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Big Data: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) Free download Ô 5 ó [Reading] ➷ Big Data: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) Author Dawn E Holmes – Since long before computers were even thought of data has been collected and organized by dData' represents a ualitative change not simply a uantitative one The term refers both to the new technologies involved and to the way it can be used by business and government Dawn E Holmes uses a variety of case studies to explain how data is stored analysed and exploited by a variety of bodies from big companies to organizations concerned with disease control Big data is transforming the way businesses operate and the way medical research can be carried out At the same time it raises importa. If you're not familiar with the Oxford Press series of very short introductions to many topics the Big Data book by Professor Holmes at U Cal Santa Barbara packs a lot of information into a relatively short book 112 pages in paperback The book is well written but as always in this series there's a lot of information in the book so your attention to the material will be reuiredWho's the audience You can't read many articles without encountering the term big data so if you're intellectually curious about what that term means then the book will provide the necessary information If you're a student or you have a student in your house who expresses interest in learning about data science then this would be a good introduction to the area If you're in business and you've heard about other businesses incorporating big data into their business model and you think that you might like to do so as well then make the commitment to read the book It won't take long to read it you'll come away with an overview of the subject and maybe you'll have some thoughts about how big data might be useful in your businessWhat does the book contain First the author looks defines data and briefly looks at how data has been used for thousands of years In chapter 2 of the book the author defines big data and looks at some of its special characteristics The author looks at how big data is employed in detecting credit card fraud Clustering data plays a role here the author explains how Chapter 3 explains how data is stored Hadoop a spftware fpr a distributed file system plays an important role in storing data Structured and unstructured data are described and characterized SL and NoSL databases are described and simple examples are included for these databasesI especially enjoyed the author's description of how data is compressed I didn't know that data can be compressed with no loss of information lossless data compression and it can be compressed with some loss of information lossy data compression The book describes when each type of compression is usedExamples of big data analytics for MapReduce and to a lesser extent Google's PageRank are given The author uses simple examples and these helped me get a better idea for what was actually going on in the analytical process The actual process is much complexThe book describes the use of big data in medicine and business In the chapter on medicine the book describes why Googles' effort to predict flu trends was largely unsuccessful This chapter helps to explain some of the limitations of big data In some areas even Google has decided that a small sample size delivers the information necessary to make a sufficiently informed decisionE commerce recommender systems targeted advertising and pay per click advertising are described in the book How uses big data finds its place in the book as wellIf you have an interest in any of these topics I recommend the book highly Some of the examples in the book while simply reuired me to consider them carefully but I thought the effort was worthwhile You may find the effort worthwhile as well

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Nt ethical issues Holmes discusses cases such as the Snowden affair data security and domestic smart devices which can be hijacked by hackers ABOUT THE SERIES The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area These pocket sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject uickly Our expert authors combine facts analysis perspective new ideas and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable. It really is a very short introduction I would guess that non IT could find it interesting However if you are a programmer you wont learn anything new or interesting

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Big Data A Very Short Introduction Very Short IntroductionsSince long before computers were even thought A Very eBook #9734 of data has been collected and organized by diverse cultures across Big Data MOBI #221 the world Once access to the Internet became a reality for large swathes of the world's population the amount Data A Very Epub #219 of data generated each day became huge and continues to grow exponentially It includes all our uploaded documents video and photos all our social media traffic our online shopping even the GPS data from our cars 'Big. 専門家でない人に、ビッグデータの定義に始まり、従来の統計学とは違う大量のデータの分析手法、その解釈の考え方、情報セキュリティと情報倫理等の基礎理論がアマゾンやグーグルなどの実例に即して語られ、わずか100ページの本でデータサイエンスの基礎が理解できる。よくできた入門書である。