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Download The Wettest County in the World Mobi Ë A Novel Based on a True Story ´ Danpashley Á ➮ [Read] ➪ The Wettest County in the World: A Novel Based on a True Story By Join or create book clubs ➺ – Based on the true story of Matt BondS a taste for luxury and a dream to get out of Franklin Driven and haunted these men forge a business fall in love and struggle to stay afloat as they watch their family die their father's business fail and the world they know crumble beneath the Depression and drought White mule white lightning firewater popskull wild cat stump whiskey or rotgutwhatever you called it Franklin County was awash in moonshine in the 1920s When Sherwood Anderson the journalist and author of Winesburg Ohio was covering a story there he christened it t What a read It always amazes me when you read stories based on true events If you have watched the film then read the book brilliant The only criticism is as previously mentioned then order of the chapters can be confusing they jump forward and backward between the yearsSo I have written them out in order which is as follows234578910141617181920212324252728291611153031322226 & 33Hope this helps

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He wettest county in the world In the twilight of his career Anderson finds himself driving along dusty red roads trying to find the Bondurant brothers piece together the clues linking them to The Great Franklin County Moonshine Conspiracy and break open the silence that shrouds Franklin County In vivid muscular prose Matt Bondurant brings these mentheir dark deeds their long silences their deep desiresto life His understanding of the passion violence and desperation at the center of this world is both heartbreaking and magnifice When Lawless came out at the cinema it immediately looked the sort of film you wanted to watch knew you should watch Until you heard there was a book behind it a book about real people larger than life mysterious and whose story would leave you viewing lawlessness forever differentlyThat's what happened with this retitling of Matt Bondurant's The Wettest County in the World Written in the style of Cormac McCarthy it almost has the mystical uality of a Greek tragedy At the same time there is that gritty almost hopeless edge to it which mimics Steinbeck You can smell the corn as it's mashing the shrivelled tobacco on which no hope is lavished because at that time it was almost guaranteed to fail the sweat of the men eking out their existence on alcohol and adrenaline and the despair of their women who fear that nobody will survive the drought or the revenue Or the competition It was all a matter of which got you first The battle between the moonshiners a northern term and the local police and revenue men demonstrates what we all secretly know there is a very fine line between what is lawful and what is criminalYet out of this despair and weariness come three brothers who mind their business on the wrong side of the law while still determined to do what they can for those they loveDespite the passing of time and the determination of the brothers not to brag of their exploits Jack's grandson does an excellent job in bring their legend to life in a style at once imparting the violent edge on which the men lived and the tenderness of their relationships with their loves His style portrays scenes and interactions in a way that the film will take for granted and for that reason I'm glad I read it first This is a book I will read again Do I want to watch the film now? Perhaps I will but I feel no real need to after this experience

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The Wettest County in the World A Novel Based on a True StoryBased on the true story of Matt Bondurants grandfather and two granduncles The Wettest County in the World is a gripping tale of brotherhood greed and murder The Bondurant Boys were a notorious gang of roughnecks and moonshiners who ran liuor through Franklin County Virginia during Prohibition and in the years after Howard the eldest brother is an ox of a man besieged by the horrors he witnessed in the Great War; Forrestthe middle brother is fierce mythically indestructible and the consummate businessman; and Jack the youngest ha Book and film are both excellent The film kind of moves the characters around but gets the point across I found it a delight to read and the characters I could vividly see in my mysterious mind and could feel the abject poverty that prevailed during this period My Grandparents grew up and lived through the great depression and I remember first hand how everything had a use and you never threw anything away and were thankful for what you had A lesson today's generation should learn