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Read Behind the Bell reader ó Hardcover ´ [Reading] ➼ Behind the Bell By Dustin Diamond – For the first time Diamond presents the inside story of the young cast from Saved by the Bell that the viewing public thought were so lucky Learn the dark behind the scenes story of the cast and crew' For the first time Ypecast as a child actor and how he reinvented himself through stand up comedy and reality TV Working in Hollywood might represent an American Dream but for many youngsters it is a true nightmare Dustin Diamond is best known for his character Samuel Screech Powers in the late '80s and '90s on the long running American TV teen s I didn't really want to read this as I had heard it was terrible And not terrible in the so bad it's good variety but just flat out awful But Saved By The Bell was a huge part of my life growing up and I just couldn't resistTo sum this book up as succinctly as possible Dustin Diamond is a dck Or excuse me a douchebag which is his favorite word throughout this poorly edited book Seriously the amount of times sentences did thisor entire paragraphs were repeated was ridiculous Too broke to hire an editor?Dustin threw his entire cast under the bus in an effort to make himself look like the injured party Mark Paul was a douche Mario raped women Tiffani Amber was a slut and a bitch But then he goes on to say that he has slept with over 2000 women um yeah I doubt that and that he regularly patrolled Disneyland looking for a uick lay but somehow justifies this as not being the same thing that Mario or Tiffani did He makes sure not to name any last names of girls he slept with except for someone who worked on the show that was 20 years older than him He makes sure to mention her last name over and over and I was thinking How is he going to get away with this? Oh and then he tells us she died a few years ago I guess that means it's okay to completely tarnish her name and reputation then Disgusting And yes I realize I could have just stopped reading But it was like a train wreck I couldn't look away from I kept wondering how he could get any worse and then there would be a chapter about banging chicks on the set of BaysideAll in all Dustin just came out looking like a complete jerk I'm not one to say if any of his allegations are true or not but I find it telling that the rest of the cast is still friends today amidst all these stories about them screwing each other and doing drugs together I think he's just bitter that he was treated as the weird young friend and not invited into their cool circle and threw out whatever he could about them lies or not I'm sure the cast weren't perfect angels but some of these stories were just ridiculous I also found it hilarious he continually commented on Tiffani's fat ass Really? What guy or girl for that matter in the 90s thought Kelly Kapowski was fat? These are the kinds of things he yells out about his co stars to bring them down and it's ridiculous statements like this that make the rest of his stories seem so contrivedThe only good things in this book are the mention of Monster Suad and Frank Zappa But I don't think that awesome movie and that awesome musician should have their names soiled in such a crapfest as this bookOkay I can't even believe I am still writing about this book Ugh I'm done

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For the first time Diamond presents the inside story of the young cast from Saved by the Bell that the viewing public thought were so lucky Learn the dark behind the scenes story of the cast and crew's extreme lifestyle sex drugs and wild partiesPost Bell discover how Diamond used his natural comedic talents to overcome being t Why I read this book In case people don't know there's going to be an unauthorized Saved by the Bell movie coming up this Monday on Lifetime info here Yes I was one of those kids who watched the show faithfully cheesy as it was I figured now was a good time to see if I could dig up some dirt before watching a movie about digging up dirt15 stars I have to award an extra half point for the speculated insight on Neil Patrick Harris whether it was true or just a theory is another story This may be the one and only time in my life where I wish I could Facebook tag someone Ash come out of hiding But unfortunately there was too much missed potential There wasn't a ton of info dished about the cast What we did find out lead me to believe that Dustin Diamond is carrying a bit of a hard on for wanting to see his former cast mates fall on their faces Other than that nothing really happened Diamond got laid a lot Big deal? Most celebrities can get get laid I guess he must have felt the need to have to prove that he could being that he was typecast as a loser for all of those years? I will give DD some credit for being mildly funny at times Some of his snarky observations were amusing but a few good snippets do not make for an entire book of good recap either Although I have to admit that I laughed hard when Dustin recalled how the cast members all had their real life talents or interests worked into the show Tiffany was a former pageant ueen Mario a wrestler etc and this was how Mark was recapped Mark Paul buddy can you sing?NoCan you dance?NoPlay sports? Instruments? Can you juggle?NoDo you have any interests outside of showing up here and gelling your hair?Um I do have this cell phone that's the size of a loaf of bread I like talking into thatAnd so you shall my boy And so you shall I remember that damn phone way too muchThe cast in a nutshell Tiffani came off as easy Lark came off as a silent weirdo Mark Paul was not as much of a womanizer as I would have been expecting Elizabeth was forever stuck in Tiffani's shadow Mario was exactly how I figured and Dustin was the biggest whore of them all Fin I hope the movie is scandalous

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Behind the BellItcom Saved by the Bell SBTB Diamond's new book gives readers the disheartening story of an ex child star Dustin faced serious challenges moving his career beyond his comic role as the smart funny and endearing nerd of Bayside High School on the show that made him an audience favorite Through his eyes we uncover Hollywood's myt I admit it I was incredibly apprehensive about reading Dustin Diamond's expose about what really went on behind the scenes of Saved By The Bell I am a huge SBTB fan I watch the show every morning while I'm getting ready for work I own the DVDs and I even have a manilla envelope of posters magazine interviews and other random cast paraphernalia I saved from my the height of my love in middle school When I found out that Screech penned a memoir that supposedly dished all the dirt well I was angry I didn't want to read it for fear that it would taint my almost lifelong love for the show I figured the book was Dustin Diamond's method of retaliation for 1 being on a show with kids two to three years older than him and when he's 12 and everyone else is 15 or 16 that's a big age gap and it's hard to overcome or 2 he's broke again and if he learned one thing out on the comedy circuit it was that people came to see Screech and find out about the show not to see his comedy act so he thought he'd just cash in My fears were unwarranted The 'juiciest' cast details ie Mario's rape cover up Mark Paul taking steroids and Tiffani Amber being a ueen Bee whore were all used in the promotion of the book Dustin's interviews with the press and him reading excerpts for internet videos The rest of the book details his sexual exploits drug use and how naive he was that people took advantage of him Diamond claims he's slept with over 2000 women Really? I know that people will jump into the sack to get ahead but 2000 women really slept with Dustin Diamond? Really? I'm afraid for the future of our society if that's how low some well a reported 2000 women will go to get ahead I don't care about the first time Dustin smoked weed or how he showed up to a press junket incredibly hungover And I certainly didn't expect a chapter on how he trolled Disneyland for 'poon' or whatever lame hasn't been used in over a decade slang term for a woman's vagina he chose to useDustin Diamond used his roll on Saved by the Bell to sell books about himself I think he feels slighted by the cast and executives of SBTB because he wasn't the 'Golden Child' even though he got fan mail than any other cast member over 7000 letters per week According to our insightful and oh so knowledgeable narrator SBTB fans were tired of the same old story lines and didn't want any story lines about Zack and Kelly especially the College Years Diamond even complained about how the Wedding in Las Vegas was all about Zack and Kelly Hello? Everyone wants to see Zack and Kelly live happily ever after Get over yourself Screech It's not all about you So in retaliation he babbles on about a few random behind the scenes anecdotes spends several chapters detailing how childhood fame turned him into a sleaseball but he's thankful he never got an STD and then uses the rest of the book to name drop and bash other celebrities Dustin what the heck did Neil Patrick Harris and Ed Alonzo ever do to you huh? shaking my head If you feel so inclined to read this mindless drivel for yourself or you're just out to punish yourself take note that this is a uick read I read it in a few hours I'm not sure why I kept reading It was like a bad car accident You can't put look and keep looking At least I can say I read it and that it wasn't all it was promoted to be It isn't an expose but a memoir of a spoiled child star who thinks he deserves