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A Lady of Good Family review É eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❮Read❯ ➶ A Lady of Good Family ➺ Author Jeanne Mackin – Danpashley.co.uk From the author of The Beautiful American comes a richly imagined beautifully written novel about historical figure Beatrix Farrand one of the first female landscape arcFrom the author of Good PDF #180 of The Beautiful American comes a richly imagined beautifully written novel about historical figure Beatrix Farrand one of the first female landscape architects  Raised among wealth and privilege during America’s fabled Gilded Age a niece of famous novelist Edith Wharton and a friend to literary great Henry Ja. Vikki’s MusingsI accepted this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review A Lady of Good Family is a glimpse of what the later days of the Gilded Age must have been like in Europe and America A time of privilege for member of society and the beginnings of the “Nouveau Riche” told in third person narrative by a fictional character to a group of friends in Massachusetts It is the story of a remarkable woman Beatrix Jones Farrand a renowned landscape artist It covers a visit to the continent to view the famous gardens in the various countries in 1895 and ends in 1920While Beatrix explores Borghese Gardens of Rome she meets Amarigo Massimo a man different from any other gentleman of her acuaintance She is drawn to him but knows he is not the man for her However she is young and wants to fall in love so she encourages a relationship Will the mystic of this man prove her downfall or will reason win outBeatrix is a fascinating woman who did not let the dictates of society rule her choices or her life She chose a path very few women in her time would ever follow She did not marry as a young woman just to conform to the times where women were not supposed to work outside the home While she did marry in her mid life she chose a man for the reason of mutual companionship and someone who would not expect her to change the way she lived her life She is well known for her incredible work designing Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden the Beatrix Farrand Garden at Bellefield in Hyde Park New York and Dumbarton Oaks Washington DC to name a fewWhile a fictional romantic thread runs through the story which is very enjoyable and one that could have easily happened during this period of history it is not the main focus of the book This is definitely not a romance even though it does tell of a love story This story delves into the typical marriages of the times and many of them were not happy ones It deals with divorce when the dissolution of a marriage created a huge scandal and was always the woman’s fault It is no wonder Beatrix chose to avoid marriage for so long What I struggled with while reading this book was the lack of any explanation of some of the characters in the story Since it is told through the eyes of Daisy Winters I also did not become invested in the characters and at times had a hard time following along with the story While the description of the various gardens is vivid I did not become enraptured with them either However that is because I am not a gardener I am sure anyone who loves gardening and gardens will enjoy the descriptions greatlyWhile I did not find this book to my tastes it is beautifully written and gave me a marvelous look into an age long past Anyone who loves history and learning about an era that has not had a lot of attention will enjoy A Lady of Good Family Happy reading

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Mes Beatrix Farrand is expected to marry and marry well But as a young woman traveling through Europe with her mother and aunt she already knows that gardens A Lady Kindle are her true passion   How this highborn woman with unconventional views escapes the dictates of society to become the most celebrated female landscape designer in the cou. I received this a first read This was a lovely book I was not aware of Beatrix Farrand However enjoyed reading about her She accomplish much in her life I also truly enjoy the author writing style She makes you care as much about the secondary characters as the main I also enjoyed how she dealt with the historical time period All in all a solid read

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A Lady of Good FamilyNtry is the story of her uniue determination to create beauty and serenity while remaining true to herself   Beatrix’s journey begins at the age of twenty three in the Borghese Gardens of Rome where she meets beguiling Amerigo Massimo an Italian gentleman of sensitivity and charm a man unlike any she Lady of Good PDFEPUB #227 has known before. As told by her fictional good friend Daisy Winters this is a sweet story of Beatrix Jones Farrand one of the world’s first female landscape architects It touched a lot on the lives and social structures of New York’s elite class of the early 1900’s and the pressures of having to marry well and keeping up appearances It was a time when a society wife was still considered her husband’s property and was treated no better than a decoration After witnessing the humiliation and heartbreak of both her mother’s and her aunt’s failed marriages Beatrix was determined to make something of herself shunning marriage and ignoring the expectations that society had at that time for a young socialite “I thought of the world we had created the world of Lily Bart and Henry James’ poor unnamed governess where women believed they must marry and if they did not they were mere weeds in other people’s gardens things to be plucked and discarded”It thought it was interesting how Beatrix’s story was told through her friend Daisy Daisy’s own bittersweet story was intertwined in the tale as well as she related it in a series of flashbacks to an intimate group of fellow hotel guests There were a lot of historical figures thrown in the story Edith Wharton and Henry James amongst others I love historical fiction and love when a story gets me researching I spent much time looking up old photos and reading about the lives of Beatrix Jones Farrand and Edith Wharton Henry James and the locations mentioned such as the Mount in Lenox I found myself needing to find uiet moments to read this I loved the author's soft uiet voice and slow pretty storytelling This is a must for gardeners and lovers of Edith Wharton and Henry James’ workMy favorite part was when Beatrix was sitting on a bench in the public gardens in Rome and was driven to distraction trying not to lean over to pull a weed growing in the flower bed right next to her Been there