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Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World Read ¸ 9 É [PDF] ✩ Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World Author Join or create book clubs – Initially written for a Jewish friend Life of the Beloved has become Henri Nouwens greatest legacy to Christians aroundEnri Nouwens greatest legacy to Christians around the world This sincere testimony of the power a. Though the book was written as a lengthy letter to a friend Nouwen explains how we are chosen blessed broken and given to the world as God's beloved a chapter devoted to each aspect of being a Christian with a seventh chapter on living as the beloved of the Creator An interesting epilogue celebrates the deepening friendship resulting from his friend's reading but regretting that he did not convert his atheist reader of the existence and love of Nouwen's God

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Nd invitation of Christ is indeed a great guide to a truly uplifting spiritual life in todays wor. Read several times and it is influencing some of the work I am doing Personal perspective clearly written and informative

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Life of the Beloved Spiritual Living in a Secular WorldInitially written for a Jewish friend the Beloved PDFEPUB #10003 Life of the Beloved has become H. How often do we long for someone to walk beside us as Jesus did with his disciples on the road to Emmaus and interpret scripture for ustell us how to apply it to real everyday lives We ponder the words from the Bible We read interpretations by theologians and spiritual seekers We flinch when we feel condemned We're comforted when we feel our lives are at least for a moment in synch with our understanding of God’s will Yet we remain hungryhungry for spiritual truth and guidance This book was for me spiritual nourishment to help assuage that hungerI recently discovered Henri J M Nouwen 1932 1996 pronounced Henry Now’ in prolific spiritual writer priest professor and pastor and his teachings are like water for a thirsty soul Nouwen espouses this message We are beloved by God and if we truly understand and believe that it will change the way we live our livesThe book was intended to be a letter to a Jewish New York intellectual friend of Nouwen’s named Fred whom he met when Fred interviewed Nouwen while teaching at Yale Divinity School They formed an unlikely bond and became lifelong friends sharing each other’s deepest longings fears and doubts After some years of knowing each other Fred asked Nouwen to say something about the Spirit that his friends and he “could hear” As Nouwen stated in his prologue “He was asking me to respond to the great spiritual hunger and thirst that exist in countless people who walk the streets of big cities” This book is the result of Fred’s reuest and its tone is indeed that of a dear friend talking intimately and warmly to a “fellow traveler searching for life light and truth”The heart of Henri Nouwen’s teaching in this book is his conviction that regardless of our religious tradition we are beloved by God but our ability to share that gift of belovedness with others is only as great as our ability to claim it for ourselves Why is it always easier to believe someone else is beloved by God than to believe I am Nouwen believes “self rejection is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life because it contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the “Beloved” He speaks of listening for that voice and believes once we hear it we will keep trying to hear it ever clearly “Like discovering a well in the desert once you have touched wet ground you want to dig deeper”So Nouwen believes the most important spiritual journey of our lives involves claiming the truth of our belovedness and living into that truth by becoming the beloved”letting truth of our Belovedness become enfleshed in everything we think say or do” To do this we must explore ways the Holy Spirit moves in our lives He believes we become the Beloved of God when we1 claim that we are taken2 know that we are blessed3 acknowledge that we are broken4 submit to being givenEach of these four ways is explored beautifully and helpfully in simple terms with real life examples He speaks in the context of natural cycles and has a truly moving reflection on the relationship between life and death “As the Beloved I am called to trust that life is a preparation for death as a final act of giving” He distinguishes between a “good death” and a “bad death” Without being syrupy or unrealistic about the pain of death and loss he speaks convincingly of our lives being like a seed that must die to bear fruit “How different would our life be were we truly able to trust that it multiplied in being given away How different would our life be if we could but believe that every little act of faithfulness every gesture of love every word of forgiveness every little bit of joy and peace will multiply and multiply as long as ther