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CHARACTERS É Biopolitics: An Advanced Introduction (Biopolitics, 5) Í ❰PDF❯ ✐ Biopolitics: An Advanced Introduction (Biopolitics, 5) Author Thomas Lemke – The biological features of human beings are now measured observed and understood in ways never before thought possibOf the processes of life the organizing of populations and the need to govern individuals and collectives lead to practices of correction exclusion normalization and disciplining In this lucidly written book Lemke outlines the stakes and the debates surrounding biopolitics providing a systematic overview of the history of the notion and making clear its relevance for sociological and contemporary theoretical debates. Advances in science and technology which deal with the human body make biopolitics into an increasingly important subject As well put by the author “whereas the welfare state has been able until recently to focus on the problem of securing the lives of its citizens today the state also has to define and regulate the beginning and the end of life” p 121The pioneering ideas of Michel Foucault which are central to the interests of the author need revision and updating to fit novel knowledge and practice The book surveys main attempt to do so by Agamber Giddens Hardt and Negri and others while subjectingthen to searching critiue too mildly so in my opinionThen the book presents all to briefly the views of the author such as “the political strategy that shifts legal and regulatory competencies from the public and legal domain to the private sphere will probably pose a much greater threat in the future” p 62; and “If politics in the classical sense refers to a state beyond existential necessities biopolitics introduces a reflexive dimension That is to say it places at the innermost core of politics that which usually lies at its limits namely the body and life Politics can prescribe and prohibit but it can also incite and initiate discipline and supervise or activate and animate” p117Let me add that the English version is well written The translator clearly did a good job otherwise I would have looked for the German originalI cannot express my frank opinion on the book otherwise than by noting that I am rushing to read at least one publication by Lemke from which I hope again to learn a lot Still the book suffers from a lacunae It does not confront the really fateful challenge posed by emerging science and technology what I call “steering human evolution” – which reuires superimposing on biopolitics a novel “human species politics” But I am glad he left me this niche for a book on which I am workingProfessor Yehezkel DrorThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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The biological features of human beings are now measured observed and Biopolitics An PDFEPUB or understood in ways never before thought possible defining norms establishing standards and determining average values of human life While the notion of biopolitics has been linked to everything from rational decision making and the democratic organization of social life to eugenics and racism Thomas Lemke offers the very. Not sure how accurate this summary is I got it mainly for Foucault There is clearly a gap in the market place for introductions to biopolitics but it still needs to be reliably filled Unfortunately Foucault himself is long winded and hard to read and sometimes inconsistent Drive yourself mad read madness and civilisation and the lectures on biopoliticsWhy do cult writers have to be so hard to read or is that the attraction Maybe French brains are wired differently by the French language All these writers seem to substitute ideas for evidence and are not interested in testability of their musing


Biopolitics An Advanced Introduction Biopolitics 5First systematic overview of the history of the notion of biopolitics exploring its relevance in contemporary theoretical debates and providing a much needed primer on the topic Lemke explains that life has become an independent objective and measurable factor as well as a collective reality that can be separated from concrete living beings and the singularity of individual experience He shows how our understanding. great thanksxxx