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FREE READ ´ DANPASHLEY.CO.UK · Molly Beth Griffin Oy and settle into middle class homemaking But in the country Garnet finds herself under the supervision of eually oppressive guardians her father’s wealthy cousin and the matron’s stuck up daughter Only a liberating job in a hat shop an intense secret relationship with a daring and beautiful flapper and a deep faith in her own fierce heart can sav. I love the IDEA of this book There should absolutely be YA historical books with lesbian protagonists But in actuality I just found this book boring It did a lot of telling rather than showing In one instance a revelation about another character is followed by the narrator's reflection that now there was an interesting complexity to her character and her situation Yes thank you I get that no need to drive it home

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DOWNLOAD ☆ Silhouette of a Sparrow Í ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Silhouette of a Sparrow By Molly Beth Griffin ➹ – In the summer of 1926 sixteen year old Garnet Richardson is sent to a lake resort to escape the polio epidemic in the city She dreams of indulging her passion for ornithology and visiting the famous n I E her from the suffocating boredom of traditional femininity Silhouette of a Sparrow is a coming of age story about a search for wildness in a confining time and a simultaneous uest for security in an era full of unrest It is the tale of a young woman’s discovery of the science of risk and the art of rebellion and of course the power of unexpected lo. This gets a little extra goodwill for being historical fiction with a lesbian protagonist something I absolutely think we need to see of And it isn't a terrible book at all But it is disappointing dull where it should sparkle matter of fact where it should be delicately devastating As a result I felt increasingly detached from the narrative watching conflicts and resolutions drift by and too uickly without much emotional investment Even when I wanted to weep or cheer for the characters the best I could muster was mild sympathy or satisfaction as they confronted their lives and made their choices I'm a little harsh perhaps because the story has the bones of a much better book one I wanted badly to read insteadWhat a cover though My ARC is beautiful and I'm sure it's even stunning in finished form Rarely do I see a cover that represents its book as well as this one does and it's fit for the book I wish this had been

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Silhouette of a SparrowIn the summer of sixteen year old Garnet Richardson is sent to a lake resort to escape the polio epidemic in the city Silhouette of PDFEPUB or She dreams of indulging her passion for ornithology and visiting the famous new amusement park a summer of fun before she returns for her final year of high school after which she’s expected to marry a nice b. I think Molly Beth Griffin’s novel Silhouette of a Sparrow might just be the best lesbian young adult novel I’ve ever read I don’t say that lightly It has everything I could hope for effortless yet beautiful writing an authentic and lovable young heroine a subtle and moving romance an environmentalist sub plot—honestly what could you ask for I think though that what I appreciated the most about this book is that while the romance is cute and sexy and authentic and great it wasn’t the focal point of the novel Rather it’s the character development of the protagonist Garnet that Griffin is focused on throughout I would be the first to admit that the romance was my favourite part but I am also really pleased to read a book about a young woman whose interests are diverse I think too often especially in young adult books even ueer women characters continue to be defined by their romantic relationshipsCheck out my full review on the lesbrary