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Chess and Checkers: The Way to Mastership (full image Illustrated) Read  100 ï [Epub] ➤ Chess and Checkers: The Way to Mastership (full image Illustrated) ➥ Edward Lasker – Chess and Checkers The Way to MastershipComplete instructions for the beginner and valuable suChess and Checkers The Way Checkers The MOBI #239 to MastershipComplete instructions for the beginner and valuable suggestions for the advanced playerThe History of ChessThe game of Chess in the form in which it is played to day Chess and PDFEPUBis usually assumed to be of a much older date than can be proved with certainty by documents in our possession The earliest reference to the game is contained in a Persian romance written about and Checkers The PDFEPUB #195 AD which ascribes the origin of Chess to India Many of the European Chess terms used in the Middle Ages which can be traced back to the Indian language also tend to prove that India and Checkers The Way to PDFEPUB or is the mother country of the gameE HISTORY OF CHECKERSI THE RULES OF THE GAMEBoard and menThe moves of the menThe Rook Bishop ueen King Knight Pawn CastlingSpecial termsAttack and DefenseCheck and CheckmateStalematePerpetual CheckExchangeDouble PawnPassed PawnIsolated PawnBackward PawnForkMinor PieceSacrificeDiscovered Check and Double CheckSymbols for movesChess lawsII ELEMENTARY TACTICSFundamental endingsRelative value of the menHow the different men cooperateSacrificingIII GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF CHESS STRATEGYKing s Pawn openingsueen s Pawn openingsThe middle gameIV ILLUSTRATIVE GAMESGame No Jackson Showalter vs Edwa.

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Rd Lasker and Checkers The Way to PDFEPUB or Lexington Ky Game No Edward Lasker vs Jose R Capablanca New York V PROBLEMSPART II THE GAME OF CHECKERSI THE RULES OF THE GAMEII ELEMENTARY TACTICSIII THE FIVE FUNDAMENTAL POSITIONSThe first positionThe second positionThe change of the moveThe third positionThe fourth positionThe fifth positionIV GENERAL PRINCIPLES AND ILLUSTRATIVE GAMESV PROBLEMSThe History of CheckersThe literature on the game of Checkers English Draughts is very limited and there are no certain references to prove that the game was known before the Sixteenth Century Two theories are current as to its origin one of them claiming it to be a simplified Chess the other explaining it as the result of transferring the Spanish game Aluerue de doze to the Chess boardH J R Murray the greatest authority on the history of games considers it most likely that the game has been evolved from both Chess and Aluerue The method of capturing men and the rule concerning the huffing of a man unuestionably point to the Spanish game while the board the diagonal move of the men and the idea of crowning a man are taken from ChessIn France Germany Italy and Spain the name of the game is still that of the ueen of Chess Dame Dama whose move in the Middle Ages was identical with the move of the CheckermenCh.

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Chess and Checkers The Way to Mastership full image IllustratedEckers has never been able to attainthan national uniformity and it is played with different rules in different countries In the United States it ispopular than in any other country and a number of players have obtained national fame The best players at present are considered to be Newell Banks and Alfred JordanARD AND MENThe game of Chess is played by two armies who oppose each other on a suare board or battlefield of sixty four alternate white and black suares Each army has sixteen men one King one ueen two Rooks or Castles two Bishops two Knights and eight Pawns The Generals of the two armies are the two players themselves The men of one side are of light color and are called White those of the other side are of dark color and are called BlackThe object of the game is to capture the opposing King When this is done the battle is ended the side losing whose King is captured To understand what is meant by the capture of the King it is first necessary to become acuainted with the laws according to which the different men move on the boardTo start with the board must be placed so that the players have a white suare at their right Then the men take the positions shown in Diagram The Rooks occupy the corner suares next to them stand the Knights then the Bishops and in the center the King and ueen.