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Kopka and Daly provide a highly accessible tutorial for users new to LaTeX Fully revised to cover the latest version of Information about LaTeX is abundant Surfing the web or just visiting CTAN you could find everything in the book I suppose However it will take you time and effort Something you probably don't have In this book you will find lots and lots of information than many would needTo find information is extremely easy I could uite honestly say that I've in the 8 months or so that I own the book never searched than a minute or two for any information regarding LaTeX that I needed Granted I'm not a power user of LaTeX but for the average LaTeX user it is excellent value for moneyI think it all boils down to It's so convenient that I won't trade it for double the money

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A Guide to Latex Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users 2nd EditionThin the earlier version of LaTeX are highlighted making the book useful for users still working with the earlier releas Any book that claims to cater for beginners and advanced users alike has uite a task ahead of it and I don't believe this guide to LaTeX does justice to either category of userThe true nature of this 616 page beast is spelt out in chapter 1 where the reader is advised that the book is designed for LaTeX users who have little or no experience with computers and that there exists considerable repetition in the text Unless you have a solid week to spare and the memory of a gold fish this book has the potential to be incredibly frustrating Instead of being immersed in worthwhile examples demonstrating the true power of LaTeX the reader is forced to trawl through paragraph after paragraph of verbose explanation Worse still with minimal imagination employed in presentation the fact that this book was typeset using LaTeX doesn't inspire confidence helpful hints supposedly written in a smaller typeface to make them distinct simply disappear into the sea of sentencesWith a sales rank of 5046 this book is by some margin the best selling reference for LaTeX out selling texts by Goossens et al rank 14628 400 pages published 1994 and LaTeX developer Lamport rank 33235 272 pages published 1994 This is because as other reviewers have correctly pointed out this book covers than the others combined The plethora of appendices is dense but in some cases not as useful as would first appear For instance one table included contains a complete list of possible PostScript fonts great you say until you notice that they're all displayed in the same font However combining this unrivalled brevity with the fact that LaTeX is updated on an annual basis and it's not hard to see why you might opt for a book published in 1999 which is larger and cheaper than both alternative books published in 1994With a LaTeX 3 version in the pipeline and with the internet offering a number of compact LaTeX HOWTO's and uick references most notably The Not So Short Guide to LaTeX a wise alternative might be to arm yourself with a downloaded guide and actually learn through trying inevitably making your fair share of mistakes along the way and to hold off to see what the next generation of published LaTeX references have to offer

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Doc ☆ A Guide to Latex ↠ Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users Download » Danpashley ô ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ A Guide to Latex: Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users, 2nd Edition Author Helmut Kopka – DanpaLaTeX this second edition presents a thorough explanation of the internals of the system LaTeX commands not available wi It's never fun doing the publishing aspects of technical documents but this at least takes some of the annoyance out of it I think the index and table of contents could be expanded to make it easier to pinpoint the section that will answer your specific uestion Sometimes i have to look around too much to find my answer but its a good starter book and one to keep handy for sure