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Een anything than a pretty pawn for her father or a business acuisition for her former fiance A mail order A Bride PDF marriage in faraway Kansas is a last resort but she'll do anything to leave her life in Massachusetts and the heartbreak she's experienced thereAlthough Everett doesn't see how a beautiful cultured woman like Julia could be happy sharing his simpl A 25 at most What could have been a hugely sweet and heartwarming story gets bogged down by repetitiveness and the mcs pussy footing around each other and their issues OR rather the H pussy foots around the lines the h firmly draws Poor guyview spoilerThe H is an extremely sweet and kind man who's been hurt and rejected once too often uite undeservedly so because he'd surely make a very caring life partner He's 36 and woman after woman have rejected or left him for other men His first fianceealmost fiancee bailed for a richer man Then the three mail order ones also preferred a store owner or a better farm over him To be fair one actually died on the way Now the h with merchant class Boston background he did not send for but his neighbor's wife did on his behalf The h is running away from her uncaring father and a man she refused to marry and what then ensued vague allusions but no details But I did wonder how she managed to survive the six months between leaving home and reaching Kansas working at taverns etc and towing three heavy trunks along We get to know why she's wary around men and why she only wanted impractically so a marriage in name only Her expectations are silly and self serving She chases him after arriving when he shows no interest as he's scared of rejection and tells him a bit of her bad experience with men when alone at the tavern and so he softens up to marry her rather than let her be alone in the world while she cunningly adds on a hands off caveat I can understand her reservations and fears but she's not even ready to think of intimacy in the future Her reasoning he'll get used to companionship and won't wish for and they would adopt in the future Maybe subliminally but she manipulates him to accept how she wants things to be So she playgaslights him imo As I said I understand her fears of intimacy but she's an adult who has seen men react to her in only one way before and now and knows the facts of man woman relation So she should have logically understood that there would be no getting away from it in her circumstances Yes she wanted a sanctuary but her mixed signals and coldness towards the H with his history reek of self serving cruelty I would have preferred had she left some room in her own pessimistic mind for a possibility of intimacy and happiness in the future The whole story going round and round these themes is exasperating I liked the H talking to God and looking for guidance I do too but the bible uoting for the resolution of the h's troubled mind at the end is a bit iffy And truthfully he turned out to be uite a Gary Stu himself hide spoiler

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A Bride for Keeps Unexpected Brides #1E life he could really use a helpmate on his homestead Determined to prove she's than just a pretty face Julia agrees to a marriage in name only Faced with the harsh realities of life on the prairie and hesitant to explore the tentative Bride for Keeps Kindle #180 feelings growing between them can Everett and Julia ever let each other in long enough to fall in lov Pleasant story of a couple who didn't really want to be married at all but end up paired together by force of circumstances Once they tie the knot there are all sorts of things to contend with from old secrets to broken bones I liked both Julia and Everett but especially loved their friends who were responsible for bringing them together and who showed such a sweet picture of family life It reminded me of Amanda Cabot's Scattered Petals which was one of my favorite and most memorable books from last year's reading I'll definitely be reading of this series

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EBOOK Ý EPUB A Bride for Keeps Unexpected Brides #1 è 9780764211683 Ä DANPASHLEY Û [KINDLE] ❦ A Bride for Keeps Unexpected Brides #1 ➚ Melissa Jagears – Danpashley.co.uk Everett Cline will never humiliate himself by seeking a mail order bride Not again He's alEverett Cline will never humiliate himself by for Keeps ePUB #9734 seeking a mail order bride Not again He's already been jilted by three mail order brides and figures a wife just isn't in his future However a well meaning neighbor hasn't given up on seeing him settled so she goes behind his back to bring yet another woman to town for himJulia Lockwood has never b A beautiful marriage of convenience story Completely heart warming and romanticI had been meaning to read this book ever since loving the short story Love by the Letter by the same author and was sure that it would probably not disappoint I was so right I was swept in from the very beginning as we meet the hero Everett Cline and learn that he's had FOUR disappointments IN A ROW with women The first girl he wanted to marry jilted him for another and of the three subseuent mail order brides that came on the train for him two chose to marry another man and one arrived already dead Poor Everett He's so cute you just want to hug him from the first scene and assure him that everything will be alright He claims to be sort of okay ish with not having a wife but it's complete balderdash He needs one pretty badly even if just as a helpmate to work his farmwhich might just be what he'll get after allMiss Julia Lockwood a beautiful runaway from Boston sees marriage to Everett as both her doom and her salvation It's her one chance to get away from her life in Boston and all its problems but she really isn't sure if she can really go through with actually getting married No scratch that she IS sure she DOESN'T want to get married but under the circumstances she doesn't have much of a choice And she's sure of something else too IF she really does get married it will certainly be a marriage IN NAME only So reluctantly Julia gets off the train in Kansas to meet Everett for the first time She doesn't know much about him save the few good lines her pen friend Rachel has dropped about him Rachel Everett's best friend Dex's wife has decided that he should be allowed at least another chance at happiness with a woman and is sure Julia will be the right one for him She has no idea that Julia hides deep scars and is monstrously afraid of marriage and she doesn't tell Julia that Everett has tried about four times to get married and failed Everett sees her get off the train and cannot believe she can be the woman Rachel has secretly arranged for him to marry A gorgeous damsel fit for royal salons and expensive silk gowns Here in the middle of nowhere on the Kansas prairie Noooo waaayyy Everett is torn between being completely elated and completely on his guard If plain women didn't want him and jilted him for better men why would that stunning porcelain doll choose him He vows to keep his feelings in check sure that she will bolt off like all the other ones did And poor Julia is in for uite a shock when she sees Everett for the first timeOf course he's tall ruggedly handsome and swoon worthily built buuuuthe looks just like her ex fiancéSo now we have the guy who is angry about having a fourth mail order bride thrust at him but happy because she's beautiful but scared that she's going to leave him too the girl who's had a misadventure with another man and cannot possibly trust another one so soon but who needs to get married ASAP LOTS of confusion but a darn good recipe for a really good romanceEverett is both incredibly attracted and scared of Julia so he keeps his distances which make Julia thinks that he might not want to get married after all and since she's indecisive about it herself he thinks she's going to leave which makes her think that maybe he thinks she wouldn't be capable of working a farm but he really thinks that she thinks his farm sucks when in reality she just doesn't know much about farming so she tries to learn as much as she can and does so much work that he thinks she wants to be alone so he doesn't talk to her which makes her think that he doesn't want her so she goes to the store without telling him he freaks out because he thinks she's leaving she has absolutely NO intention of leaving and wants to be his friend he wants to be MORE than her friend so he decides to talk to her but she finds all his uestions annoying so she keeps her distances which make him think that she wants to be alone so he lets her be which makes her think that he's disappointed in her andTHEY KEEP ROLLING IN THE SAME VICIOUS CIRCLE FOR PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE BOOOOOOKKKKKK I'll admit it sometimes I was pretty baffled by the way they acted Some of their actions seemed very contradictory and Julia was especially hard to follow with her I want to be his friend but I don't want him near me attitude Like make up your mind girlI really admired her strength of character and how she never complained about how hard life was on the prairie although it seemed a tad unrealistic given that she came from an easy city life in Boston and should have found a little depressing on the prairie but her deep fear of being touched by Everett and not letting him in started to grate on my nerves because Everett was such a dreamy hero and was SO kind to her that she should have at least APPRECIATED is efforts to get to know her instead of rebuking him at every turn AND she didn't like reading and needlework which gave me such a shock I nearly fell off my chair But for all that it was an absolutely wonderful story to follow and the romantic bits were really realllllyyyy good and Everett completely made my heart melt HOWEVER I cannot help gagging whenever I think back on this novel because the heroine at some point falls off a roof and breaks her leg AND IT SAYS SPECIFICALLY MANY TIMES THAT THE BONE SHOWS THE BONE THE BOOOOONE It made me shudder so much and my own legs started hurting I just couldn't get past it Ughh