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A Life in Our Times Read & Download ☆ 104 ï [Ebook] ➠ A Life in Our Times ➦ John Kenneth Galbraith – Danpashley.co.uk The richly adventurous memoirs of one of the most dazzling public figures to dominate the American scene over the last decadesAs a raconteur and a literary stylist he stands with the best As entertain The richly adventurous memoirs of in Our MOBI #9734 one of the most dazzling public figures to dominate the American scene over the last decadesAs a raconteur and a literary stylist he stands with the best As entertainment the book is a. John Kenneth Galbraith is taller than you has a better education great social connections and will take the time in his memoirs to remind you of one or of the above roughly every 25 pages He writes well enough but by no means is he Arthur Schlesinger and he overestimates his net contribution to American society and government

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Total success The New York Times Book ReviewAbsorbing and irresistible The New YorkerA highly perceptive commentary A Life PDF on all our yesterdays anecdotal amusing animated and above all illuminating John Barkham ReviewsAn enjoyable. My to read list includes a number of titles by Galbraith Somehow I managed to pick up his memoirs before reading any of the others Normally I might view this as the incorrect seuence In this case however it simply confirmed that a Galbraith is worth reading and b that the other books on the list are the ones I really should readI've read a number of memoirs of people whose voices are familiar to me This sometimes leads me to read their books while mentally hearing their voices and cadences Luckily that wasn't the case here My exposure to his voice was through his television series The Age of Uncertainty I think if I'd been reading using his voice it would have taken me three or four times as long to readGalbraith was an intelligent and interesting person who put together a career and life working with and getting to know other intelligent and interesting people He tells us his story in an engaging and interesting way This story is almost exclusively about his professional life as a civil servant professor political campaign worker ambassador and author We get almost nothing of his family which is fine by me He interests me because of what he's done not who his spouse or children are or how he spent his time offAs is typical with memoirs there are no notes or bibliography There's an index and I think exactly one map It would have been nice to have a handful of photographs but so it goes

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A Life in Our TimesBook full of fun full of wisdom and full of rare insights into the history of our times The New RepublicA delightfully teeming book John Kenneth Galbraith's comic voice is a distinctive and durable literary achievement Atlantic Monthly. Beyond the discussion of economics that you might expect Galbraith offers a fascinating account of post war bureaucratic politics He was involved in two of the largest bureaucratic struggles during that period the implementation of New Deal economic policy and the debate over the Vietnam war The book is filled with insights about the nature of the post war bureaucracy and how priorities were advanced One must imagine that his work on the corporate technostructure the experts and expertise that are reuired to guide large corporations was influenced by his experience with the analogous structures within the American state Well written and consistently funny though the pace sags a bit in the middle