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brane is extensive, even if it has exfoliated, recovery should be considered

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the two fevers were prevalent and the intestinal lesions were regarded as

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larvnx, verv often close to the msertion of the cords. They may also be

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pericarditis. In rare instances, as observed by Paine and the writer and

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pneumonic' by feeding the child on milk and other fluids, having finely

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portion to the age. If the bowels fail to move in eight hours a saline aperient

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with, necrosis results. The arteries are not affected by this process. Fol-

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credible that the disease may be aborted by any physical means. Chlwoform

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tained in cultures and by passage through animals. Cultures on artificial

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does not extend to the papillse. In large pustules with degeneration involving

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Indeed, in my own experience I have seen stones form in

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resulted in stenosis. Oedema of the glottis occurs, as was found in 2 of this

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iology, that dysentery bacilli may be carried by flies and the possibility of

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of micro-organisms of a general infectious disease, and so

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the limbs. Five days later there was severe general chorea and endocarditis,

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fever. The variations in the rate, character of the sounds, etc., may be due

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orp-anic matter and oxygen are important. The possibility r ' multiplication

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The reader is referred to the articles on special agents for

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eruption in natural or inoculated smallpox, they are probably quite different

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significance of renal casts, there has been, perhaps, less dis-

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the true cause is yet unknown. The solution of the problem may not be

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is rare. The Sanitary Reports of the Royal Prussian Army embrace 5,606

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perience was taken out in respect to assured lives and annui-

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co-existed, and in 6 cases both the pericarditis and the pleuritis were fibrino-

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and is one of the most horrible complications. The destruction of tissue is

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made. There may be tenderness on pressure, but if the patient is carefully

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and radishes increased their number. Craig, 1905, "But

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hemorrhagic, serous, or almost entirely cellular. The cells in the exudation

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465 among 10,000, and the London Fever Hospitals had 706 among 8,356

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Sobotka in a few cases could find no definite elevation of temperature in the

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of typical inflammatory lesions, except such as cholecystitis and meningitis.

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contractures are not micommon. One feature is an enlargement of the

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A-sylums Board of London for 1903, it is stated that at the eleven hospitals

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may be covered, wLile wet, by blankets, and converted into

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