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Download ☆ Cruise Confidential 2: Ship for Brains Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➿ Cruise Confidential 2: Ship for Brains Author Brian David Bruns – From Midwest Book ReviewPerhaps the icon of excess cruise sEring kiss and tell about the dysfunctional life working on cruise ships Doug Lansky Travel ChannelThese hilarious misadventures at sea will shock and delight any buffet ready cruise traveler Jen Leo author of Sand in my BraThe funniest travel book Ive read in years Peter Mandel author of My Ocean LinerThis is a really entertaining true tale by a guy who struggles through the bizarre world of cruise ship employment Bruns paints a clear picture of how the sausage is made San Francisco ChronicleI couldnt put it down Chicago Sun TimesCruise Confidential is a juicy tell all The crew deals with the sweatshop conditions by indulging in massive amounts of alcohol and sex Cleveland Plain DealerBruns doesnt hold back when it comes to discussing his experience of working on cruise ships Thomas Cook Magazine UKWitty and self deprecating Bruns has a flair for dialogue and his book is chock full of wacky characters Blogcritics MagazineWith a grand dose of humor and a good dose of memoir Ship for Brains is a fine pick not to be overlooked Midwest Book Revi. The award winning Cruise worker insight book follows up in similar fashion with a must read continuation of the story If you loved the first book then this also delivers

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From Midwest Book ReviewPerhaps the 2 Ship Kindle #216 icon of excess cruise ships carry many strange diversions for those with Cruise Confidential Kindle money to burn Ship for Brains looks intothe twists and turns of politics that often occur when one Confidential 2 Ship PDFEPUB #189 lives on a ship and what can be experienced upon it With a grand dose of humor and a good dose of memoir Ship for Brains is a fine pick not to be overlookedBook of the Year finalistForeword MagazineBronzeLondon Book FestivalFinalistNew York Book FestivalFinalistSan Francisco Book FestivalReturning with his award winning wit and delightfully candid narrative voice Brian brings us the first and only expos of art auctioneering on the mighty liners where the tenet of what happens at sea stays at sea has always been observed until now We are transported to the sea as our likable guide vividly shares his misadventures triumphs flirtations and above all his amusing and astute insights into human natureIn the Cruise Confidential series Brian David Bruns spills the di. This is a long running saga than a collection of memories spread over 4 volumes I would suggest you read them in order I found myself always wanting to know what happens nextOne of the most satisfying bits of the story for me is when in book 4 he finally comes to the same opinion about a particular long running character that I formed way back in book 1 See if you think the same

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Cruise Confidential 2 Ship for BrainsRtor in this case the dirty wateron those romantic fun filled vacations at sea His hilarious chronicle of the years he spent working on cruise ships takes readers down into the areas where the crew works and lives leaving readers gasping with laughter as theyre assaulted nonstop with events that range from the absurd to the utterly bizarreFrom BooklistAlthough this isnt an expos of cruise lines so much as a lighthearted adventure readers planning a cruise will glean lots of useful information and cruise veterans may find themselves looking at their familiar turf in a new slightly suspicious wayThis man has seen it all Deborah Roberts ABC Bruns'prose proves his steady and deliberate writing voice Writers DigestThe real party is going on in the crews uarters USA TodayI found it absolutely hysterical Peter Greenberg Today ShowPart Love Boat part Mutiny on the Bounty Cruise Confidential does for cruising what Animal House did for higher education New York Times Bestseller J Maarten TroostCruise Confidential is a deliciously addictive read a blist. Bought this on a complete whim as I'd just read the Imogen Jones confidential books and it came up on a linked searchI really enjoyed his style of writing and story telling so much so that I ordered the other two in the series that he'd written Fascinating insight into the inner workers of cruises not that I've ever been on one or that it is an interest of mine and you do get involved with the characters and development of the author's careerSome photos would have been good to be able to visualise the different peopleplacesships and I'm not sure how his writing would translate into other topics ie he obviously had a really interesting period in his life but if he goes on to write other books will he have sufficient enough material to make those as interestingI would definitely recommend these books