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Broken Captive Book ☆ 121 pages Download ò Danpashley Å ❴Epub❵ ➛ Broken Captive Author Addison Cain – A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Dark RomanceWren’s rebellion failed Caspian has marked her Toby has claimed her and Kieran is unwillingly caught in her spell Affection and A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Dark RomanceWren’s rebellion failed Caspian has marked her Toby has claimed her and Kieran is unwillingly caught in her spell Affectio ✴️ Wren is still weak AF Considering Brenya and Claire were despite also being Omegas hard as nails in their own way Wren's behaviour is painful to read✴️ Not as painful to read as the men's behaviour If I had a pound for every time an interaction with OW was described I'd be a bloody millionaire I'm not feeling any sort of emotional connection at all which is making getting through the book gruelling ✴️ This novella finished at the 84% mark and was barely 25000 words I'm not normally one to moan about length but this just compounded all the other issues I had with the book The instalments are so short it just feels like nothing even happens in each one yet it's been almost half a year between this one and book two Blog Bookstagram

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N and betrayal pleasure and pain each Alpha with their own brand of demands and desires Broken Captive Wren’s Song Book 3 is a dark sinister Omegaverse Reverse H sigh Another “White Castle” StoryHaving moved back into White Castle territory I was struck by a similarity between Addison Cain’s recent releases and this greasy fast food For those unfamiliar with the original slider lemme explainA White Castle slider “with breaks” consists of 4 simple ingredients a small suare soft split bun which is sorta like a dinner roll size except thinner an even smaller suare flat holey burger patty which is sorta like the swiss cheese version of a meat sample except not as big a smattering of diced cooked onions to give it some flavor a smear of cheddar colored lets call it cheese which doesn’t add much flavor but does glue it all together if you opt for this “breaks” versionAndgotta sayit’s delicious For the seconds it takes to consume With a hangover or as a late night drive thru to stave off that morning hangover? Best fucking burger ever As a meal though? EeeehhhWhich brings me back to Addison Cain’s recent releases and this particular one on which I’m pinning this comparisonIt’s not a meal At best it’s a tasty treat that’s consumed in the blink of an eye And the book’s resemblance to a real story is about as thin as the original slider’s is to a big juicy burgerA li’l dissection to this analogy The bun it’s a beginning and ending which should keep the story together and give a reader something to hold onto At no point while reading did I get the impression that this was a start or finish at all only a specific morsel of a scene that was dragged out for as long as I could keep chewing it Which wasn’t long As buns go this was flimsy thin and fit too neatly into a suare box of same old same old The meat it’s the center of the story With each chew on the words pressed together a reader’s hunger should be sated with consistent action character build and conflict resolution There shouldn’t be holes throughout all that emptiness that isn’t filled with anything except hunger Neither should it be the single bite of one scene on repeat that this is Literally nothing happens in this book that didn’t happen in the last one or in any other of Addison’s recently released series for that matter—no action character resolution change whatsoever only holes with the same bites to swallow The onions it’s the uniue flavor provided by each character and scene It should be mouthwatering and orgasmically good when used to season the meat of the story In this case the flavor is too one dimensional with no difference from one scene to another or one book from another as the uniueness loses its punch after the first bite of each series The breaks it’s the pace of the story an ebb and flow that keeps a reader going Here is the non breaks version in which there isn’t anything slowing down the consumption of this slider of a book The pace much like the meat is filled with manufactured holes—short single line paragraphs meant to make the book seem like so much than it is It may take longer to flip the pages due to the stretching out of the meat but it’s still a slider masuerading as a meal a single scene novella trying to look like a full story In the end just as with the last bite of a slider a reader is left with a cliffhanger and decisionstay hungry or pick up another slider? For this reader I’ll choose to find a real meal insteadFor Addison Cain fans andor any reader unfamiliar with this author please note her standalones have been meals to me Loved them all and will be posting reviews here at some point down the road And her 3 book series Alpha’s Claim was so fabulous that it only adds to my disappoint in all the series that have followed It was like I went to a 5 star Michelin rated steakhouse only to discover that it now serves nothing but White Castle sliders

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Broken CaptiveArem tale for those with twisted tastes and a passion for unabashed bad boys Complete power exchange dominates these pages as do THREE smoking hot Alpha antiheroes I feel like nothing happened in this novel It was THAT short and it makes me angry Why so short? why not write a full legth novel and be done with it? I don't understand Oh no yes I understand MONEY It's all about the moneyUgh