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saw, one I did not. I assisted at and took the keenest interest

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result. It is very remarkable to see as many as 245 streptococci

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is not to be considered a contraindication to nephrec-

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proportions of milk ranging from 1 to 9 pounds for each pound of

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general character, and which constitute individual character.

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1863 Barrett, John James, M.D. St. Andrew's, 189, Black-

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the third to the twelfth week. I do not believe that

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Remarks on the Virus of Typhus Fever and the Means by which it is

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by a drainage-tube doubly bevelled at the point, and was

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ence of the anaesthetic, remaining unconscious for several

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vice chief of staff of Sparks Regional Medical Center in

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covered at some distance from the body, and this, together with the circum-

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There is no advance made in m6dern surgery that will

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at first sound meaningless and puzzling. If it sug-

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Finally there is left only a small space to mark the site of the

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ficial temporal artery. We have, then, numerous examples of syphilitic

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feels happy when, at the return of the date at which the menses may

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should, as far as possible, be the same. The objections to this are

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loop of intestine between the uterus and abdominal wall,

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view by the addition of dilute acetic acid. There were no

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or pleural effusion. Infarction of tlio \\v^ was found in 4 cases of this

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not issue commanding them to place upon the Dentists' Register the

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in small quantities, and is especially necessary, if during

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Voit's standard. We shall have more to say on the effects of

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or employ separately arsenious acid in doses of 5 to 10 grains

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exertion or excitement. The animal will suddenly stop work,

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and explore the organ through the gastrocolic omen-

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of the metacarpus could be plainly seen and S but, when he cannot find an excuse for

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included clams also, which are then in perfection ;

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scribed peritonitis, stercoral abscess, obstruction, and finally septicemia

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the absorption of germs, or poisons produced by them, from abscesses

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steps to obviate or remove congestion of the head in fever. On

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Secent Paris Theses. — According to a recent number of the "Pro-

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tightly applied around an artery, the internal and middle coats

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alimentary and respiratory passages. — (Fleming.)

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to avoid overlooking it. It is usually agreed that the patients should

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I)urpose, when a suitable apparatus for its application to

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of the tibia ; inserting my finger into the wound I found the bone ex-

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The objects of treatment in cases of purpura hemorrhagica are, the res-

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Hospital for Sick Children, £7,500; Association for Relief of

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