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O incite a wave of arson cases Although a visit from friend and firefighter Roman “Chief” Proudfit provides some direction he’s left to battle an invisible menace fueling fires that could leave his town and his heart in ashes This is a full length novel with almost 80000 words Nobody and I mean NOBODY can steal my breath with their writing uite the way Freya Barker does It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life good or bad the second I open a book by her I’m taken away to my happy place Burning for Autumn took me away in a story filled with suspense mystery and a whole lot of love Autumn and Keith are yet another couple in a long list of “BEST COUPLES EVER” by Freya that I can say I’ll happily go back and read over and over Autumn is a fiercely independent extremely smart sweetheart of a woman with just the right amount of sass to round her out into someone awesome But even with all that going for her she’s also uite lonely especially in a new place Keith is sigh everything you swoon over when you think of an alpha male cop Strong brave protective and like all men packing a lot of testosterone occasionally a bit dense when it comes to dealing with a woman like Autumn These two have an immediate pull to each other that starts out with some fantastic back and forth Autumn certainly knew how to keep him on his toes That builds up into something both explosive and beautiful as these two grow closer and closer Along with that though the mystery and suspense that are woven throughout with the fires add another layer that pulls you even deeper into their story and creates a book that you just can’t stop reading

kindle Burning for Autumn Police and Fire Operation Alpha; On Call #1

Burning for Autumn Police and Fire Operation Alpha; On Call #1When Autumn McCoy accepted a temporary work contract in Durango she thought it would be a safe way to add some spark to her existence She may be getting than she bargained for when she finds herself the target of impending danger The outspoken forty two year old isn’t prepared for Burning for Autumn is Keith and Autumn's story There is an arsonist on the loose and he has set his eyes on Autumn Keith takes on her protection and he's willing to do anything to keep her safe Keith is a strong alpha personality who's very protective He's avoided relationships but doesn't avoid one with Autumn I actually really liked how he wasn't afraid to pursue her despite not knowing what a relationship is likeAutumn is what I consider an alpha female She's a red head and has the spit and fire that is usually associated with red heads You would think two alpha personalities would clash too much At times they did butt heads but Keith was very good about navigating her fire Keith is a big reason why I really enjoyed this book Along with being protective he was also pretty possessive of Autumn and had no problems letting other guys know she was off limits I did have problems with Autumns stubbornness just because it felt like she argued just to argue but that's when Keith shined He is a man who isn't afraid of a strong woman I liked that he enjoyed her fire

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Burning for Autumn Police and Fire Operation Alpha; On Call #1 kindle ä Kindle Edition Å ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ Burning for Autumn Police and Fire Operation Alpha; On Call #1 Author Freya Barker – Danpashley.co.uk When Autumn McCoy accepted a temporary work contract in DurangThat spark to ignite flames threatening to engulf every aspect of her life Buried under the weight of responsibilities all interim Chief of Police Keith Blackfoot wants is to get back to good old fashioned detecting He gets his chance when an encounter with a feisty redhead seems t HOLY FREAKEN MOLY Okay okay okayDEEP BREATH If you know me you KNOW I ADORE everything Freya Barker for sooooooo many reasons From her clean crisp wonderfully expressive words to the seemingly effortless flow of her MASTER storytelling abilities From the completely CAPTIVATING nail biting edge of your seat suspense to the unbelievably down to earth REALISTIC characters This book is no exception and one of my FAVORITE reads from Ms BarkerIn Burning for Autumn which is kicking off what I think will be an AWEMAZING series the Hero Keith Blackfoot whom we met but don't really know in Freya's Rock Point series is now interim Chief of Police at the Durango PD when he meets his match and THEN some in the fiery feisty Autumn McCoy who is in Durango on a temporary contract at the new burn centre As the story unfolds with MANY surprises and unexpected twists I fell ABSOLUTELY in love with both of these characters The suspense and some drama to say nothing of the intense chemistry between them that builds to the INSANELY satisfying conclusion and epilogue had me sighing in contentmentI can't recommend this book AND this author highly or STRONGLY enough and I can't WAIT to see what's coming next