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characters Winnie Mandela: A Life : A Life

characters Winnie Mandela: A Life : A Life 109 Þ [BOOKS] ⚦ Winnie Mandela: A Life : A Life By – Best PDF Epub, Winnie Mandela: A Life : A Life by This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book. Best PBest PDF A Life eBook #184 Epub Winnie Mandela A Life A Life by dan. Brings tears to my eyes fills my heart My warrior ueen

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Very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the bo. Watching Winnie cry at Madiba's funeral really wrenched at the heartstrings Were her tears as much for her lost youth and innocence her suffering her daughters' pain her mistakes what might have been as well as for the great man himself I read this book to find the answersWinnie's fascinating life turned out so very very differently from what could have been expected when she was growing up in the remote rural Transkei Even without the life changing event of meeting and marrying Mandela the book makes clear that Winnie was never going to take the easy path Madiba said in many ways it was easier being in jail and the relentless efforts of the apartheid regime to crush Winnie as one of the few beacons of the ANC not to have gone underground or into exile show the truth of this As does her relentless determination to fight back in any and every way It shows her too to be in many ways a compassionate human being who gave herself tirelessly to her cause and her people Of her time as a banned person exiled to a remote dorpie in the Free State George Bizos Madiba's lawyer said people had complained to him Nothing will change Winnie but Brandfort will never be the same again Not in the bookShe herself said in an interview that she was very very frightened the first time she was detained but having everything taken away from her made her angry and her anger gave her courage I was afraid in the beginning But then there is only so much they can do to you After that it is only death They can only kill you and as you see I am still hereNot in the book Her tenacity her courage and her spirit are an example to everyoneAnd yet Winnie is not held in the reverential esteem of Madiba by many except the poorest for whom she is their Evita perhaps in every sense This is because of the murky dealings of the Mandela United Football Club and the kidnappings and beatings perpetrated by it including the cold blooded murder of Stompie Moeketsi worthy of a mafia gang Most of us know the story of the valiant defiant Winnie battling on alone if not in the detail given here; what we want to find out is how the wife of such a dignified and restrained man descended into a life of infamy and violence Winnie is portrayed from the outset as too trusting and a poor judge of character Believable when she was in her 20s but still the case in her 50sThere is a verbatim list of accusations and charges over the Moeketsi murder and linked events which is very tedious and confusing reading There is mention of Winnie's heavy drinking and the township paranoia of informers but there is no real drawing together of the facts and analysis Too few sources are sought to add flesh to the dry bones of the case Did those in the know decide it was safer to stay stumm Were they intimidated into not revealing incriminating evidence I still remain as hazy as ever about what really happened How did the heroine of Brandfort become the mob boss of Soweto Or was she again naive and manipulated by darker forces around herThe saddest possibility is that she finally cracked from years of terror and intimidation at the hands of the security services The darkest hour is the one before dawn and so in South Africa the 80's were the most violent and uncertain times International condemnation sanctions and constant unrest in the townships were pushing the economy of the Nationalist government towards unsustainablity the real reason apartheid ended Howeverthe ANC not knowing how precarious the country's finances were thought the regime would fight on indefinitely to stay in power Their leadership in jail were becoming elderly; many exiles had been gone for at least 20 years and were out of touch with feeling in the country; the movement was banned and persecuted in South Africa It is easy to see how Winnie in the thick of the struggle believed that violent revolution was the only way forward; the last desperate push to bring down the forces of apartheid before it was too late for her generation The cruelty meted out to her and her daughters would certainly fuel the fires of hatred against the ruling elite but in reality the anger and violence fell on the poor and downtrodden of the townships who were suspected of being informers often erroneouslyOn the whole I enjoyed this book The writing style is a bit uneven in places I found the first chapter with a kind of genealogy of the Xhosa out of keeping with the rest of the book One purpose seemed to be to show that Winnie had white genes which I found bizarre Most of the population of SA other than the most recent arrivals is a hotch potch of races as shown by the Sunday Times notorious expose of black blood running through the veins of prominent Afrikaners In general the author tells the story but lacks critical analysis She draws on a limited range of sources although many are widely available and clearly had very limited access to Winnie herself Her aim at the outset is to find why the brilliant fire in the eyes of a 50's beauty had dimmed I feel she could have been thorough and probing in achieving this Only Winnie can truly tell us why her tears fell ñ 9 characters

Winnie Mandela A Life A LifePashley This is very good and a main topic to read the readers are. The open honesty of a woman who faught for what she believed never loosing what she did for the people