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Wings on My Sleeve doc º The World's Greatest Test Pilot tells his story Download ☆ [Reading] ➸ Wings on My Sleeve: The World's Greatest Test Pilot tells his story By Captain Eric Brown – The autobiography of one of the greatest pilots in historyIn 1939 Eric Brown wasRitains few German speaking airmen he went to Germany in 1945 to test the Nazi jets interviewing among others Hermann Goering and Hanna Reitsch He flew the suicidally dangerous Me 163 rocket plane and tested the first British jets WINGS ON MY SLEEVE is Winkle Browns incredible story Very very interesting book written by 'the guy who flew pretty much every plane' Eric Brown was a navy pilot who started flying during the War With undoubtedly a lot of talent and also a lot of luck in those days crashes or 'prangs' were an integral part of pilot life and Brown somehow survived them all without too much physical damage Brown managed to get to fly almost every cool plane around And this is saying a lot because in those days new planes were conceived at an absolutely breathtaking pace To me the highlights of this book were his flying in the early German jets He 162 Me 262 Me 163 Ar 234 but I also enjoyed the stuff on aircraft carrier deck landings Brown extensively tested landing on rubber carpeted decks what a cool ideaAll in all Brown's career spanned a range of planes from the Gloster Gladiator to the Starfighter and Phantom he fought hard for the Phantom to be selected over what was later to become the Harrier His career must have ended on a slightly sad note though having to witness how the phenomenal 1960s Fleet Air Arm Phantoms and Buccaneers on a multitude of carriers was destroyed in the 1970s'Wings on my sleeve' has everything the true enthusiast would expect What it does not have is the truly great writing that would have elevated this book to an epic level

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Ve and the rest is history Eric Brown joined the Fleet Air Arm and went on to be the greatest test pilot in history flyingdifferent aircraft types than anyone else During his lifetime he made a record breaking 2407 aircraft carrier landings and survived eleven plane crashes One of B It's always difficult for most if not all people to name their 'Hero' but for me this man is most certainly up there with the most ualified for that honour and 2407 carrier landings? 487 types of aircraft? Survivor of a torpedo sinking? Good grief If you are in any way into aircraft combat engineering flying humour humanity philosophy history psychology then look no further PS For a taster of this magical man go to BBC R4 and search in the 'catch up' for him on Desert Island Discs I am so sad he's gone and I regret not having been able to meet him and shake his hand Sadly missed

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Wings on My Sleeve The World's Greatest Test Pilot tells his storyThe autobiography of one of the greatest pilots in historyIn 1939 Eric Brown was on a University of Edinburgh exchange course in Germany and the first he knew of the war was when the Gestapo came to arrest him They released him not realising he was a pilot in the RAF volunteer reser Eric Brown was probably the most influential test pilot in world history and almost the polar opposite of the US test pilots portrayed in Tom Wolfe's 'The Right Stuff' Sort spoken a lowland Scot and modest he nevertheless had an extraordinary life test flying 487 different types of aircraft making the first ever deck landings and take off in a Jet aircraft He shot down two FW Condors while operating from a tiny aircraft carrier in 1941; these were the most formidable of aircraft and when his ship was sunk he was roped together in the freezing Atlantic with 22 other young men They were in the sea for at least four hours and when picked up there was only one other survivor Yet when you read his account of this absolute horror you would not have known what he went through His language skills perfect in German and French as well as English meant he had interviews with Herman Goering as well as translating interviews with the monsters who ran the concentration camp at Belsen When he landed at a German air force base thinking it had been taken by the Allies he compelled the garrison there by the sheer force of his personality hundreds of them to surrender to him It's a terrific book and there's none other like it But it's also charming and modest not the sort of man Wolfe would have been interested in An old fashioned hero