Bethlehem the Year Jesus Was Born: Unwrapping the Theology Behind Christmas (Organic Faith Book 2) Summary Ç 108

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Bethlehem the Year Jesus Was Born Unwrapping the Theology Behind Christmas Organic Faith Book 2Han meets the eye God is giving us a messagea gift to unwrap This book helps us slow down and unpack the layers so we can see just how beautiful this gift really isThis is the story of Christmas Christmas Gods gift the Year Jesus Was Born PDFEPUB or to usThis book is a stand alone title of theOrganic Faith seri. I loved this and learned a lot I highly recommend it Also his writing is delightful and most engaging Can't put it down

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Have thousands of years of a Christmas that is built around legends and myths The Christmas we know is in placesa fairytale Its an inspiring one for sure But a fairytale nonethelessWhen you begin to unwrap the many layers of the first Christmas you begin the Year Jesus MOBI #243 to see that theresto Christmas t. This book was a great read for anyone who is even mildly interested in theChristmas Story Scott Douglas makes the entire topic both interesting and entertaining His sense of humor will have you laughing out loud while at the same time serving a dual purpose of creating mnemonic devices that will far outlive the written pages

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Bethlehem, the Year Jesus Was Born: Unwrapping the Theology Behind Christmas (Organic Faith Book 2) Summary Ç 108 ☆ ➥ [Epub] ➟ Bethlehem, the Year Jesus Was Born: Unwrapping the Theology Behind Christmas (Organic Faith Book 2) By Join or create book clubThe story of Christmas Year Jesus PDFEPUB #193 like youve never heard before The Bible teaches us the real story of Christmas The problem is people have taken this story and added on to it Cultures have added on to it Its passed through countries and theyve tacked on their Bethlehem the ePUB #219 little spinWe. As the author admits this book is not going to alter your theology or your Christmas traditions It is not about that It is about asking Why was this included as part of Christmas as opposed to something else This is important because obviously Jesus did many things not recorded Telling a true story is not without intent The truth maybe the truth but which part of the truth we choose to express demonstrates our intent As an example from the book Why were the wise men included in the story Meanwhile no words of Joseph are recorded What was the intentMake sure you are buying the type of book you are looking for There are scholarly books answering the uestions of why certain things are included in the Bible From Jesus to Christianity by L Michael White is a great one In fact Bethlehem the Year Jesus as Born reads like a blog than a formal book Sweeping conclusions are made without citations Most of the footnotes are like parenthetical phrases not references Don't get me wrong I think the author is very knowledgable But some conclusions I think are wrong like the shepherds losing their jobs as a result of the new covenant of Jesus There were plenty of shepherds in Christian Europe maybe to produce wool and dinner not as sacrificial lambs Christianity did not upend this industry And Charles Stanley describes seeing multiple shepherds during his visit to the Holy Land This is not a criticism of the book it is to make clear the type of book this is not If you are looking for a scholarly treatise on theology Christology or history this is not the book for youIf you are looking for uestions to ask during your personal relationship with Jesus this is a good book for you This book is about asking Why on a personal level Think about it meditate on it pray on it The author poses uestions and gives some explanations but don't expect to agree with all explanations In fact his explanations give even material to think about If that is what you are looking for then read this book