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Longbourn Book ð 386 pages Download æ Danpashley ò ❮Reading❯ ➶ Longbourn ➮ Author Jo Baker – Danpashley.co.uk Sarah è a servizio a Longbourn House da uando era bambina ma non si è ancora rassegnata a certi compiti ingrati uali lavare la biancheria e svuotare i pitali dei signori uesta Al sole Lavora di buon u fischiettando ed è gentile ma dà poca confidenza Sembra sapere tante cose eppure sul suo passato è stranamente vago Ama i cavalli e dorme nel solaio della stalla lì su una mensola ha dei libri e sotto il letto una sacca scolorita piena di conchiglie È un mondo intero uello che apre per Sarah una nuova geografia di orridi vallette in fiore e campi di battagliaIspirato al non detto di Orgoglio e pregiudizio Longbourn House ricostruisce con tono brioso la v Reposted from my review at AustenBlogThe publication of Jo Baker’s new novel Longbourn generated the same sort of excitement as the arrival of a single gentleman of good fortune It has been described as being a cross between Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey When we heard this premise we were all admiration What a brilliant idea Two of the most wildly popular and well known popular culture properties–now together It might be the greatest idea since some genius combined chocolate and peanut butter The Commercial Publishing Industrial Complex has predictably lost its mind over it; frankly we are astonished that its publication did not rip open the fabric of the universe creating a giant black hole that sucked us all into itWhile this soundbyte selling point makes it simple for publishers and booksellers we think it has done the authoress a disservice We think Ms Baker was shooting for something less mercenary and ambitious the Wide Sargasso Sea of the Jane Austen oeuvre; by which we mean a paraliterature title that strives for literary achievement as well as or perhaps even than popularity We have long wondered why no one has written such a novel Sadly Longbourn did not work for us either as ambitious literary fiction or as a PPDownton mashup There is nothing of the elegance of Downton Abbey and a Pride and Prejudice that we do not recognizeThe story takes place almost entirely belowstairs at Longbourn domain of the long suffering Mrs Hill; the butler Mr Hill; the two maidservants Sarah and Polly; and the footman James The foreground story is their melodramas and heartbreak and there is a lot of both while the familiar story of Pride and Prejudice unfolds in the background like a dimly heard radio play Sarah is pretty much the main character She is fascinated with one of Bingley’s manservants a freed slave who impresses her with his sophistication and tells her stories of London Sarah finds James annoying and she is convinced he is a Bad Man who will cause trouble and wait a minute haven’t we read this story before?The link to Pride and Prejudice seems tenuous to us other than perhaps the romantic triangle The Bennets could afford than two maidservants and it’s silly to say otherwise The Bateses in Emma could afford to employ a maidservant; surely the Bennets could employ than two If Ms Baker truly wanted to tell the story of the servants of Pride and Prejudice—and link it to the wildly popular Downton Abbey—it would have been better to give the Bennets a fuller complement of servants If she wanted to write about overworked servants in Austen’s time don’t give them to the Bennets Why not the Lucases for instance? They are certainly involved in the main story; or perhaps another neighbor If the idea really was that marketable mashup it would have eual commercial potential marketed as a servant’s story in Jane Austen’s time set in the world of her novelsWe are probably not the audience for this being on record as unappreciative of Gritty Realism™ We acknowledge that it existed in that time and we acknowledge that it is present in Austen’s novels if one looks for it; but Austen’s pen famously did not dwell on guilt and misery and the darker aspects of her world are sketched in lightly shadowing the background upon which her characters are drawn Ms Baker seems to be determined to inform the reader that life in that time—at least for the servant class—was dark dingy dangerous unpleasant painful—and there is nothing wrong with that but if some information is enlightening then too much becomes a blunt object concussing the reader One is sometimes tr

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Sarah è a servizio a Longbourn House da uando era bambina ma non si è ancora rassegnata a certi compiti ingrati uali lavare la biancheria e svuotare i pitali dei signori uesta pesante routine senza svaghi la opprime non vuole accontentarsi di mandare avanti la casa d'altri come Mrs Hill la governante fa da sempre Perciò uando un giorno di settembre Mr Bennet assume a sorpresa un nuovo valletto la gioia per la novità è grande James ha il fisico asciutto e gli avambracci scuriti d Hoo boyWhere do I start?Actually that's easy Any review of Longbourn should feature this warning right at the top If you are an Austen purist this book will give you a stroke and a heart attack and possibly cancer So there's thatOh also Any novel written by a non servant is apparently reuired by law to feature at least one passage in which a character who is a servant will ponder life as a person of leisure and decide Naw Overrated Yeah THAT happenedI wanted to adore this book because I'm tired of people talking about how lovely life was in the Regency No it wasn't Not even if you were rich although that was miles better than being poor Even if you were rich there was no plumbing very little in the way of social mobility and nothing remotely resembling a maxi pad let alone a tampon Not even in spite of what the author of Longbourn says any napkins Where would you put one? There wasn't anything in the way of underwear as we know it See Susanne Alleyn's awesome Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders for convincing evidence of thatThere was no reliable birth control and no uick and easy food for those nights when you just don't feel like cooking Women spent all day preparing or looking after the work of food preparation and routinely wrote their wills when they became pregnantThere were no no fault divorces and very few he's TOTALLY at fault divorces even if your husband was an adulterous batterer And I'm saving the worst for last here there was NO CHOCOLATE Okay there was a drink called chocolate but it was outrageously expensive and it wasn't sweetI love Austen's novels but I have no illusions about the era in which she lived and wrote I worked as a live in domestic myself and I'm constantly thinking about the servants who made those leisured lives possibleSo I was excited to read Longbourn a retelling of Pride Prejudice from the vantage point of one of the Bennet's housemaids I was sold when I read the pull uote every review featured If Elizabeth Bennet had the washing of her own petticoats Sarah often thought she'd most likely be a sight careful with themPerfect Think about that the next time you read the scene in PP where Lizzy shows up at Bingley's house with her petticoat three inches deep in mudI admire Jo Baker's determination to show the story from a different angle Her premise is solid her prose beautifulSo why am I so put out by this book?Partly because it's a bummer from beginning to end It's Les Miserables without the funny musical numbers I think it's just as dehumanizing to servants to assume their lives are endless misery as it is to ignore them Yes this book has a happy ending technically But it starts out bleak it continues dire and it crosses the finish line with a vague So that turned out okay I guessSpeaking of bleak Anyone who's read Bleak House will probably not find the surprise middle of Longbourn particularly surprising Many who have read PP will find aspects of it offensive Jo Baker takes a lot of liberties with PP I never thought of myself as a purist but this bothered me For instance she insists on following the heavily trod trodden? trode? whatever path of Mary Bennet being infatuated with Mr Collins Know what it says in the book about that? Mary might have been prevailed on to accept him She rated his abilities much higher than any of the others; there was a solidity in his reflections which often struck her and though by no means so clever as herself she thought that if encouraged to read and improve himself by such an example as her's sic he might become a very agreeable companionShe thinks he's a fixer upper my husband commented when I read this to

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LongbournIta della servitù nell'Inghilterra di inizio Ottocento facendo emergere tra le righe la fatica e le disuguaglianze su cui si reggeva il bel mondo All'interno di uesto affresco storico che oltre alla campagna dell'Hertfordshire include la Spagna sconvolta dalle guerre napoleoniche e i porti commerciali sull'altra sponda dell'Atlantico Jo Baker dona pensieri ed emozioni autentici alle ombre che nel celebre romanzo di Jane Austen si limitavano a passare sullo sfondo rapide e silenziose The best word to describe this book is unpleasant It was a very unpleasant reading experience But I can and will be specific First of all technically this is a Pride and Prejudice retelling from the point of view of the Longbourn servants Good idea right? I sure thought so And honestly there are some very good things in here I was very interested in hearing what kind of daily tasks made the Bennett lifestyle possible There's also a few great parts where you really see how much the servants care about each other But then First of all there's a terrible sexual awakening subplot I'm sorry if I wanted to read a romance novel I would read a romance novel Second there's a really long flashback seuence about war which has nothing to do with Pride and Prejudice at all If you want to write about the horrors of war that's fine but don't just say it's a Pride and Prejudice retelling to increase your audience That's cheap Third for someone who says she loves Pride and Prejudice the author sure spends a lot of time trying to convince readers that all of those beloved characters are d bags Seriously the only one of the Bennett's who comes out looking OK in this book is Mary Of course and I'm sure this wasn't intentional the main character Sarah is not a joy to read about either Stop whining you whiner Fourth the narrative is really all over the place One paragraph will be from Mrs Hill's POV then suddenly we'll switch to Polly then to James for a second and back to Mrs Hill then maybe one of the Bennet kids will have a say Get it together author Finally the love triangle is so ridiculous Tol is clearly interesting and fun and the only reason that Sarah prefers James is to make the really stupid plot twist towards the end shockingmeaningfulThere you have it I did not enjoy this book even though I fully expected to I'm not sure why it's gotten such good reviews but take it from me if you want a good servant story stick with Upstairs Downstairs or Downton Abbey