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30 Chic Days at Home Book Ï care tips for when you have to stay at home Download Ñ [Read] ➲ 30 Chic Days at Home: Self-care tips for when you have to stay at home, or any other time when life is challenging ➺ Join or create book clubs – Danpashley.co.uk This book was inspired by thOk I leave you with 21 Ways to be Chic at Home a summary of inspiring ideas and points to have you feelingbuoyantI find with inspiration that it helps my state of mind enormously Things can seem heavy and insurmountable but then with a fresh perspective suddenly the sun comes out and you are feeling brighterThis doesnt just apply during a once in a lifetime pandemic situation either In all hard times whether it is a divorce death of a loved one or loss of a job or business there is grief But there is also always tomorrow A better day A day for living It is my wish that this book cheers you on gives you new ideas to thrive with inspires your creativity and helps you to carry on You already have the magic within you and I cant wait to share all of my inspiration to help you bring it outWhats inside 30 Chic Days at Home?Day 1 Create a cozy nookDay 2 Inspire y Fiona puts forth both action and things to ponder for our 'stay at home' days while we wait out the pandemic Buy the book; you won't be sorry

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This book was inspired by the global lockdown in early 2020 which I think I can safely say took us all by surprise One minute we were living life and doing our thing the next most of us were advised to stay at home for a month or If you are a reader of my blog How to be Chic or follow me on social media you might have seen my 30 Chic Days Series on making the most of staying at home I have spent several weeks confined to the home We all haveMy writing is all about living a simple beautiful and successful life without spending a lot of money I enjoy decorating my home on a budget having a make do and mend mindset being creative and dreaming up my own inspirationAfter finishing the series I knew it needed a wider audience and hence this book was created I have polished up the daily entries and added to them where appropriate In addition at the end of this bo Ironically I was re reading my 30 Chic Days collection when this was published and I was happy for the diversion and addition to my stash from Fiona Ferris Though some might find her daily suggestions here too brief and therefore unsatisfying I understood when I purchased this little book that it was not going to be like the others in the series I enjoyed the author's ideas even if some were obvious and pretty much agreed with all of them and was especially pleased to see she is working on another 30 Chic Days book If you have not read any of her other work you may not understand her writing style and may wonder why she touched so briefly on each topic but that just encourages me to point you in the direction of her 30 Chic Days series Is the writing perfect? Is she Shakespeare? No of course not but I don't think that precludes you from learning a thing or two or just getting a few ideas to help you through this difficult time

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30 Chic Days at Home Self care tips for when you have to stay at home or any other time when life is challengingOurself and dream of better daysDay 3 Scent the air with musicDay 4 The joy of getting things doneDay 5 Go on a health retreatDay 6 Keep in touch with technologyDay 7 Lockdown chicDay 8 Welcome colourDay 9 Read a good bookDay 10 Create somethingDay 11 Sort your photosDay 12 Keep the faithDay 13 Have things to look forward toDay 14 Rest when you need toDay 15 What will you change after this time?Day 16 Use your nice thingsDay 17 Set your goalsDay 18 Learn somethingDay 19 Find your favourite comedyDay 20 Be a bright sparkDay 21 Make do and mendDay 22 Self talkDay 23 Create orderDay 24 Go with the flowDay 25 Move it babyDay 26 Take a napDay 27 Luxurious morningsDay 28 Take the winsDay 29 Be different to everyone elseDay 30 Future plansBonus Day Being feminine around the homeBonus Day Keep the home fires burning21 Ways to be chic at home during difficult times It was fairly light and pleasant reading but didn't offer much substance or many new ideas