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reader Handcuffs and Trouble Rawlings Men #4

reader ½ Handcuffs and Trouble Rawlings Men #4 ↠ ebook read Ê danpashley Å ➝ [Epub] ❦ Handcuffs and Trouble Rawlings Men #4 By Kim Dare ➧ – As the newest constable in the station Trent Rawlings isn’t entirely surprised to find himself beingAs the newest constable in the station Trent Rawlings isn’t entirely surprised to find himself being hazed by the other cops Determined not to make any of a fool of himself than is absolutely necessary he’s merely biding his time and going through the motion Handcuffs and Trouble is part of a novellas series Handcuffs and Lace that mixes BDSM cops or better constables and pretty boys I read the first in the series and now this is the fourth and the above is the common trend I found In this novella Trent is a rookie that is sent out to the “wolves”; not clear if it was intentional or if it was a mistake the fact is that Trent is in a warehouse full of criminals his first day on the job As a conseuence Ossy an undercover cop has to come to rescue him and the only way he sees is to convince the criminals that Trent is his pet If the reader was wondering about Trent’s willingness to play “gay” for the sake of the job don’t worry Trent is gay and Ossy that is also a family friend knows that so he is not forcing a 19 years old guy to do something he despises but indeed he is forcing a virgin boy virgin in all the meaning of the word to face his sexual desires and urges Lucky Trent Ossy is a good master and apparently he is also willing to play teacher and Dom all at the same time There is a bit of “fated” lovers here Ossy is gay and he is a friend of Trent’s family an enlarged family where most of the men are cops if they have to “give” their baby Trent to someone at least they will do that to someone they know and trust and Ossy will know that he cannot mess with Trent otherwise he will have to face all the family Nice novella good sex and a cute character Trent who was really up to the “pet” role he really made me think to an eager puppy

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Scue the younger man before he gets them both killed Luckily for them both Trent seems to be good at obeying orders and following a dominant man’s lead He may even be too good at it for Kieran’s peace of mind Maybe Trent isn’t the only man who’s in troub Trent Rawlings is a rookie mistakenly sent in place of Ed Rawlings to an undercover op where Kieran is forced to improvise to save the operation not to mention both their lives with a bit of hot Ds subterfugeTrent is adorable Kieran is hot An excellent addition to the series

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Handcuffs and Trouble Rawlings Men #4S until he gets to the punch line It has to be a hazing If it’s not he’s in real trouble Kieran Osmond doesn’t know what the hell the little fool thinks he’s doing stumbling into the middle of an undercover operation All Kieran knows is that he has to re This is a great continuation of the Rawlings Men series I liked the relationship between Kieran and Trent and how Kieran didn't exploit Trent's virgin submissiveness He took control of it in a good way cradled it smoothed it and loved it LolI loved the start of this book and how Kieran is forced to rescue him How Kieran is willing to be the dominant to Trent's submissive but knows that even though Trent is a definite submissive he's still a Rawlings And Rawlings men are definite trouble D