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The life of a session musician is rarely easy After consecutive tour cancellations and a stack of unpaid bills Chloe Bennett fears her dream has come to an endThen everything changesIndie rocker Reid Ryder needs a replacement violinist for his tour For Chloe it’s the oppo 45 STARSMore readers NEED to know about Olivia Evans Good lord this woman can WRITE The Prologue alone was fantastic If you love a slow burn romance with well written characters that have depth real emotion and absolutely no cliches then you must read Brooklyn BealeThis is one of the best rock star books I have read Olivia Evans paints a detailed picture of the life of a touring musician with all of the temptations pressures and pure joy of performing live on stage I could almost feel the tension that Chloe and Reid felt before they stepped on stage each nightThis is a slow burn story Reid and Chloe build a beautiful and deep friendship and kinship They are both brilliant musicians she a violist and he the lead signer of a famous band They go on a year long tour world together and get to one another slowly as friends doReid is a recovering addict but he is not a one dimensional character my heart ached for him and the choices he made Chloe is funny smart feisty and protective of her friend Reid But their on screen chemistry spills over into real life as carefully as they wanted to stop that from happening Reid sucked in a sharp breath and leaned forward In the cover of the darkened stage his cheek brushed against Chloe’s as he moved his lips to her ear “Please don’t hate me” he whispered He straightened his back and with a gentle touch wiped the wetness from her cheekChloe suared her shoulders “I don’t” was all she said before turning toward the crowd and readying her violin for the next song This is a beautiful sometimes painful always REAL honest and very sweet and sexy story I applaud Ms Evan for a creating an engaging and inventive storyline that drew me in and made me FEEL the characters’ emotions Give this Indie author a try you will be pleasantly surprised “I can’t lose you Chloe”“Lose me in what way Reid? I’m your bandmate But beyond that what is there?”She was so much than his bandmate but he could never tell her that “You’re my best friend” ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review

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Brooklyn BealeRtunity of a lifetime For Reid it’s a checkmark off his list Already battling addiction guilt and his inability to write new music Reid's hopeful that things are finally falling into place But life is never predictableWhen the tour begins he finds himself drawn to Chloe S 65% to the book and the Hero is still conflicted between his girlfriend and the other girl? Sorry that is not something I want in my romance Only good part was the writing and the musical set upThats the only reason why I effortlessly kept reading despite feeling murderous annoyed at the guyFlipped through almost 86% it takes the Hero that much time to make a decision? UgghhDefinitely not my kind of romance Though one might like to read this book going by the high ratings it hasThis was a total waste of time for me Giving up at 65%

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Free Brooklyn Beale kindle ✓ eBook ↠ [Reading] ➸ Brooklyn Beale By Olivia Evans – The life of a session musician is rarely easy After consecutive tour cancellations and a stack of unpaid bills Chloe Bennett fears her dream has come to an endThen everything changesIndie rocker Reid The life of a session musiHe challenges and inspires him Their onstage chemistry is electric To the outside world they’re the perfect match To those involved however it’s not so simple When Reid’s no longer sure that the future he planned is the one he wants a choice must be made Loveor loyalt Review by Lisa KaneBeale Street's where my story starts Brooklyn's where I found my heart Chloe Bennett is just looking for her big break She looks like anything but a gifted violinist with her purple hair piercings and tattoos She was classically trained and in spite of her mother pushing her to play with an orchestra she is a true rock and roll chick Well she is about to get her chance She gets a call to audition for Reid Ryder and his band for their Secret Visions Tour Reid's had a tough year to say the least He has fame and money and talent But he let drugs destroy him and he's paid the price for a night that forever changed his life His girlfriend Jess is his rock When he first was discovered in a bar on Beale Street in Memphis he stupidly broke up with his girlfriend He lost himself and bad things happened But when he had a chance three years later to get her back he didn't waste any time I promise Jess he whispered I'll never break your heart again Everything will be different this timeShe keeps him centered and he needs her to fight the demons that tempt him But he is about to go on tour and his violinist broke her hand So he finds himself in Brooklyn at an audition giving Chloe's playing a try Her long blond and purple hair lip and nose rings were the perfect mix of sexy and edgy Maybe that was the problem; she was far too attractive As for his relationship with his girlfriend Jess and how she would react once she saw Chloe wellthat had potential to be the worst kind of complication He is blown away; not just by her music but by the girl herself There is something between them but both remind themselves to keep things on a professional level But once they start to tour together they are drawn to each other Reid hasn't been able to write music in ages and he's lost his edge to tour But when Chloe is on the stage with him there are sparks and magic and chemistry He's not the only one who feels it his band mates suspect something is going on and the fans are eating it up Reid hasn't mentioned Jess to Chloe and she has no idea he is in a serious relationship Bad move It's only hard to be optimistic when it's about meThen we'll be each other's glass half full I'll take care of you and you take care of meThere's lots of angst in this one I do have to mention that the Star Wars references were a little over the top They were too many and after a while I found myself skipping over them to move things along But the story is a solid rock and roll romance If you read Hollywood and Vine you will be thrilled to see Josie Anders and Maddie again My interest was piued so I may have to check that one out too You and me we're supposed to happen You're the one I've been waiting for and I didn't even know it We can be something special; you just need to believe it as much as I do