;Lady Fanny Justinwhat the???Avon Ok bye now I gotta goLady Fanny Go??? Go WHERE??Avon Oh just to see cousin HarrietMr Comyn Juliana we’re OVERJuliana FINE I HATE YOUMr Comyn Mary run away with me to Dijon and let’s get married Mary agrees so the scheme because marrying a dull dog like Comyn is so much better than marrying the man you loveVidal Juliana WHERE IS MARYJuliana What the hell do I care???Vidal` I WANT MARY NOWWWWWJuliana Well idiot go see if she’s at your placeVidal Oh My Good Lord SHE RAN OFF WITH COMYNJuliana WHAT THE FUDGE COMYN IS MINEVidalLet’s run away together to Dijon that’s where they went to get MARRIEDThe Duchess Where Is My Son Getting real tired of this shitTante Élisabeth bawls He ran off with JulianaThe Duchess dammmn bitch what about the other chickRupert Vidal is mad Completely stark MADThe Duchess You’re mad imbécile VOYONS Nothing makes senseTante Élisabeth bawls They ran off to DijonRupert LOL Dijon Why in the devil for Dijon the Duchess But crap Dominiue has to marry the slut girl but now he’s gone with Ju What are we going to doRupert Kay seriously now why Dijon???The Duchess Justin will be FuRiOusRupert BUT WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO GO TO FREAKIN’ DIJONThe Duchess NOOOOBOODDDYYYY CARESSSSS ABOUT DIJONJuliana You are the WORST douchbag EVERVidal Mary didn’t think soJuliana You’re nothing but an ASSHOLE I’m gonna get the vapoursVidal Mary never threatened me with the vapours MaryJulianaOh My Good Lord YOU LOVE HERMrComyn Devil’s Cub is comingMary Ohhh nooo Shit Say we’re married anywaysVidal Mary Juliana` I hate you allVidal COMYN YOU MOTHERFCKER GET YOUR DAMN SWORD AND FIGHT LIKE THE MAN YOU’RE NOTMr Comyn Please don’t come near my wifeVidal DAMN YOU TO HEEEELLLLLLL SHE IS MINE MINE DO YOU HEAR MEJuliana WHAT MARRIED Getting the vapours for real nowMary GUYS Stop fighting I wont marry anyoneVidal AAHHH I KILLED HERMary I’m fine Just wanna Go to bedThe Duchess THERE THEY ARREEEE FINALLYYYYRupert Why is everyone in Dijon??The Duchess Oh my dear Dominiue Listen now my boy you gotta marry that slut girl that I hate I’m gonna arrange everything and Avon will never know exactly what happened But why did you run off with JulianaJuliana EWWWWW We didn’t elope I could never marry himRupert Okay but why come here to DIJON????The Duchess I wish everyone could just SHUT UP and explain one a timeMary runs awayElderly gentleman Excuse me ma’am you seem in trouble May I help?Mary tells him her whole entire life storyElderly gentleman You are such a resourceful woman I am a ma zedMary Oooh but do you know the best part? I got sick on the ship and Elderly Gentleman Bleargh poor Vidal I sympathize with him a bit nowMary But no no He was awesome HE HELD THE BUCKET FOR ME 3 3 3Elderly Gentleman Please STOP We are eating and I do not want to get sickVidal Mary I found youOH MY GODElderly Gentleman Well well wellMary OHH AHHH You areyouyou cannot beElderly Gentleman The Duke of Avon himself But could you doubt it?? ;The Duchess Justin How did you know everythingAvon Did 24 years of marriage made you forget that I am omniscient?Rupert AVON We got the biggest problem dude There’s all this wine I got from amazing Dijon but I cant afford it allAvon Now that is a REAL problem But I’ll help youRupert AWESOMEEEE DIJON ROCKSOkay this is an ultra exaggeration of the story but still somewhat accurate lolDominic Alastair Maruis of Vidal it the notorious son of my beloved Duke of Avon and the first thing that comes to mind when I think about him is dayuuummmm he's crazy I found his character very difficult to like at first for all his nonchalance cynicism and plain meanness Then as the story unfolded he definitely grew on me and although he became my momentarily favourite hero he never eualled his father because he lacked his polish and witOn the other hand I loved Mary instantly for she is a sensible capable girl and yet we aren't given enough about her character to determine exactly how she fell suddenly in love with Vidal I understand the idea that good girl falls for bad boy and opposites attract but it was so sudden when we learn that she loves him that it kind of threw me off especially since she keeps running away from him If I was given the chance to marry Vidal AND that I loved him I WOULDN'T JUST RUN AWAY AND DECIDE TO MARRY THE FIRST DOUCHEBAG I ENCOUNTERED INSTEAD Honestly were was the logic in accepting to marry Mr Comyn??? I really did not understand that I get that she thought that if Vidal did not love her and she had to marry him he would make her very unhappy because ohhh hummm I don’t know he tried to strangle and rape her a couple of times so yeah maybe she had a reason to want to run away even though I still would’ve married and tamed the shit out of him the first time but to agree to marry Mr Comyn?????? Seriously what the heck???? That would an even worse marriage than with Vidal I mean Comyn is really THE ONE character that pissed the hell out of me the entire book He was so irritating and annoying I just couldn’t stand himTo be perfectly honest I would have rated this a lot lower had it not been for the appearance of the dear Duke and Duchess of Avon and of the irrepressible Lord Rupert They had the BEST moments Léonie cracked me up and Rupert was so funny that I kept laughing at his lines long after I’d read them and every one thought me insane but whatever The novel is worth reading just because of themActually it’s worth reading periodIt was awesome It was silly crazy ridiculous but awesomeI love that part at the very end when the women are chit chatting in a room are all so over excited about Mary Vidal's betrothal and that of Juliana Frederick and all the men just slip out and go to another room to drink wine It was so typicalSOMEBODY TELL ME WHY THERE ARE NO HEYER MOVIES YET

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Devil's CubTher is than happy to encourage his dubious attentions Banished to the Continent after wounding his opponent in a duel Vidal decides to abduct the silly aristocrat bent on seducing him into marriage and make her his mistress instead In his rush however he seems to have taken the wrong woman?Intelligent practical Mary Challoner knew wicked Vidal wouldn't marry her sister despite her mother's matchmaking schemes So Mary coolly prepared to protect her naive sister by deceiving Vidal Substituting herself for her young sister she c Oh boy I still feel lightheaded after finishing the book While I always count on Georgette Heyer to give me an entertaining read this is beyond my expectation It's the best love hate relationship I've read in a long time Some scenes were so freaking romantic it still tugs at my heart What's it's all written without so much as a kiss Yes there's one kiss at the end in case you wonder That's the strength of well written characters Current YA authors could learn a lesson or two from Georgette Heyer's writing Intense chemistry can exist without all that kissing and touching In case of Devil's Cub the anticipation of what's going to happen actually made it enticing and passionate The dialogue were lively and hilarious yet amazingly consistent with each individual character The boy hates girl girl loathes boy then turns into love theme has been done countless times but in Devil's Cub the emotion and story felt not only refreshing but also natural The good girl Mary wanted to save her silly sister from ruin by a known hot tempered bad boy Maruis of Vidal so she disguised herself as her sister and met with Vidal Mary grossly underestimated Vidal's wrath and ended up being abducted by him They crossed verbal swords and at times real sword and bullet Along the way the resourceful level headed Mary managed to steal not only her sister's lover but also her best friend's lover Then boy and girl tried to escape the hot pursue of other boy and girl with their parents trying to catch up with them all To be married or not to be and with whom these uestions persisted and many things happened Simply put I couldn't put the book down until I had reached the endThe story was high spirited the characters always entertaining but the emotions behind the characters felt real The way Vidal and Mary tried to protect one other regardless of their self interest was very touching and for a long time they did it without realizing each other's feeling The secondary characters were also well developed and fit perfectly with the protagonists There's another young couple Vidal's cousin Juliana and Mr Comyn Their uarrels and tangled up relationship with Mary and Vidal were eually amusing if not as heartwarming Then there's Duke of Avon an even swoon worthy figure than his son Vidal when he showed up things would get really exciting Somehow in the end among all the hilarious confusion everything worked out in a believable way and left me with a silly grin after turning over the last pageWhat a treat I'm sure this won't be the last time I read this book